5 dangerous children’s toys that are very popular. They should not give the child

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Sometimes doubts when purchasing dangerous toys are easily dissolved, if the parent sees that all the children play and nothing terrible happens. However, the danger is obvious at first glance. Understand what popular toys can harm the child.

Designer, with magnetic parts

Horror stories about the consequences of the game with magnetic designer spread all over the Internet, giving negative reputation all the magnetic games. For the sake of justice it should be clarified that accidents in most associated with the Neocube which is composed of small balls. Toy designed for use by adults and children of school age. Following the trends of early development, the designer often fell into the hands of kids, and this was a fatal mistake.Even children 8-10 years old should collect designer under adult supervision. Due to the lack of cover elements create among themselves the strongest attraction for the separation of children often involves the teeth. In this way the balls can easily fall into the digestive tract, and this is the trouble. Unlike Lego, the magnetic elements do not come naturally, only through surgical intervention.In addition, the influence of magnetic field on humans is not fully understood and has no single opinion: some argue about its healing properties, while others do not get tired to enumerate the damage.


Army help excitedly shows ways independent production bright Lizunov, which is so nice to crawl on the hands.You should be wary Lizunov, which produced the child. Walk Internet the most fantastic recipes with shaving cream, washing gel and even glue. An explosive mixture can cause irritation of the skin or have toxic effects on the respiratory system and eyes. The kids should buy in a specialty baby store. This ensures that the toy has passed all tests and has a health certificate.

Toy with propeller

All toys whose movement is effected by rotation of the propeller, potentially dangerous, and not just for kids! Flight of the clockwork fairies, fans and helicopters are chaotic and unpredictable, threatening a sharp clash with the baby. Playing with my dear winged doll can end up with bruises, a concussion, and the most dangerous – damage to the cornea.If you succumbed to the entreaties of the child, and acquired the miracle of flying, please observe all safety rules, take the time to control the game. You cannot allow yourself to actuate the trigger mechanism, as it is difficult to predict the trajectory.

Plastic toys

Won’t condemn the whole plastic. Harmful one that contains phthalates. This group of substances used to impart greater elasticity to the material. Extended contact with the child connection can disrupt the functioning of many systems of the body, provoke an asthma attack to aggravate chronic disease.Phthalates enter the body through the skin, respiratory tract and digestive system, if the toy was in his mouth. In the environment they break down into more toxic components.It is not necessary to avoid plastic toys. It is enough to observe simple rules when pococke:

  • To buy toys in specialized stores;
  • Carefully examine the composition and to withdraw from the purchase of goods with the number 3 inside the triangle of the arrows;

    Marking the harmful type of polymer

  • Feel the toys before buying – safe material is sufficiently hard and cool.

Kits for chemical experiments

On these sets is marking 10 years. But even in school, experiments are performed in secondary and high school under the guidance of a teacher. If your child is older than 10, still work with the reagents it needs under the strict supervision of an adult. Not to mention the seven-year-old prodigies, which the parents buy such sets, relying on their “maturity” and don’t think that those can try to heart the chemicals. Burns of skin, mucous membranes, poisoning can be the result of an independent game with the chemical compositions.

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