A governess or home education mom’s powers?

Previously, it was simple. You have time – sitting with a preschooler herself. No – give in the garden! But recent years have made this slender scenario, a lot of confusion – the kids began to hire nurses and, as in the good old pre-revolutionary times, etc. Governess for a toddler is, in a sense, fashionable! But whether or not to go on about fashion? That will give the child the governess and isn’t it better to educate and the development of their own child? Understand together with the women’s website “ToKnow365.top“!

Can the mother perform the duties of a governess?

If you go to the firm for recruitment and asked to propose a governess for a toddler, you certainly will offer “professional women”.

What is meant by professionalism, since “the governess” is not taught in any University?

Usually “professional” governesses are former school teachers and Tutors of kindergartens. Do they have unique skills in handling the childthat the mother is unlikely to master?

At first glance it may seem so. At the interview the candidate for a governess will flash the names of the techniques, and then screw the quote some Montessori, and talk about how she deals with pupils – parents probably want their child started urgently lapping squares quickly or to solve examples using “corbaloc”…

However, whether all this is your child, and whether it is impossible to learn all this wisdom?

In fact, the experience of many thousands of mothers shows that it is possible!

There are plenty of books and guides for parents and educators. Spend on reading a few free evenings and you will find a lot of teaching materials to sort out interesting methods of preschooler’s development, and to try their child just do as you please.

With regard to the need to introduce all of these innovations – it is interesting and useful, but it is understood that universal, the best technique there is, and never can be.

Because children are different!

One will quickly learn the letters with some Board games, the other need to sit down over a book, the third all perfectly remember hearing, reciting written…

Minus many governesses – the reluctance to choose different “keys” to the child’s perception, a waste of time that the child does not like! Again, mothers are more likely to notice and realize that easier baby…

And anyway – are you sure that you want a governess that is taught the child, preparing him for school? Do you need it?

To read and write can teach him both at school and at preschool age it is possible to make emphasis on the overall development – to engage with the child creativity, meaningful to communicate, to read books aloud to walk… And all this can be done without any specific knowledge — just need the time, desire to be with a child and great love to the baby!

And who’s better – the mother or the governess?..

Mom and “another aunt” the child listens differently!

All governesses know this phenomenon: in the mother’s presence the child is naughty, noisy and unruly. But it is worth it to understand what parents went beyond the “zone of audibility” — whims disappear, and the preschooler becomes quite manageable and quiet, it is possible to start any lesson! But mom, on the contrary, are amazed to depth of soul, once he saw how restless the native sits quietly over a book and listening to “someone else’s lady”!


Special focus from the governess there is no a priori child perceives it differently than parents. There is even a small element of fear: mom will cry-will shout, Yes there is candy and give, it just can not be afraid and boldly stand on his head, and what to expect from simply unfamiliar “commutativity”?

Sometimes, if the governess will behave incorrectly and will give the emotional weakness, the child will get used and will turn it as easily as a mother!

However, if the governess really has experience with children, she will not allow it.

All moms, tired of children’s whims, sooner or later, allow yourself the tears, the anger, the frustration, yelling at children, etc

The governess is not allowed on a post, and it is unlikely that it will cause such violent emotions someone else’s child, so she ‘ll stand the line calm, smooth behavior, and can cope with children’s whims more effective than the mother. Therefore, it is sometimes useful to hire a governess, at least in order for the child to understand that not all adults life will be treated the same as parents – it’s time to get used to new social roles, to curb “childhood in the ass”! ?

So do I need a governess?

The governess is not needed if:

  • Mom has the ability and enthusiasm to spend the most time with the child, to do something useful and interesting, to communicate a lot with the baby.
  • The child is developing successfully, does not have any specific psychological, speech therapy, etc. problems. In General, to obtain all the necessary emotional and intellectual maturity at this age a toddler can, without any special techniques – just by a variety of meaningful fellowship and games!
  • Parents do not put the task in a short time to teach the child something specific (reading, writing, arithmetic, foreign language, etc.). In school, trust me, it will be without any special knowledge, so don’t beat yourself up if you think it necessary to give your child a carefree childhood, unburdened by homework.

Think about the governess is worth it if:

  • The kid has a problem with the perception of informationcoming from parents, disobedience, whims, hyperexcitability, etc. Perhaps the governess will be able to find a different approach to the baby, because the parents really difficult to ignore and start communicating with your own child differently- as a student!
  • Mom has no time to complete and high-quality play, to engage and communicate with the child. Even if the mother does not work, often all of the time spent on household chores: your child seems to be close, but busy watching cartoons, playing computer games, or trying to find something close to the mother, but gets a hail of shouts — “don’t interrupt!”, “Go play!”, “Find yourself a job!” etc. so, it is better governess!

The website “ToKnow365.top” does not give a solid answer to the question “whether to employ a governess?”. Of course every mother could add to the above my personal “pros” and “cons”!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

A governess or home education mom’s powers?

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