A vacuum cleaner and a refrigerator: home appliances a number one

The refrigerator is one of the most necessary and useful devices throughout the house. But as it turned out, the vacuum cleaner is also a technique of “mast HEV”. Even hired the cleaner need to vacuum.

Refrigerator is the most used device

Even the front door rarely opens the door. Therefore, more and more manufacturers are constantly improving this technique, with an emphasis on the simplicity of caring for her and giving her all the new features. For example, a refrigerator RB7000J BMF from Samsung, thanks to No Frost technology, requires far less attention, because defrosting it is not necessary. This same technology ensures no ice crust on products that not only allows you to save fruits and berries in its original form, but also saves energy.

If you want something unusual, there is absolutely no need for simultaneous possession of a large amount of products, worth looking at the mini-FAB fridge from SMEG. The style of the Italian fashion 50s here is combined with modern technology. Thanks to a wide range and color, you can choose miniature refrigerator-bar, which can be put in your room.

If you need more space, FAB50 fits perfectly. It has a capacity of 484 litres in the refrigerator compartment and can freeze in the freezer top products with a volume of 107 liters. And Frost-free allows you to forget about regular defrosting.

Vacuuming can be different

Everyone is used to the bulky powerful models of vacuum cleaners, which can not only destroy the latest dust mites in the thick carpet, but to clean up old tile in the bathroom. That’s just for daily cleaning much better approach simple and compact vacuum cleaner. For example, the vertical model allows you to store them in any corner of the apartment. To maintain cleanliness in the house is now much easier!

Thus, the model BBHMOVE4 from Bosch has a rather high power — 100 watts. This is enough to gather the wool beloved dog not only with a smooth flooring, but with different carpet. What is especially nice — the “MOP”vacuum cleaner does not require a network connection, working from batteries to 36 minutes. After that, simply install it on charge and after 12 hours again to start cleaning.

Two in one — BBHMOVE4 from Bosch

The amount of dust in 300 ml may not be enough for a large apartment, but it’s very easy to clean. He also performs the function of the hand cleaner that you can take with you in the car.

A vacuum cleaner and a refrigerator: home appliances a number one

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