Allergenic products for kids: what to avoid?

The website “” knows that children’s allergies to food have to face many parents. Kids can suffer from various kinds of allergic reactions almost from the first days of his life.

And the first thing that must be done by the mother of the child in this situation is to understand what constitutes allergenic products for children, and to exclude them from the diet.

Allergenic products for kids — what should I avoid?

Pediatricians have long made the list as prohibited, and permissible for use in young patients products. Based on this list they write recommendations.

What is desirable to give children?

  • Cow’s milk. It ranks first in the list of the most allergenic foods for children. According to the statistics, it can not tolerate more than 80% of children under the age of two years. And all because in the body of the child simply has not yet formed the enzymes needed to digest cow’s milk. But after the age of two, even have kids with allergies, as a rule, this problem disappears by itself.
  • Egg white. As a rule, the egg Allergy in children is combined with a negative reaction to chicken meat. That’s why chicken, preferably before cooking remove the skin from the and for a couple of hours to soak in the water.
  • Meat. Considered the most allergenic beef, unwanted reactions can cause ducks and geese. But Turkey and rabbit child’s body are perceived generally well. To reduce the probability of Allergy to meat, it is recommended to first freeze then let it thaw and then start cooking.

  • If we talk about allergenic foods for children under one year, not to mention also fish and seafood. The fact that fish contains amino acids such as histidine, from which the result of long and not always competent, the storage form of the substance histamine. It can cause pseudoallergic reactions even in healthy people, the condition aggravates Allergy sufferers it several times.
  • Vegetables, fruits and berries. Theoretically, the child can eat any of them, but in limited quantities. If the baby begins to eat these foods without measure, it is easy thereby provoke an allergic reaction. Even if the earlier problems with this group of products had not occurred. Among fruits most often the allergic trigger citrus. Among berries — strawberries, strawberries, raspberries and black currants. But among the vegetables that were in the list of allergenic products for children, mention must be made of beets, celery, tomatoes and carrots. By the way, after heat processing, they become more secure.
  • Do not hurry up also with the introduction in the diet of peanuts, pistachios and other nuts. Contraindicated for children and cocoa, which is strong enough food allergen. Therefore, you need to avoid and a variety of products including chocolate.
  • If we talk about allergenic foods to children after a year, the black list should include all those that contain flavours, emulsifiers, preservatives, dyes. They can cause allergic reactions even in adults, not to mention the child. We all know that these foods include carbonated water, chips, candy and gum. But often overlooked are seemingly useful as yogurts and juices, porridges of fast preparation and biscuits.
  • Sugar. By itself it is not an allergen, but can significantly increase the allergenic properties of other products. That’s why, if the baby you are allergic, sugar needs from its diet to be eliminated first.

All the above foods can cause allergies as a grown toddler and infants.

As a rule, allergenic products for babies are exactly the same. That’s just from your diet should be excluded a nursing mother.

How to get rid of food allergies?

The website recalls that the main treatment of allergic reactions is diet. First and foremost, you want to exclude from the diet of a child are all potential allergens.

You should also introduce strict control over intake of food, and the frequency of its use. The fact is that sometimes not enough balanced diet can also be the cause of allergies.

Pay attention to the diet of the child must in all circumstances remain fully. Therefore, with the exception of a non-allergenic product type hypoallergenic, thus having the same nutritional value.

Now you know what foods are allergenic for children. But because you will easily be able to cope with that Allergy, which affects your baby. The main thing — soberly and as competently approach to solving this problem.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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