Alimony child support: what is supposed to mom after divorce

Divorce is not only emotional experiences, memories, and thoughts about how the rest of life. Today, “” together with you’ll think about the future. Or rather it is the alimony on the maintenance of the child, which are often an integral part of the divorce.

What is alimony

All or nearly everyone knows that parents must feed, clothe, Shoe, educate children, take care of them. Of course, all this happens quite naturally, when the family is all well, mom and dad love each other and their kids.

But if everyone in the world was exceptionally fine, the disputes, the courts and divorce would not exist.

One of the conflict issues of separation in adults is the issue of the continued material support of children. Note that adult children are also required to continue to include parents.

If you have decided to divorce, two people almost on the eve of “Golden wedding”, then most likely their children are fully grown independent people.

And what about young families, which, alas, so often began to disintegrate within a few years of marriage? The children of such parents are unlikely to have 18 years.

Therefore, while divorce should be the protected rights of children. One of them, to receive maintenance from both parents, is solved by means of the alimony on the maintenance of minor children.

And what for mother?

But not only the child has the right to receive material support. The law protects and the young mother. The husband (or former husband) is obliged to pay alimony to the wife in pregnancy and within 3 years from the date of birth of the child.

Of course, the Russian family legislation has not forgotten about other cases when one of spouses is particularly strong in need of help the second. These include, in particular:

  • disability
  • care of common disabled child until 18 years of age or for the General child-the invalid since the childhood of the 1st group.

But maintenance for the mother of the child, of course, more on the hearing, and in judicial practice are much more common.

How much can you get

If the divorce takes place in a relatively peaceful environment, the parents may conclude an agreement about the children. This is a special document in which they independently determine the following questions:

  • who will be living minor children
  • the order of payment of means for the maintenance of children,
  • the order of payment of means for the maintenance of the disabled needy spouse,
  • the size of these payments. recalls that, otherwise, that is, in the absence of written consent of the parties on the items, all the problems are resolved by the court at its discretion. Including, of course, is determined by the amount of support for the child.

The basis for its determination is that parents have an obligation to support minor children.

Specific types, form and material support mom and dad determine for yourself. If an obligated person is not willing to fulfill his law and parental debt, he again speaks about this court decision.

As a General rule, the amount of mandatory payments determined as a percentage to the income of the payer. One child is 25% of income maintenance for 2 children would amount to one-third, for three or more — half of earnings.

In connection with the likelihood of receipt by the payer of the alimony, the salary “in envelopes” or other life circumstances, when revenues vary widely from month to month, or even absent, the Family code gives judges the power to grant alimony in a firm sum of money.

In this specific size percentages can be changed in connection with such circumstances, family and financial situation of the parties, availability of housing, employment, health status, and other noteworthy news items.

Maintenance for the adult child

There are situations that parents continue to pay child support after children under the age of 18. These are the cases, when the child is disabled and needs help.

The amount of alimony is determined either independently by the interested parties or by the court. The last option involves the establishment of a fixed monetary amount.

Child support child maintenance and a bit more

Unfortunately, no one is safe from not only family problems but also from diseases, accidents and their consequences.

How much is good health care, medicine and nursing, unfortunately, is familiar to many. In such cases, the usual amount of child support may not be enough to cover all expenses.

Then, if the parents are unable to agree on the help and support of yourself, the decision again rests with the court. It is with regard to all the circumstances determines the specific amount of money, which as the main part of the alimony should be paid monthly.

Misfortune never comes alone. But it can not become a trouble and nuisance or disorder that can be resolved or to settle, if you approach it with knowledge of the matter.

Divorce often entails the issue of alimony for maintenance of children, and sometimes the child’s mother. And moms need and is important to know your rights. And we tried to tell you from them.

Author – Hope Budnikova, site

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