A trip in the winter: how to dress and what to bring on a trip?

In the cold season trip could turn into a real test. Of course, the photos are cute and winter landscapes from the train window, snow-covered fir trees along the highways, but…

In reality you have to face several difficulties. How to simplify your trip in winter will tell the website sympaty.net.

How to dress in winter trip?

So that it was convenient to be warmed in case of frost and remove extra clothes if it got hot. Wear things made of natural, breathable materials – in the cold they are better warm, and if you get in heat, then sweat.

Than mnogosloinoi your outfit, the easier to regulate their temperature sensation, and layered clothing due to the air layer warms better in the cold.

Cool thing about winter travel – underwear, especially if you know you will get frostbitten.

Especially in winter, travel in the train

Train – probably the least comfortable transport for travelling in the winter. The cars can be beastly cold and heat under 30 degrees, as icy drafts and stuffiness… In General, the atmosphere in advance you are coming.

The principle of making a road of the wardrobe you have already read above, but given the fact that the train you are going to go to bed – take the clothes that will be comfortable at night. Best of all – warm pants and fleece sweater, sweatshirt or “nekusachie” sweater. If it is uncomfortable to sleep in a bra (and most women it is really uncomfortable, you’re not the only one “naughty!”), wear a simple cotton t-shirt or t-shirt.

Pajamas and nightie in the conditions of the trains are usually impractical, do not take them, especially if you do not want to haul extra Luggage. Also stock up on several pairs of socks – a thinner and warmer.

How to keep warm at night in the train, if they provide bed linen and blankets not enough? If you are afraid of freezing at night – bring a sleeping bag designed for comfort from +10-12 degrees. Winter sleeping bags with temperature comfort near zero do not have to take, after all you will not sleep on the street. Sleeping bag will allow you to pull on two sweaters, it does not slip or break during sleep, and even the headrest of the sleeping bag will protect your head from drafts.

Travel in the car in the winter

Winter car movement is characterized by a high level of risk. Therefore, the most important rule is not to skimp on safety!

If you are a passenger:

  • Fasten the straps.
  • Put the child in a car seat, and baby take a bag (even the most selfless mother tired to hold the baby on hands).

If you are a driver:

  • Pour high petrol consumption in winter is higher because of the need to heat the passenger compartment.
  • Of course, to go beyond their own yard only need winter tires on!
  • In long trips by car in the winter you need to take a shovel – you never know where you will have to clean out the snow from under the wheels…

In modern cars, equipped with climate control, the question of heat or cold is irrelevant – you can set a comfortable temperature. But in the old domestic cars can be cold – usually the owners of these vehicles take a long winter trip quilt or blanket that passengers could warm up.

How to prepare for the flight in the cold season?

The flight itself in winter and summer is unlikely to differ. But the time at the airport…

You should be prepared for the fact that winter often delay flights due to weather conditions, especially in the Northern regions, so you need to be prepared to spend at the airport for several extra hours. Take a supply of food, some reading or simply fill up the account on the mobile Internet.

If you are flying “from winter to summer” — not to go out in a fur coat in the warm Thai sunshine, pry under winter clothes something light corresponding to the weather forecast in the country where you fly, and even before the announcement of the landing to remove the extra “skins”.

A trip in the winter with a baby: what to include?

No matter what you transport or traveling – be prepared that the baby will be then cold, then hot, and then really have to dress, to undress.

Therefore, prepare his clothes, which is convenient to quickly remove and put on. The best option – top-jacket-puhovichok, woolen sweater or jacket on “lightning” (if your child is slow to cope with the buttons), turtleneck, tights or leggings, ski pants. Do not wear baby jeans, trousers, skirts over leggings, etc. – if the child is small, he will somewhere fall in the snow or on the dirty floor, and change into clean and dry can be nowhere or once!

The right decision – a winter sports pants with the surface of waterproof material. The onesies are not very comfortable on trips that limit the mobility of the baby, and if the child is getting hot or it is necessary to reduce the toilet – you have to unbutton and remove the entire “suit”, although it would be possible to simply remove a jacket or to pull the pants.

Another problem is children’s travel toilet. In the winter, when you and the child are wearing “one hundred clothes”, it becomes a disaster when the child urgently asks to go “pee-pee”, and before the train departs 15 minutes and you have no one to leave a few bags…

So you should try to do so in the way the baby is peeing at least a little less often than usual. It does not feed the child before the trip too liberally (but, of course, famished you to be, too should not!), and monitor the amount eaten and drunk especially during travel. It is not necessary to give the baby the bottle with water or drink – otherwise it will “Podkletnov” just out of boredom. Give him when he really is hungry and not just wanting something fun.

And don’t take as snacks salty snacks, crackers, dry sausage, and other very salty foods – they make us want to drink a lot.

By the way, these same rules apply to food and adults, if you want less to worry about going to the toilet.

Be sure to take for the baby some entertainment in the way that he could have something to do and don’t bother whining to the parents and other passengers. At least take him a tablet with headphones and pump out a few children’s films.

And another tip – before you go, charge all the gadgets: phones, tablets, music players, etc. – in the cold they will wear faster, and the ability to recharge may not appear soon.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

A trip in the winter: how to dress and what to bring on a trip?

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