A Prodigy of fashion, or a Few steps away from playing with dolls to the career of fashion designer

“My child is a real Prodigy!” This can be heard at every step: good at singing songs, solve complex mathematical puzzles, can at 2 years of age to list the names by passing cars or… with taste to choose clothes for themselves, their friends, and sometimes parents! Today women’s site “ToKnow365.top” will talk with you about how to develop prokleivayutsya the talent of the child-novice stylist.

Let us recall the world-famous names! Olsen sisters, who at the age of seven already so hyped its brand that it was sold in over three thousand stores in America and over 5,300 in other countries.

Alexander McQueen, from the age of 16, devoted himself to fashion. Not after school, he went to train in the Atelier, and this helped him to develop professionalism, to take in the intricacies of tailoring. But this is only the first step, in the future, he constantly changed the place of training, to expand the range of perspectives of the young designer.

A true Prodigy in the field of fashion can be called Tavi Gevinson. She is 11 years old has started her own blog on the Internet, where plenty of indulged fantasies – composed outfits images, photographed and laid out work to the Network. So sometimes free time at the computer is really good.

Now sympaty.net will tell you how to act if you notice that you are growing up so here is a brilliant child-a future stylist. Please do not “bury” this talent, whatever it may seem to you frivolous. Believe me, fulfilling your dream to become a lawyer, doctor or teacher, the child is unlikely to be as happy as if you decide to do your own step, which dictates his heart.

Ways to develop the talents of a stylist

  • Don’t go on about society. For example, if your husband is a football player, it seems obvious that the son should go to the sports section. But the lesson behind the lesson he realizes that he doesn’t like. However, in order not to disappoint the parents, continues to walk. Only now he likes to sew. But no one can understand the boy must be an athlete! This pattern is dictated by public opinion and family tradition. From an early age watch how the child spends time, when you leave him alone with different toys.
  • Do not give your child from all circles and sections in the district. Select the one that will interest him. Even before there was a custom: in front of the child put a variety of toys: a ball, a sketch pad, a set of tissues, etc. – and that thing, to which he was drawn, represented his true calling.
  • Discipline and experimentation.

    At first glance it seems that the stylist people inspiration. In fact it takes a lot of self-discipline, aspiration to perfectionism. These qualities are the sisters Olsen, who very carefully from childhood belonged to the cut.

    At the same time take advantage of that feature which is peculiar to each child. He is experimenting! Do not turn off his aspirations and do not hang labels like “frivolous”, “irresponsible”. Especially as possibilities and springboards for experiments right now – a great many.

    For example, let the son or daughter play online dress up games.

    Dress up Barbie for a walk” will help to dress the doll in a garment that will like to pick up for her hairstyle. The mouse can simply drag and try on outfits from the wardrobe of a glamorous beauty. This game develops the sense of taste, the ability to dream and come up with different combinations and hairstyles to choose for them.

    Dress up boys and girls – at least an interesting game. Characters can move in different places of the world: in Paris, on the coast, in the Park. And the situation accordingly – choose outfits, accessories and more.

    Play together with your child – praise for a really interesting combination!

    A Prodigy of fashion, or a Few steps away from playing with dolls to the career of fashion designer

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