5 rules: How to dress to please men

Usually the average man applies to fashion trends is very cool. That is until we girls are expending energy in the pursuit of the trend innovations and zapaleniem Instagram photos with fashionable outfite, strong floor practically they reflect on this issue. In men, it turns out, quite unique view on the beauty of female dress, which does not always resonate with the latest collections of famous fashion houses. They like something different and more global things – color, shape, texture, cut – but not the parts on which women most often tend to focus.

Fitted silhouette

Men are susceptible to feminine figure, and it is an indisputable fact. Any dress that emphasizes the silhouette of the hourglass shape is more preferable than a trendy oversized. There is nothing more thrilling for male fantasies, rather than the smooth curves of a girl’s body.Don’t have to wear tight clothes under the cloth you can leave a gap of two to three centimeters, making the outfit in poluprilegayuschy. It is very important focus on the waist, which can be achieved, for example, with a belt. He emphasizes the elegance of the figures, makes you want to hug, to attract and protect a pretty fragile creature.There is a reference to the basic male instincts. Girl with slim waist, wide hips and high Breasts can give birth to healthy children, because she attracts so much attention. Those who do not possess perfect proportions, not too worry – modern styles of clothing make it easy to hide the shortcomings, accentuating all the advantages of the figure.

A hint of sexiness

When girls hear the phrase “dress sexy”, they somehow immediately come to mind high heels, mesh stockings and a bandage dress with a plunging neckline. In fact, female sexuality is evident in the details, which also should not be much – a maximum of one or two, so as not to overdo it and not cross the border of what is permitted. For example, a very sexy look tops with dropped shoulders that open up eyes neck and clavicle. Any manipulation with hands near naked collarbone instantly awaken men’s imagination. Similarly, “running” skirt-Maxi slit on the side, which during the movement a fraction of a second bare slender leg.Right before saying that the woman should be a mystery. To generate interest do not have to dress openly – try to emphasize one detail of the appearance, and then around you men can’t think about anything else.

The form has a value

According to opinion polls, almost every young person likes to see on his girl a dress or a skirt than pants or jeans. The reason is that men appreciate a woman’s outfit not from the point of view of harmony or conformity with the Joneses – they just think how easy it would be to remove, if given the opportunity. By the way, that leg most of the guys called one of the most beautiful parts of a girl’s body. And what if they were not the shape or fullness of the skirt emphasizes their beauty far better than pants or leggings.By the way, men also ambiguously refer to the layering (combination of pants and skirts, leggings and tutus, pants and dresses, etc.). For them, the fashion experiments that do not fit into the framework of any one style, creating some discomfort. Young people really do not understand how they should look like a “victim of fashion”.

Femininity – and the point

In 2018 the fashion catwalks began to break from the women’s collections, which dominated the fashions “a La the boy”. Monochromatic suits simply straight cut, ties, waistcoats, trousers with “arrows”, plaid shirts – all this is a huge avalanche and covered the modern fashionistas, and they eagerly began to dress like an English dandy the mid 20-ies of the last century. Men at this time stood aside and watched in horror for the metamorphosis that turned the weaker sex in a strong (at least visually).

In fact, the girl who prefer similar clothing styles, is perceived as “the guy” and has no chance to go to the status of a potential partner. Men need to see its opposite – hats, jewelry, curly hair – it’s bright, beautiful, attractive, makes you want to care and protect. And emancipirana about the boy-the old boy who becomes a lady in a rough business suit, take care not necessary. But it is possible to smoke a cigarette and discuss the latest football match.


Speaking of color preferences, guys, need to stress two important things. First, they do not welcome too bright, acid tones, elements of the female wardrobe, considering their aggressive and tasteless. Secondly, young people are regarded as harmonious only the image that reflects the color of the skin of the girl, the shade of her hair and eyes. Even though they are not particularly versed in the nuances, but on a subconscious level feel the slightest mistakes in this question allow women.In the selection of colors the girls should not go to extremes and “eyegouger”, and “gray mouse” will be perceived stronger sex like losing options. Should adhere to some Golden mean and to give preference to the more whitewashed, calm shades, and not combine a large number of active prints in a single image.

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