Afraid to lose their virginity: a man’s opinion

“I am 14 years old. I want to ask a question to Dmitry Butlerova, I really like it ( and why don’t you show him pictures?!!)) well!! I have a boyfriend (17 years), we meet 2 months. it suggests to me that they say it’s time, stick. I love it and I love it very very….but I staaaaaaaaale, I’ve been reading about the loss of virginity. Dima, you’re so experienced!!! tell me how to be. I’m not sure ready for that, but I don’t want to lose him!!!!!!!!!!!! Kanapyshe4ka”.

Kanapyshe4ka, I’m glad that in the midst of this insane amount of exclamation points and error slip attempt to think about yourself.

Editor told me that the first sex is actively discussed on the website, so I say to all the girls who care about this issue.

How men feel about virgins?

I will not hide, modern girls attractive at 14, 16 and 20 years. Before you start to feel your power over us men, bare slender legs, wearing stilettos, dazzling smile. But to admire a young girl is one thing, but to have sex with her is quite another.

I was 17 years old, as your boyfriend, Kanapyshe4ka. And at that time I was a little worried that aside from the girls and their charms. Sex seemed everywhere, and were not so concerned with quality as quantity.

Very often what you think is love is just window dressingto get the girl into bed. An innocent girl may be just another trophyto brag to your friends – the harsh truth of life!

With age the amount of sex begins to move in quality. We begin to think about the partner, eager to please her. Only a grown, Mature man is able to appreciate her virginity. Boys is deeply do not care.

You say: “there are 2 months and love each other.” Is it time for a relationship? Let’s say you’re unsure of your feelings, but his feelings can easily be checked. A real, loving man would never rush, and to persuade to have sex if the girl is not ready. Look how long enough your boyfriend if you refuse!? I’m afraid he’ll jump off to a more supple nymphet! Well, if you need a pepper?

When to say goodbye to her?

There is the other extreme. Some say you have to marry a virgin. It is a thing of the past. Choosing a wife a man must be sure she’s not lying in bed a log, what she’s passionate and gentle lover. Do you need to lose their virginity at 15? There’s absolutely no need to catch up you will always have time (and with great pleasure!).

A lot of girls think that, before parting with virginity, they immediately become sexy. That’s what distinguishes a girl from a woman. The girl does not feel, his body, his desire and attraction to a man. It has no sexual awareness. Before she agrees to have sex (because everyone is doing it or “I’m-afraid-it-lose”), but never receives because it is not ripe. Begin the song: I was hurt, I did not like, I do not understand. And in the worst case – but not knocked up? And not gonorrhea?

From the girls, it looks pathetic and ridiculous. First you need to grow not only Boobs but brains. What distinguishes the woman from the girl, not the number of sexual partners at age 14.

With whom to lose their virginity?

With a loving man. Trust and which I’m sure at 200% (including that he wasn’t wearing pants bouquet of venereal diseases).

How to lose?

Everyone was scared the first time (even to me! ? ). If your mom and more experienced friend ride with you and talk about “it” refer to the Internet. What to read? (fills the Internet search):

  • male anatomy
  • female anatomy
  • first sex
  • contraception
  • venereal disease, sexually transmitted diseases
  • early pregnancy
  • the consequences of abortion (by the way, you can read and how an abortion affects subsequent pregnancy)

After reading the theory you can begin to practice. Strange will be less, so you can relax and get pleasure from intercourse with a man.

And finally…

If I wanted to scare you with dire consequences of sex? Well, of course not. Sex is one of the coolest things in the world. Nothing unites us with women as a quality, full pleasure sex! ?

But that first time was pleasant and memorable and not turned into a bunch of problems, it is necessary to approach responsibly! And then everything will be fine!

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