5 psychological types of mothers: learn how to grow your child

Who: The Idealist

What it is: always striving for elusive perfection and excessive control of private households. Image, opinions of others and the reputation of the family is crucial, although she may deny this. Under the veneer often lurks nervousness, suspiciousness, excessive worry, frequent experiences.

Her children are: self-critical, prone to high reflection, responsible (too), purposeful, try to achieve by perseverance and labour, influenced by none.

Who: Girlfriend

What it is: should the principle of partnership, unconsciously refusing responsibility for the child. Ready to be the companion and equal personality, but not willing to protect and defend. Needs support and support.Her children too soon grow up, learn to be aware and take full responsibility for their words and actions. In spite of this, can feel orphaned, deprived of real mothering.

Who: Egocentrica

What it is: it has high emotional needs, focused on themselves, always knows what’s best. Does not perceive the child as an individual, gives him the role of his own inseparable continuation.Her children are: responsive, faithful and constant, are perfectly able to understand and support. At the same time – chronically insecure and prone to change decisions.

Who: Actress

What it is: impulsive, fickle, prone to theatrical and changeable outbursts of emotions. Her behavior and reactions are unpredictable, often inflated.Her children feel good and can manage people who are prone to empathy and “reading” of the motives of others. Often anxious, irritable, focused on yourself.

Who: Ideal

What it is: a rare type of woman – teaches the child independence, offering support, love, and unobtrusive care.Her children: harmoniously developed, confident, relaxed and self-sufficient.

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