20 reasons to live alone

Independent living, alone, without family or a man, usually present as a sheer misfortune, a black band in life, etc. or is it?

The website “ToKnow365.top” sure – a period of independence in life can give a lot in terms of self-knowledge and self-development! Of course, this does not mean that living alone is better life. But we should not complain about destiny, if you are now at the stage of “free navigation”!

Conversely – think about how best to use this period of your life!

Top 10 serious reasons to live alone

Original female site sympaty.net made you two lists of features that can give temporary loneliness.

Some of these can affect your whole life, to change you in terms of personal growth etc – just good moments, is hardly possible in a noisy household.

Let’s start with the serious and important.

  • Learn to rely only on themselves, always to be responsible for their actions. Truly an adult, held a man, no matter man or woman, really should be able to provide for themselves in a life that feels necessary and important. If a woman is alone accustomed to live only on their income, to arrange his life because of their domestic skills, etc. – it is unlikely to be in the infantile position of “my man needs me…” (provide financial /make repairs etc., — anything else is considered “not female”?..). Loneliness is fine to wean from the “about helplessness” — when by reason of the rickety shelves in the Cabinet are announced “General mobilization” guys, friends, fathers, etc., and all run to save the helpless hands with a manicure. This helplessness adorable for 1-2 times, then it becomes clear that this person just cranky and likes to draw attention to yourself is not the best quality for woman… And be able to do everything itself, including tie shelves and fix the plumbing – it’s not the lack of femininity, and will definitely not scare a man. The time will come, and your choice will probably be to help you will take on their shoulders “men’s” things – but not because of the infantile “Princess,” it can’t (or pretends he can’t), but because it will be a pleasure to help my strong and wise Woman!
  • To experience true loneliness. A deep, seemingly hopeless, when there is no one to call or write… This, of course, very painful experience, and, of course, no one want to be in that condition long and often! But such experience is important because the more you start to appreciate the people who will live with you, and indeed the people that we meet in life who are good to chat, friends, loved ones… This experience gives patience if the household is somehow not behave, to remember the moment of loneliness is, if there’s some kind of conflict and pulls to fall back on loved ones…
  • To understand what you like and want to do in life. It is no secret that family life (even in the role of the daughter, not the mother of his own family) often fills with simple household chores, worries about family, etc. there is No moments of boredom, free time instantly filled with either life or communication with home. But life is much more diverse – it’s possible that you’ve always wanted to do something of a hobby, or to start something to study, or even come up with his job, income and time… all alone is exactly what this chance is to stop spending all my free time on welfare and start to fill in the “emptiness” of those things which you really interesting. And no one will make fun of your attempts to portray yoga asana on the Mat, and you cannot wrap herring in your first picture…
  • To change and become… yourself! I personally know many examples when in about the year independent of a woman’s life is much changed – radically changed the scope of work had started some interesting initiatives, even seemingly created a completely different image! And this applies equal and divorced or broke up with a guy, and only “without” of the father’s house. Apparently, the fact that the people with whom we live, influence on life choices – even the best of intentions, if not the ultimate, but… Sometimes it seems that you share the opinion of loved ones and do what they tell you. However, is it always your own choice? Once alone, you can think – and why still working on that post, which is so admired your mom, or why is still not a change of haircut, nasovetovala sister, or why not allow yourself to wear short dresses, which is opposed by a former husband.

  • Do not care about life and to understand that maintaining order in the surrounding walls – not the meaning of life. Of course, we do not encourage you to breed “pigsty”! That’s what we are – a family women consider its primary and sacred mission of cleaning, Laundry, complex and frequent cooking, etc. Justification – “I am not for myself, and for the family!”. It takes a lot of time, and after a couple of decades of sacrifice are such a classic aunt – she had no time to develop yourself, get a hobby, travel, make friends, and friends – she “kept house.” How to live alone woman, having no such excuses – remove-obstirat-to feed my own obviously does not take all the time, and no interest to work for anybody… So enjoy the moment – don’t live for something, live for yourself!
  • To feel self-sufficient and whole person, and not some unclear whose “mate”. This is a common problem for many women – even a brief solitude they are insanely scary, because they don’t feel like a complete Person without a boyfriend, husband or parent family nearby. Mom and dad already hard and difficult, but “Oh, what, it’s me all alone I will, it…”. Her husband obviously did not happen, but “it is what it is, will endure, but would not remain one.” New Beau raises many questions, but “so I always waited the Prince, it’s better this than alone, again!”… What is bad, I think no need to explain. And to live alone much better when you don’t think every second of what a “complement”!
  • Of that man, who really want to live. Yes, from a number of candidates! There is a guy you want to test a relationship? This is also a reason to live separately from each other. No — you get Boyfriends, go on dates, and someone can, and the guests were invited – in the end, you live alone, and was not at home mother, who in your every visitor sees 200% son-in-law! You have “rear” in the form of separate housing, you’re not forced to rush into the first relationship for the sake of gaining a comfortable roof over your head – so don’t rush! Well, you don’t live in a monastery, right? ?
  • To have real girlfriends. Friendship, of course, starts usually by itself, and certainly excluding the housing and family situation, but bachelor get-togethers with friends then remember with pleasant nostalgia – it’s any married woman will tell! So use the opportunity. Yes, there is such observation — real female community and kinship usually occurs between non-family girls, as the moment of life, when a friend — the closest person. And to continue that friendship for very long, and after marriage each of you!
  • To make all the silliness and madness, which obviously will not work to do, being part of the family (or harm to reputation). To drink alone drunk to drag for one night a stranger, go to hitchhiking for a month, think of this idea for half an hour… Who never did nothing of the kind, or did not want to do, adjust the halo and flap your wings!
  • To want a family. Consciously. Not because “how else”, “everything live”, “mom wants grandchildren”, “nick proposed, hip-hip Hooray!”, etc. and really understand what it meant for you family, to “Mature” before marriage and having children.
  • Top 10 frivolous reasons to live alone

    Well, allow yourself to smile? After all, life is much less serious thing than is commonly believed! ?

    Frivolous reasons to think “I want to live alone!”.

  • To go on a diet and not to disturb her, preparing food for the household.
  • Pop the sausages and cakes and not to pretend that sitting on a diet.
  • Music! Movies, serialchik! And you don’t hear “ugh, you’re specifically watching this home while the dregs??”.
  • Only the working schedule will tell you when to lie down and get up. And on weekends and holidays, so do…
  • Call friends, midnight to discuss all former, current and potentially promising men, sitting in the kitchen zazhevyvaya sausages and beer.
  • Call friends, midnight to discuss Facials and slimming, sitting in the kitchen eating dried fruits and herbal tea.
  • Bath. It’s yours. All yours! Always!
  • Dinner – yogurt, wafer, and tea. Yes, this whole dinner. Yes, in the absence of men and children quotane over soup and cutlets canceled! Yeah, I’m not hungry!
  • To walk in a Onesie with ducks. Pink! Plush! It’s so cute!
  • Your cat comes to you to sleep. And no “Oh shit, here again it is wool stuffed, get it down, it’s unhygienic, an animal in bed!!!”.

  • Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

    20 reasons to live alone

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