Adult bunk beds: how to choose?

Bunk bed for adults is less popular than the baby furniture.

Not every adult will want every night to climb up to to get comfortable in bed, but it will be always interesting. But, nevertheless, such designs are simply indispensable in some cases and is especially useful in certain types of premises.

Where and how the manifest advantages of bunk beds? What species are they? What parameters to look for when choosing? The answers to these questions knows a womens website

For any areas of suitable bunk bed for adults?

If we talk about the bedroom for the couple, then this furniture is unlikely to be appropriate, because young couples like to sleep in each other’s arms.

But there are exceptions to the rule, for example, when each partner values his personal space and prefers to sleep with maximum comfort. And sometimes in the same apartment sleeping not spouses, and strangers. In any case, the bed is a bunk bed, both adult and children, will be appropriate in the following areas:

  • In small apartments: here with the help of such furniture in a small area can be equipped with a large number of beds for the whole family.
  • In rooms with high ceilings — they are usually found in old buildings: here the bunk beds will save space for other furniture.
  • In the country or in a country house: then such constructions will accommodate a large number of tourists and make a lot of guests.
  • Hostels and hotels: if you are going to do their own hotel business, please note the bunk bed is convenient and compact.
  • Varieties of bunk beds for children and adults

    Types of constructions two-storied constructions can be many. Below we consider the most common.

    • Bunk bed with two single beds. These are the variants we meet, when we choose beds for children. They are very convenient: save space and allow you to place on the top floor of an older child, and on the bottom is the youngest.
    • Double bed below and a single above. This option is perfect for Studio apartments, which are home to a young family with a baby: the baby can sleep upstairs and the parents downstairs, a large double bed.
    • Bunk bed with sofa for adults is a great option for bedrooms that serves as a living room. Upstairs sleeping space and a downstairs sofa for receiving guests. If desired, the bed upstairs you can hide under a canopy and in most designs, the lower sofa also transformirovalsya in bed.
    • The loft bed. This is another popular option for children’s rooms. Here the bed is upstairs, but downstairs has a fully equipped place to study (Desk, drawers, shelves) or games (a sofa, boxes for toys, etc.).

    Bed bunk adult and children’s selection criteria

    Having determined what type of furniture suitable for your house or apartment, you should pay attention to its concrete characteristics. Which ones are most important, will tell

  • Material
  • The most common materials for furniture are considered to be metal, natural wood and chipboard.

    • Metal, choose steel or aluminum — this metal bunk bed for adult will be different durability and reliability, durability in operation.
    • Natural wood is safe and environmentally friendly, but also quite expensive. Budget options you can select pine, and are considered more reliable oak or beech, alder and birch.
    • As for the DSP, then you need to be most careful: be sure to ask the seller a certificate of quality from the furniture manufacturer and look to him marked “E-1” — this means that the manufacture of the chipboard not exceeded the permissible amount of formaldehyde.
  • The strength and reliability of the design
  • When buying, inspect the bed, and did not hesitate to climb in it, sit and lie down — the only way you will be able to assess its durability and reliability. The design should not wobble, the legs must be stable and solid.

    Also note on all connections: if it’s the metal bed, the quality of the welding, but if wood or particle Board, then the bolts that held together the details.

    If you choose among the adults, bunk beds with sofa underneath, please note the sofa — extendible if it is as easy to operate mechanism, if not shaken, fastening, etc.

  • Security
  • This is a very important factor for children’s and adult furniture.

    The upper tier of the bunk beds must have bumpers with a clearance for comfortable climbing on the bed. Their height for children’s furniture should not be less than 30 cm For an adult may be less, but then you need to push and the height of the mattress.

    It is important and the distance between two tiers: sometimes the lower tier is allocated very little space, and sleep with a sharp rising can get a head injury.

  • Mattress
  • Many ready beds are equipped with mattress, but if you produce a bunk bed yourself or order from a master, a mattress should be chosen separately. In any case, it should be orthopedic, especially if you plan to sleep on the bed constantly, not from time to time.

    The height of the mattress on the second tier should be slightly smaller than the height of the bumpers.

  • Ladder
  • Climbing on the upper tier is very convenient to the stairs. If there is difficulty with “getting” up, should prefer sloping (and not vertical) staircase with handrails, and wide, stable beams for the legs. The stairs are usually made of the same material as the bed frame, and if it’s metal, make sure it was not too slippery. Are ladders with wide steps, which are located in the stowage which is very convenient.

    If you clearly define the kind of bunk beds for children or adults, you can pick up a really good option which will not only save space, but also will surprise all the guests with unusual design and ease of use.

    Consider all of the above criteria, and you will choose really high-quality, reliable and durable furniture.

    Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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