5 makeup tips that professional makeup artists hide

The makeup artists have their own secret techniques that allow the tonal basis to go on the skin perfectly smoothly, and the matte lipstick to keep the lips exactly 8 hours, as promised by the manufacturer. Reveal the top 5 secrets of make-up used by professionals.

Cosmetics can be combined

Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, which makes makeup all the English celebrities, including Queen Elizabeth II, often uses a liner instead of eye shadow, and hairspray instead of gel to fix the eyebrows. But lips she even calls a universal thing.

Mass-market is not inferior to professional cosmetics

Not all stylists use exclusively with luxury cosmetics. Monika Blunder − a favorite makeup artist, Megan Fox and Jessica Alba tried out a lot of money and came to the conclusion that the available brands are of better luxury brands.

Pros incomplete makeup

To perform the beautiful make-up, makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, who works with the whole family Kardashian-Jenner, never makes makeup from a to z. For example, he never establishes the Foundation on top of powder, not the uses of contouring. Mario believes that the emphasis should be on fresh natural complexion, which is easy to emphasize with the help of the Foundation and Nodaway lipstick.

Make-up on the cover of the magazine’s life

Professionals know that the camera is able to “remove” up to 60% color. So makeup artists doing make-up in very deep shades, which in life would have looked too bright.

Professional makeup is not for every day

According to makeup artist Sir John, who was made popular by beyoncé, professional products cannot be applied on a daily basis. The fact that such heavy makeup for the skin, does not allow the to breathe. For everyday make-up need to take the easy means without the notes professional.

Helen Sinko, an expert in the field of fashion and beauty
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