A child in a plane: how to travel with a toddler?

The website “ToKnow365.top” today will give tips to those families who go on vacation with their children. Air travel can be unpredictable, if you’re holding a baby.

But if correctly to organise flights and arrange everything in advance, then the child on the plane will not cause trouble.

What parents need to know?

The most unpleasant moments are the takeoff and landing. Due to the height difference of the feeling of discomfort. In adults and younger passengers ears have pain in my ears.

The baby did not cry, you can attach it to the chest. Will help a sucking candy on a stick or water bottle. It is possible for the handkerchief to drip a few drops of eucalyptus oil and inhale the vapors. This will facilitate the well-being of the baby.

Before you travel, be sure to consult your pediatrician. Only a doctor can say for sure whether you can take a small child on Board.

And needed list of medications for travel can be viewed on our website.

What you need to bring?

  • Babies will need diapers. On average, one diaper is enough for 3 or 4 hours. At hand needs to be and wipes of the skin.
  • Nipples, special creams from diaper rash and favorite toys, it is better not to check in your Luggage.
  • Not every time to wash the bottle after feeding, take some bottles with the mixture. On the plane be sure to find hot water. Just before serving, dilute with water mixture and feed the baby. And another feeding take another bottle. Before boarding the security service will check the contents of the bottles. Baby food is allowed to take on Board that amount which is necessary for feeding during the flight. The total volume of liquid should not exceed one liter, and the maximum volume of the container in which to carry the fluid must be no more than 100 ml.
  • How to fly with a baby on the plane, if it swayed? Will have to buy lollipops with mint or lemon flavor. Medicines parents often prefer Gramine. Medications to give before the flight, not during, otherwise the effect will be. If you were not ready for such trouble, ask the stewardess to bring hygienic bags. But sometimes they are not enough, so hand Luggage should also be a supply of bags or packages.
  • Pack with a change of clothes also keep at hand. The child may sweat, spill the water or get dirty.
  • Activities for your child on the plane

    Little restless calm in the cabin is not so simple. The website sympaty.net tell me how you can take your baby on the way.

    You will need:

    • Board games (dominoes, puzzles, checkers).
    • Sketchbooks, pencils, or markers.
    • Laptop or tablet with a USB flash drive, which contains favorite cartoons and songs.
    • Toys.

    What to feed baby on the plane?

    If you book tickets through the website in advance to learn about the children’s menu. For children up to years in the aircraft best food to take for ourselves. Jars with puree, curds, cookies and fruits will help to satisfy the hunger of the child.

    For older children when booking tickets, be sure to specify the type of food. To do the special order in the plane too late, because the special food delivered to the plane before departure.

    If the child is picky about food, trust only proven products.

    How to put toddler to sleep?

    If the flight is long, baby must sleep. Favorite toy, familiar tale will help to calm him down. If under the head to put a special pillow that supports the neck and head, the child will be able to rest in peace.

    The interior light can sometimes cause desires. Just add a plaid or blanket over the back and front of his chair. Get a small house, in which the child will be able to take a NAP. If the cabin has empty seats, you can lay back a little.

    To how many years children can fly for free?

    Many parents are interested in the question: up to what age children are free to fly on a plane?

    It all depends on the airline. Some allow children up to two years of age fly free, but individual seats on the plane child no one will give.

    Other carriers sell tickets in the amount of 10% of the price of an adult ticket. And if a few children, then every second one will have to buy a ticket, the amount of which is equal to 50% of the price of an adult ticket.

    Children’s ticket sold for children from 2 to 12 years.

    Before planting, check the child’s documents: birth certificate or the adoption papers. And if the child is travelling without parents, a ticket will have to purchase a full adult fare. This ticket will be labeled as such.

    During the flight the staff need to be especially careful about this passenger.

    It is difficult to predict what difficulties may arise during the flight with a baby on the plane. To predict the child’s behavior impossible, but if you approach this matter responsibly, you can avoid many troubles.

    The author – Nadezhda Stepanova, site ToKnow365.top

    A child in a plane: how to travel with a toddler?

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