A handmade gift for mom on March 8 kindergarten: step-by-step photo, video

Ceramic trees

Work in clay or salt mass stimulates the imagination and creates a sense of aesthetics from an early age. This is one of the options for gift to mother on March 8, which will be made with your own hands in a kindergarten in the 2 younger group.

During children first is a project tree on a sheet of paper. I wonder what form will be our tree, which elements are convex and which concave. We determine where to cut the holes. Older kids can enter a bas-relief elements. If you don’t have ceramic clay, you can make a tree out of salt, porcelain or self-solidifying clay.

The basic recipe is salt mass:

  • 200 g flour;
  • 200 g of salt;
  • 125 ml of water.

The salt mass stored in a closed container in the refrigerator. Mix the flour with salt and gradually add water to knead the dough. The mass may contain glycerine or oil, which gives the product the best flexibility and prevents loss of salt crystals. The decision of the one who makes a handmade gift to mother on March 8.

It is also proposed recipe for porcelain mass. On a flat piece of clay with a toothpick outline drawing tree. Conceptual design is obtained by cutting out some fragments and attachment of additional roots, branches or reflection of different textures of the leaves. Such activities strongly influence the development of fine motor skills, children learn patience and accuracy, so it is a perfect creative activity for March 8 in kindergarten.

Heart of sand

Sandy’s heart is entirely new and original. You can use salt, porcelain, clay or baked goods… Our idea will definitely amaze and inspire you to create unique jewelry that will not leave anyone indifferent person.

Look how easy to make decorative sand mass. Of sand mass you can create various beautiful decorations: medallions, necklaces with amber and shells, decorative hearts, stars, hand prints or feet, flower pot, candle holder, decorative Easter eggs. It is definitely an original idea for a small gift for mom your hands on 8 March in kindergarten.

The mass dries about 24 hours, so if you plan to make jewelry for a gift, you need to plan in advance. Thin items dry faster, but the product needs time to become hard. The finished jewelry is solid and durable, however it is not necessary to soak them, as they will be ruined when exposed to water. These sand ornaments produce an amazing experience.

Jewelry on March 8 for my mom, which we made from sand masses, put on Board or cardboard, covered with stretch film to make them easier to remove after drying.

  • That often give on March 8?



    Cosmetics and perfumes.





    Nothing, not even SMS is not send.


Stained glass

Another idea is to create stained glass as a gift for mom on March 8 with their hands. It is also not difficult, easily imitated in DOE. It is sufficient to use a jar or glass, apply the appropriate colors of stained glass paint, outline black outline and wait for it to dry.

Paint during painting have completely different shade, than when dry, because only then they get transparency and depth. The process of creating stained glass is always a lot of fun and the end result is simply stunning.


Beaded bracelet — a great idea for a homemade gift. View how easy it is to create your own hands by March 8 spectacular bracelet from wire and beads for a gift for my mother in kindergarten.

For the manufacture of wire bracelet you will need: soft wire for florists or other (you can buy in the DIY store), beads of different colors and scissors or pliers.

We need about 1-1,5 m of wire and a dozen beads on one bracelet. From time to time strung beads onto the wire, knotting the loop. This is a very simple task for each preschooler. When we strung the beads along the entire length of the wire, wrap the wire around your wrist, loosely tangling him in the form of a bracelet.

We wrap and tie the beads every few inches so they wouldn’t move. If the wire is soft, connection will not cause trouble to the child. Our bracelets are more stylish, if we use beads in the same colors for each bracelet. In addition, we often use beads of different sizes. You just need to pay attention to the fact that the wire was not too thick so the beads could freely slide.


Organizer for desktop DIY nautical style for pens and pencils is an idea of original gift to the children’s garden for mom on March 8. To make such a surprise you will need: a jar or package, such as bath salts, thread, sand (you can buy at the pet store), some glue, shells and family photos.

  • Wrap the cord around the can several times and stick the tip of a small amount of glue.
  • At the join point we can also attach shells.
  • We put the sand to one half the height in the jar.
  • Next, put a small family photo in our pesos.
  • A handmade gift is ready. Such a gadget on your Desk always return to pleasant memories, and pencils or pens will take pride of place.

    Painted pillow or bag

    Of course, each of you was previously painted with paints on a sheet of paper or cardboard. Try to create a painted pillowcase or cotton bag with your child. It’s easier than you think, and the memory remains for a long time.

    You need a simple cotton pillow case and paint or pen to draw on textile. Instead of pillowcases can also place a t-shirt, shoes and beautify the shopping bag made of cotton. This will definitely be a unique gift for March 8, and at the same time practical.

    Art thread

    Image from the thread popular picture of the String Art, is a very interesting and creative art technique. There are many opportunities and ways to create spatial paintings and decorations. Online you will find a variety of beautiful and effective works created by children, adults and artists.

    To make a simple picture, you will need:

    • Board or cut a “piece” of wood
    • colored threads,
    • small nails,
    • hammer.

    Step-by-step process:

  • First is a simple picture. Used three colors of thread: yellow, green and red. It is recommended to stock up on thread, of which you can create the image without dividing the strip into smaller pieces.
  • On the selected piece of wood we draw your own project, you can use the ready template, if you work with children. Card with painted sheet is placed on the tree, and in certain places stuck nails to create the outlines of the leaves of the nails.
  • As soon as we glue all the nails pulled out the sketch below and you can start to create our picture. Technique of sewing threads are very different, we decided on the simplest option, which is suitable for older children aged 5-6 years.
  • Attach the end of the thread with a knot to the nail, and then hook the following nails, reeling the thread on their heads. Thus, we create the outline of the leaf. The following thread again attached by the same principle, fills the center of the sheet.
  • If the pattern to make the leaves of the trees, you can use any colors. In more complex projects should consider the entire pattern from the point of view of color.
  • In this case we are not interlaced, just nailed the nails to the edges of our trunk and weaves a thread with nails, and then combine the thread with the contour of the sheet with nails on the edge of our trunk. Thus, we will create a colorful background, and the sheet is isolated from non-woven fragment.

    We have a very original idea for a handmade gift to mother on March 8 in kindergarten, but to make these crafts possible with the help of adults, and watching step by step videosphoto lessons.

    Источник: kleo.ru

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