Agoraphobia: how to control your fear?

Women’s website “” today going to tell you what agoraphobia is, its symptoms and ways to get rid of this disorder.

The fear of open spaces, panic in the crowd, fear when leaving the house – some of these symptoms may seem ridiculous, but someone really suffers from them. In the initial stages of this phobia causes discomfort and interferes with living a fulfilling life, and developing, may lead to a complete inability to safely be around people.

According to statistics, this disorder often affects women, and the peak of its development accounts for 25-30 years.

Its root cause, according to scientists, lie in the way of life of a teenager.

So, if you still managed to catch the time the student parties talk until the morning, Hiking in the mountains and sunsets on the beach, the chance to begin to experience panic sensations in you less. Today’s children feel comfort and total safety, being at the computer, and going in the “offline reality” are losing the skills of live communication, and even feel the violation of orientation in space.

This is why agoraphobia and its causes, rooted in the past.

The reasons for the disorder can also be:

  • psycho-physical trauma, like car accidents, violence, mass crowding, etc.
  • involuntary contraction of your comfort zone (child care, house work)
  • low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence
  • increased anxiety
  • fear of being alone
  • depression
  • panic attacks (although scientists are still debating that starts early)
  • severe stressful events

Agoraphobia – symptoms

So, if you experience stress while walking or traveling alone, you lose orientation in space, feel uncomfortable in the crowd or on the contrary – on a deserted street and generally prefer as little as possible to get out of the house advises not to leave this situation unattended.

Some agrophobia can’t go out without a dose of alcohol or a sedative in his pocket, the other went out, eager to go home, but almost all feel comfortable outside the home accompanied by a companion.

If you want to stay the master of my life, it is better to start to fight these fears now, as there are cases when the development of agoraphobia led to the fact that for years people did not go outside his house.

Emotional distress accompanied by physical symptoms:

  • elevated pulse
  • palpitations
  • cold sweat
  • uncontrolled shaking of the body
  • fainting
  • rapid breathing

Agoraphobia: how to get rid of

The disorder most effectively treated with the help of a specialist therapist in conjunction with tranquilizers. But at the first signs of occurrence of such panic fears, you can take control of the situation:

  • Being on the street, try to notice all good things, which you will not find a house. Fresh air, bright sun, greenery, interesting architecture, street performances, beautiful people concentrated on this, and you will be distracted from the fears. Some Agropoli prefer to imagine that they have no home and they have nowhere to go.
  • Work with specific fears. Write down on paper what it is you’re afraid of falling, for example, in a large crowd of people, and in front of record “antithesis”. Many suffering from agoraphobia, described the causes of fear and cope with them. For example, “I’m afraid to look foolish during a panic attack.” Write down what a lot of people today by and large still look like the other, nobody will notice, remember how many strange people you noticed in recent years. The fear of “suddenly losing consciousness” refutes the fact that there are no prerequisites to this is no, and if that happens, then there are a lot of people who will help you. Fears about described, but the principle is you should be clear. Re-read it before you leave home.
  • Take courses on behavior in emergencies or study independently the rules and the advice of experts about how to behave in the crowd in case of emergency incidents. This gives a good confidence that you’ll be able to protect themselves and reduce the fear of the crowd.
  • Suffering from agoraphobia, people describe the symptom as the fear to leave the security zone. Learn to create your point of comfort where to choose you. To do this, determine the place in the house where you feel most safe and gradually shift it closer to the front door and then outside.
  • Psychotherapists treat agoraphobia method in which a person is looking for situations that cause him fear, and they are not trying to avoid it. You can also try to act so, because the best way of dealing with fear is to look him in the eye. Especially because there are many cases when a person found a way to cope with the “fear of space”.
  • In the early stages of the disorder called agoraphobia to cope with it helps auditory training. Don’t ignore your own discomfort, live fulfilling lives and get pleasure from it!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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