A magical dress for a magical night

Choosing dress for new year’s day is not just pleasant, but also very responsible occupation, because they set the tone for next year. Now on the threshold of 2014 — the year of the Horse — and astrologers have already prepared tips to select evening dress for the New year.

The symbol of the year will be Blue Wooden Horse, which automatically displays blue color with all the diversity of shades in the top of a color palette of festive outfits. Because the horse is wooden, the color tone by the color of the tree (brown, beige, grey, coffee) will also be held in high esteem. Also relevant is the attire of the traditional Christmas colors green and red with different shades.

Spanish luxury new year’s eve with Franc Sarabia

For those who want a festive night or a festive party sparkle in a gorgeous gown that combines classic elegance and seductive playfulness of the silhouette is the best evening dress from the new collection of the famous Spanish designer Franc Sarabia.

In the collection of 2014 represented the gorgeous dress to the floor, spreading of light waves around the foot, with exciting long sections without them, and also feminine short formal dress covers. Signature Franc Sarabia is a smooth silk, lace, handmade embroidery and gorgeous neckline. Looking at his creations, it is sometimes difficult to understand how such seemingly simple models can look so elegant and feminine.

New collection 2014 fashion designer has moved away from their favorite white and pale pink tones, paying tribute to the symbol of the coming year. Dress in bright pink, red, green, or purple color you will Shine on any festive evening in the family circle and among a large number of people on a secular reception. A dresses blue, coffee, grey colors and shades especially will “like” blue wooden horse.

The boldness and Shine of Christmas night with the original dresses by Terani Couture

For dynamic and stylish young girls and women of the best holiday attire will be dress from Terani Couture. This American brand is easily recognizable by the bold asymmetrical cut, original decoration of beads and gemstones, original cutouts at bust and open back.

Elegant and beautiful evening dresses of the brand are appropriate for any holiday party. For the youth event or new year party in a nightclub is perfectly suitable short dress with luxurious décor at the neckline of embroidery silver threads and beads.

Among the new models of the collection is as original, sparkling dress with straps on one shoulder and an asymmetrical cut, short hemline, and the more traditional, but no less Frank and sensual model, made in gray-black color with silver decoration.

Long evening dresses by Terani Couture from gorgeous silk and light chiffon is perfect for large social events, and to celebrate the New year in the family circle.

Among the long dresses of the new collection of the brand is both classic silhouettes with elegant long sleeves, minimal jewelry and a shallow cut, and Frank outfits with deep V-neckline, asymmetrical fit and a seductive slit at the hem.

The icing on the cake

In the evening the toilet “icing on the cake”, that is a small, but extremely important for perfect image detail, are accessories. Welcoming in the year of the Wooden Horse, it is good to have on a ornament from the tree, or at least its element. It can be wooden decor on the clutch, wooden beads or brooches, assuming of course that they are combined with the selected evening dress.

A magical dress for a magical night

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