Again sit behind the wheel, preparing himself to return to the drivers

Today women’s site “” appeals to those readers, who have decided to get back behind the wheel after a break or an accident. In the first and second cases, it is difficult to venture out on the road, but in our time, without personal transportation it is almost impossible to do: the dynamics of life requires quick movement. And Willy-nilly, the driver has to be almost any citizen of a modern city. Or the resident. This article is addressed primarily to the latter.

Psychologists say that a return to the driving experience consists of several stages.

Overcoming fear – the first stage

You should start first of all with overcoming of the fear of expensive.

After a long break, many drivers begin to feel that they completely forgot the basics of car control, so to sit in the driver’s seat and take the wheel, they are solved immediately. Even worse, if a break in the driving experience was caused by the accident: fear, forcing the driver to abandon the car, over time, can turn into panic.

That is why psychologists advise: after the accident to get back on the road as a driver as soon as possible.

To overcome fear is not easy, but it can be done. To do this:

  • Realize that small accidentsthat do not entail significant financial costs or casualties, at least once in life you have to face everyone who drives the car. Do not worry due to the fact that was probably inevitable.
  • To understand that fear comes from anyonewho has experienced a similar situation, as this is a natural reaction to stress. You cannot let fear become the master of your life.
  • To analyze the situation, find the moment that was the cause of the accident, consult with a specialist about how you need to do in these situations.
  • Work out on the racetrack with an instructor in the implementation of the element that will help in future to avoid such accidents. To bring your skills up to automatism, to not be afraid to make the same mistake.
  • You can’t reproach yourself for what happened. All actions of the driver at the time of the accident come from his skills and experience. You just need to accept what happened and to convince yourself that this situation will never happen again.
  • Not to add fuel to the fire – step two

    A very important rule of success for those girls who decided to get behind the wheel, is their positive mood. Often pour oil on the fire close, constantly reminding the former avtoledi about all their penalties and mistakes.

    Phrases like “not you”, “expected”, etc. are able to clip the wings of even the most self-confident persons.

    Therefore conversations of this sort should be nipped in the Bud, immediately warning others, and especially her husband, that the topic for discussion is closed.

    Believe in yourself – step three

    If the desire again to become a driver and get behind the wheel of his car really strong if you actually have a need to drive a car, it remains only to take a deep breath and start working on yourself.

    Good effect gives the persuasion: “I can do whatever I want”.

    To convince itself in its perfection it should be about on such a program:

    • Then I came back to my driving experience to remember all your achievements in this area.
    • Remember all the situations on the roads, which caused difficulties. To convince yourself that in all these situations you were able to cope with the management.
    • Talk to friends, who also drive a car. They can tell dozens of stories about how women care and precision has helped them to avoid an accident.

    Remember the basics of driving – stage fourth

    If a break in driving was quite long, you need to first restore driving skills. About how it can be done, will say the article on the website

    Again to feel confident behind the wheel will help only a couple of classes.

    Again to drive the last stage

    And finally, the last step on the way to return to the driving seat is driving itself. No need to be afraid and sweat after each press on the brake. It is very important just to sit behind the wheel and feel the pleasure of this.

    In order to feel comfortable while driving, it is possible to arrange the interior of the car according to your taste: to buy a new fragrance to buy a disc with your favorite tunes, decorate the seats are soft covers some cozy colors, to place in the glove box, on-call beautician.

    Just be glad for the opportunity to sit in the car behind the wheel, to feel mistress of the situation, to go where you want, without waiting for anyone’s help.

    And last…

    Very often, women begin to be afraid of helm even before get into an emergency situation. Just faced with some difficulties, in any case do not sit more in the driver’s seat, convincing myself in advance that it would be safest. Perhaps some women should do so.

    But you, who regularly read articles on the website “” to take the example of perestrahovschitsa should not be.

    Oddly enough, the strong woman also tend to be afraid of. But unlike those who quickly give up, the iron lady never retreats from her. And certainly reproach himself again and again for what are unable to drive, will not, and will continue to work on myself, knowing that all is in her hands.

    I must say that there is another little secret to achieving your goal. You just need to get angry.

    No matter who becomes the object of anger and mocking boyfriend, boring smug husband or the neighbor, loving to notice mistakes too independent in his view of women, is the strongest of feelings, anger will be a good impetus to take a new step. Oddly enough, sometimes the anger gives the woman more power than the moral support of a friend.

    You can also add that us women, in life, you have to solve much more serious problems than the need to get back behind the wheel and remember how to shift gears.

    So the last tip for those who are still thinking about how to dare to turn the ignition key and release the clutch: don’t waste your time, you got too many other things and thoughts. And the sooner you’ll be back behind the wheel, the sooner will these things be completed.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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