Amla oil for hair: benefits, recipes for growth, volume and Shine, reviews

Ancient, time-tested, methods of sanitation curls sometimes in no way inferior to modern salon treatments. Amla oil for hair will help to verify this in their own practice. An extract of Indian gooseberry, is incredibly popular in the East, will give the hair strength, softness and Shine. And let the visual effect is transient and lasts only until the first wash. But the health effects of oil overseas berries your curls will feel for a long time.

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  • 1 Remedy for 100 diseases
  • 2 the benefits of Amla oil for hair
  • 3 differs from the powder
  • 4 Prepare yourself
  • 5 TOP 5 masks: preparing for a casting in bollywood
    • 5.1 anti-dandruff
    • 5.2 For thick and long hair
    • 5.3 To revive roots
    • 5.4 To hydrate dyed locks
    • 5.5 Against split ends
  • 6 Recommendations for use
  • 7 Reviews: “the Hair is soft, shove… no longer electrified!”

Beautiful Indian word “Amla” is used to refer to the fruit tree, berries which look like common in our latitudes gooseberry. The taste, though, the fruits of Amla is much more sour. But this disadvantage is more than compensated by the amount contained in the Indian berry vitamins. And the leaves and berries of this plant the Indians actively used for the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines.

Remedy for 100 diseases

The beneficial properties of Indian gooseberry, proven and tested by many generations. No wonder he is called cure 100 diseases. On the basis of bark, leaves and fruit of this plant healers are able to mix a potion from a variety of diseases. The table presents only a few ways to use Amla of the many possible.

Table — Application of Indian gooseberry in folk medicine

BasisHow does
Leaf juice– A tonic for the skin;
– a powerful antioxidant
Syrup from the juice of the leaves– Diuretic
Fruit juice– For the treatment of gynecological diseases
Dried fruit– An astringent for diarrhea
Tincture from seeds– Remedy for eye diseases

Fruit oil Indian gooseberry — a sure cure for curls, exhausted daily drying and styling. Reviews of Amla oil for hair only confirm this fact.

Ayurveda is one of the systems of Indian medicine, based on ancient Hindu philosophy and translated into Russian language means “knowledge of life”.The benefits of Amla oil for hair

Oil of Amla is not for nothing gained fame generic drug. In the case of hair it helps to solve five problems.

  • Dry. Oily liquid nourishes the follicles, turning dry hair into healthy and shiny.
  • Dandruff. Oil softens and moisturizes the skin, eliminating from the surface of the head, dandruff flakes.
  • The slow growth. Rubbing tool with light massage movements, you will stimulates blood flow, and accelerated growth of tresses.
  • Gray. Antioxidants in the product slow the aging process. Plus Amla oil is able to nourish and reinforce the natural tint.
  • Split ends. If you regularly use a mask based on the Amla, it is possible to improve, literally “solder” the ends.
  • Oil, prepared on the basis of dried fruits of Indian gooseberry, is able to change the original hair color by one or more semitones. In this regard, blondes should give preference to light green oily liquid. Brunettes can safely be used oil is a saturated green color. The market presents both types of product.Different from powder

    Amla is available in two forms: it may be an oily liquid or powder. To apply in the home of cosmetology, and it can be different. It is enough to weigh a spreadsheet of all the pros and cons of both forms and select the most appropriate.

    Table — the Advantages and disadvantages of powder and oil, Amla

    Oil– Easy to apply;
    – can be used in pure form
    – In composition has impurities additional chemicals
    Powder– 100% natural product without additives and impurities– Before use, dilute

    Prepare yourself

    Homemade face mask with oil-Amla hair can be prepared on the basis of store funds. But the product can be made by your hands. For this act in five stages.

  • Take 25 g of powder of dry fruit of Indian gooseberry.
  • Pour 100 ml of any base oil. (Best copes with this task, sesame and coconut. You can also get peach or mineral).
  • Close the container lid and sent to a dark place for two to three weeks.
  • Periodically take out a container of oil and carefully shake.
  • Few weeks strain the final product through a fine sieve.
  • Teaspoon of oily liquids you can add in the shampoo and the hair conditioner that you regularly use for washing. Oil will enhance the effect of both.TOP 5 masks: preparing for a casting in bollywood

    The use of Amla oil for hair could be tangible only when the base vehicle is mixed with the “right” components. To get rid of dandruff will help honey. To stimulate the growth of mustard powder. Lavender oil or tea tree used as a Supplement, can easily enliven the roots. And egg yolks protect split ends. If done correctly, your hair will be worse than the first Indian beauties. And you can safely go to the casting of bollywood — the Indian Hollywood.


    Features. Hair the most famous and highly paid Actresses of bollywood Katrina Kaif — the object of desire and envy. Make your tresses just as vibrant, with juicy Shine and without a single snowflake of dandruff by using special masks. Hair oil with Amla anti-dandruff with honey will require thorough rinsing. Oil based will be able to remove hair with hot water, and at least two-fold washing. However, the healthy effect of the use of funds is worth the effort.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Take two tablespoons of fresh, not candied honey.
  • Add as much oil of Indian gooseberry.
  • Heat the mixture using water bath.
  • Carefully RUB it into the scalp.
  • Wrap head with plastic wrap and top — towel.
  • Ideally the mask should be left on the hair for the night. But if this is not possible, enough for two hours.For thick and long hair

    Features. If you want the hair were as thick and long as the most recognizable beauty bollywood Aishwarya Paradise, you will help homemade mask for hair with Amla oil and mustard powder. The result of regular use of this tool will be a noticeable acceleration of hair growth, strengthening and thickening your tresses.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Take one tablespoon of oily liquid, prepared on the basis of dry fruit of Indian gooseberry.
  • Add one teaspoon of table mustard powder.
  • Put in a bowl with a mixture of five drops of any available essential oil farm.
  • Thoroughly mixed and slightly heated the mixture in a water bath.
  • Apply the product on the tresses in the course of growth.
  • Hide your hair under a plastic cap and a towel.
  • Wash off after 15 minutes.
  • Using Amla oil for hair growth, you need to adhere to a particular frequency of sessions. Owner dry strands you can safely apply the product once a week. And those girls who have oily locks, is not more often than once every 14 days.

    To revive roots

    Features. To revive the roots and rid them of excess oil will help the tea tree oil mixed with a base for all the described recipes oil Amla. If the tea tree extract in the household is not found, instead you can use lavender oil, which prefers movie star “Charm of love” Kareena Kapoor.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Take two or three (depending on thickness of hair) tablespoons of an oily tincture of the fruit of the Indian gooseberry.
  • Add three or four drops of lavender extract or tea tree extract.
  • Heat the mixture on a water bath to 35°C.
  • Carefully RUB it into the scalp.
  • Leave under the polyethylene and towel for an hour.
  • Heat means is not necessary. But warm mask will give an additional effect —lustre.To hydrate dyed locks

    Features. The use of Amla oil for hair combined with egg and yogurt is a unique opportunity to deeply and efficiently to humidify exhausted regular coloring hair, making them look like the perfect hairstyle Indian sex symbol Maliki Sherawat.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Mix two tablespoons Indian oily liquid with one egg.
  • Lightly beat the mixture with a whisk.
  • Add provides deep moisturizing yogurt in the amount of 50-100 ml, depending on length of hair.
  • Put on your head and hide under a plastic cap for half an hour.
  • Apply Amla oil to the hair should be, starting from the roots and moving in the direction of growth to the tips. Also need to wash in a special way. In order to facilitate the process, even dry hair should apply a little shampoo and lather without water. The molecules of detergent will adhere to the molecules of the mask. Under the warm spray of curls easily released from the power of oily substance.Against split ends

    Features. Looking vibrant and shiny hair without split ends, how Priyanka Chopra — past “Miss India”, and this famous actress? Then pamper your hair with the invigorating mask for volume and Shine based on avocado. It is able to solder the ends of the hair and eliminate excessive fluffiness.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Take a teaspoon of Amla.
  • Add the yolk of one egg.
  • Well beat the mixture with a whisk.
  • Three on a small grater half a medium avocado without skin.
  • Added to the almost finished mask and mix thoroughly.
  • Slightly heated medium in a water bath and apply to split ends, avoiding the roots.
  • Curly-haired women can also straighten your curly hair, adding a recipe one tablespoon of sesame oil. For straightening hair, the mask should be rubbed into the roots and apply on the entire length, paying special attention to the ends.

    Recommendations for use

    Specific contraindications and limitations to the use of the discussed product does not have. However, if you are going to make masks for hair based on oil amly hair and out without consulting a trichologist, please note two important points.

  • Priglashaem flavor. Oily liquid, prepared based on the fruit of the Indian gooseberry, has a strong Intrusive scent. Intolerance to the smell can become an obstacle to the use of funds, created on its basis. To muffle the smell, you should add oil a few drops of orange and lavender air.
  • Rule out allergies. Before you can strengthen hair using ablowich masks, you must ensure that you have no allergic reactions to Indian gooseberry. Apply a drop of oil on your wrist and watch the skin for 12 hours. The lack of swelling and redness can be interpreted as a green light to conduct a complete procedure.
  • Amla is considered one of the most valuable sources of vitamin C. But it depends on the density of hair and the thickness of each individual hair. And the oil of Indian gooseberry is an inexhaustible storehouse of b vitamins that eliminate hair from breakage at the ends and excess oil on the roots. In addition to the use of Amla oil for hair, use it for face and body. In this case, the product becomes a remedy for wrinkles and pigmentation.

    Reviews: “the Hair is soft, shove… no longer electrified!”

    Read reviews about the oil and ordered it. Myself, mother, sister husband. Everyone is excited. The hair is soft, shove. But! The biggest plus for me was that they no longer electrified. This is a very big plus, given that we have snow for a month and have the cap to walk. Yes, and the effect of greasy or oily hair is not observed. Declined from the previous mask because of this. Conclusion-this oil I use it constantly and it will not gather dust on the shelf in the bathroom


    If you have problematic hair or not grow is the oil for you. Familiar with Amla oil and I can recommend. Often meet that people with normal hair complain about the lack of effect — I don’t even know what effect they wanted to see it)) Or I bought a fake, that is also quite real.


    I use Dabur Amla oil, but not Gold series and net oil-Amla. Apply mainly to hair ends. ‘ve noticed that the hair became elastic, cut the ends began to proslejivaetsya, after drying, no bristle. Apply 2 hours before washing hair. And buy this butter is not so hard. Took in the Internet shop


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