Acquaintance on the street – it’s a chance

“Good day, female site! Tell me, how to respond if a man comes to meet? What you should pay attention to his behavior? And what to do to me? With me often on the street trying to meet men… Thank you. Julia”

Acquaintance on the street – that is where the relationship began many dad and mom! Dear Julia, You ask, how do You react to people on the street? Positive!!!!! Rejoice, that You often come up to meet!!! I doubt whether those who meet are not a fit, are happy about it.

Forget that it is “indecent” or “normal man on the street” ?, or “it is clear that he needs only one” ? will Try to explain it to You. For starters, push down on the main explore on the street are given the chance to find a long-term relationship is no more and no less than other places for Dating. Is there a possibility to find out something important in that moment, when a man approaches you?

Digression: who am I

My name is Igor Kolosovand I will guide column “Ask the Man” on

I was on the women’s website “” is not accidental. Rather, as the agent that on the side of the female. I was not tortured before recruitment ?, just most of my friends are women. I have a beautiful wife, wonderful daughter, caring mother. And I hope I’m on Your side just like the hero of the film “Avatar” was on the side of local residents ? distant planet because understand them!

My own marriage (honestly!) “ripe” ? after meeting on the street! By fate, I often met it on the street.

I have a personal explanation of why I choose women, stand up that choice. It is in the body of a woman brand new life the most inexplicable miracle of our reality. More women raise and teach a new generation. Most geniuses are men, but in everyday life the average woman is more developed spiritually, forgive me, the stronger sex ? with My first child I wanted a daughter. Believe this enough to You, Julia, sure you can trust me.

Acquaintance on the street: a man is not the enemy

Any man similarly needs someone, like a woman. No matter what kind of emancipation, the man makes the first step. Thus hath Nature but still Civilization added ? Treat this with understanding.

When you on the street a man comes to meet you, no need to ignore it, to answer rudely or with displeasure. It is sometimes useful to stand on the side of the other person. Or to imaginethat it is Your father coming to Your mother on the street.

Believe me, people on the street – not the property of impudent, womanizer or drunk dudes. The fact that it’s indecent stupid prejudices! For some quite decent men acquaintance on the street — almost the only way to find my half. For example, do not go to bars and have friends or relatives long gone the limit ? in relation to unemployed girls.

Men often shy. To go on the street to a girl, you need to have at least a little courage 🙂 ! After all, most painfully to failure, which becomes stronger girlfriend stronger like!

Relax and let to meet You

To you on the street going to meet the man? Relax!

After all, it it it fits, and You are required to maintain the conversation. Easier to answer questions than to ask your to support the conversation.

Remember the method of “contradiction”. What will happen when every reader a man will marry first one? The computer program “How to make everyone happy” ? , not human life, where the natural failures and disappointments.

And You just do not be afraid of failures! People can’t appreciate what went without drama and losses. Only one out of dozens is good. Think of them as rungs of a ladder that leads up, and it will be easier.

Immediately see, “Your” or “Your” man is approached on the street, unreal. Just mark as a plus, if he said the word “sorry” a polite, slightly embarrassed. Impudent? Ego pret not childish ? ? You will notice it within a couple minutes of conversation. Many of the details in human behavior immediately characterize it, you need only look at, “feel”.

Yes, you do not define, but do not let this hurts! If in doubt, why still can not meet and talk? Suddenly this man, not even Your half will remain a good friend?

Acquaintance on the street – only the initial stage, which neither not oblige You to anything, and You can interrupt the continuation. So is it worth to avoid it?

What to do if You don’t have an acquaintance on the street

Let’s say You are married or found her (or repulsed brad pitt Angelina Jolie ? ), or a man You did not like immediately and completely!

Be polite, after all, if You are free, and the man in Your taste, You would definitely not rude. Smile, tell them You already taken (married, is about to be released or just You have a favorite). The mention of his favorite works better for other reasons.

Know that You are sending up to You a man on the street on in the world charged positively or negatively. It’s not true that all women are sensitive and men are cold and unemotional.

The man still haunting? Well, if not good, then just ignore and move to the side, no longer fearing to wound his feelings.

In General, smart and sensible girl always “soften” its refusal. Many ways: a joke, a compliment, before giving up, smile, thankful that he paid attention to You. Men don’t feel the “breakup” when a girl is sweet and direct in her refusal.

Goodbye, Julia, will give You a verbal “diamond”, and let it become your lucky charm that helps you survive the experience on the street as a fun adventure:
Let the sun of your soul does not burn, but warms!

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