Affirmations for women: how it works?

Happiness and luck often seem to us to substances is unpredictable and elusive. Sometimes I would like to change your luck, but do not know how. And it turns out to be, in principle, easy. In any case, advises to try affirmations for women. Not everyone, of course, such methods are reliable. But in vain! In fact, the universe is very generous to those who are not doubts in her favor and knows how to be grateful.

Important the right attitude

Probably everyone has said at least once in life a pattern: the more you suffer and tormented in a moment of crisis, the more the situation is aggravated.

“Trouble never comes alone” — we repeat following their wise ancestors and continue to wait patiently, and when finished our allotted test. It would seem that such a reaction in its own way logical. If trouble doesn’t come to mind to exclaim: “heavens, how grateful I am for everything!”

What if you try to do so, breaking all the stereotypes? Think about, for sure you will find something to tell destiny thank you. And it will be very important, necessary things, compared with which the present troubles may seem trivia.

Believe the person to have experienced this amazing feeling if you focus on the fact that in today’s life can fill your soul with happiness, and to write it all down on paper, you will feel an unprecedented surge of energy.

“Hey, where is the promise of affirmations for women?” – exclaims the impatient reader. Answer: all in good time, girls.

The fact that there is no reason to rely on the help of the Universe, yet you are overwhelmed with irritation, resentment or anger.

Try to get rid of negativity, and then certainly you will succeed!

What are affirmations

So, an affirmation is a brief statement of your desire, a kind of auto-suggestion, through which you can tune in to the wave of success in every sphere of life. But, as in all that relates to working with the subconscious mind, there are some nuances.

To gain favor with higher powers, we need not only concentration, faith and a positive attitude, which was mentioned above. Affirmations are useless to women if they are pronounced in the machine, mechanically.

After all, just words to our subconscious means nothing. He needs a specific shape, colors, even sounds and smells – in short, full images.

Therefore becoming increasingly popular ways to contact with the Universe as treasure map, or album desire, who is Beautiful and Successful and have learned to form together with

But affirmations will work well for women, if spoken formulas to visualize and animate emotions.

Perhaps in the case of a thousandfold, and even mechanical repetition of the phrase “My weight is 55 kilograms,” the subconscious mind will still be interested in it because of the perseverance of the request.

However, much clearer and more attractive to him created in the imagination of a bright, vivid picture that accompanies this affirmation: you, slender and beautiful in a slinky sexy outfit. She was a delight and seduction! Well, very anxious to get to work on magical incarnation of this image to life!

However, a tempting? Then for the cause!

How to make affirmation

  • The formula should be brief. The optimal amount — about 10 words.
  • Your affirmation for the individual woman and should only apply to you personally, therefore it may be appropriate that only the word “I”. (My son does well – wrong!)
  • In affirmations invalid word “no” and the particle “not”. (I don’t smoke – it is wrong!)
  • The statement should apply only now! (I successfully get married – wrong!)
  • Necessary authentic wording, which will not cause you internal resistance. Suppose your financial situation is bad, and you claim that the rich, themselves, and not believe. This affirmation will not work. A better option: “I receive money with love, joy and gratitude.”

How to use affirmations for women

Definitely – not just lying on the couch, as you might might seem. You need to work with the Universe in tandem, providing her the opportunity to help you.

In the process of finding men of your dream or worthy of the position primarily requires… proper search chat, Dating, meeting, announcements, interviews and others of that ilk. “Well, that’s not right” — perhaps you will think someone. – Why, then affirmations?”

And the secret is that they will significantly increase the effect of your actions.

Because affirmations was created for women – with our imagination, emotionality, sensuality and sensibility. These qualities breathe life into verbal formula, which certainly will attract to you helpful people and travel events.

And then in the classroom in a study group of the French language your neighbor suddenly turns the most incredibly nice man. And summary, for a year unsuccessfully sent to different firms, finally fall into the hands of the right person really.

But here it is necessary to consider some nuances:

  • For best effect the necessary concentration. Therefore, during the month focus on one or two affirmations. Then you can refer to other formulas.
  • Visualize desired, connecting emotions. “Stay” his claim.
  • Do it in a good mood.
  • Some experts advise to use affirmations for women several times a day — anytime, anywhere. We can discuss or write down in a special notebook with a red pen.
  • If you communicate with the Universe from time to time, for example on weekends, she will not understand. Are you determined to succeed? Then do not be lazy to create their own future. Remember: affirmations – a lesson for every day!

Affirmations for all women is the best choice in that situation when you don’t know where to start.

Start small, be patient, and your life will be transformed beyond recognition!

The author — Elena Potselueva, site


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