An affair with a married man: pros cons mistress married

How would a conviction or treated the society to mistresses, but will exist as long as men, zaglyadyvalas on pretty girls, and not very smart wife, allowing himself to recover for a dozen pounds and cease to be interesting for her man, mistress will exist.

However, the life of the mistress of the married is not always called sweet. This situation has both advantages and disadvantages.

Female site talks today about the pros and cons of sleeping with a married man. If this topic concerns you, be sure to read the material. Perhaps we should now think about what’s next for you to decide whether you do an affair with a married.

The pros of sleeping with a married

In the position of mistress is married has its advantages. First you’re happy! After all, you’re with the one you love!

What else is good in the novel with a married man?

  • Sex with a married man can be called amazing! Diversity and hot temper you provided, because sex with his lawful wife probably become boring, or a man just shy to offer his wife to fulfill his sexual fantasies.
  • Each session is happy and alert, because you interesting to each other! For each date a man trying to present a small gift: flowers, a nice box of chocolates, a trip to the restaurant, etc. Your wife man pampers gifts not as often as he spends on the family quite a lot.
  • A nice advantage of the situation mistress married is the lack of “everyday” — you don’t need to wash his underwear and socks regularly to cook dinners, to suffer for his delay at work and to see him unhappy and grouchy.
  • For his mistress the man will try to be the best: smart, authoritative, kind, generous, strong, everytime trying to impress you. The wife knows all the strengths and weaknesses of her husband, watched all the UPS and downs, so that he was to her, what is she to him is not a mystery.
  • No control on the part of the lover – you has a right to decide where and with whom to go, and also deal with his personal life. Besides, to meet the man you can when it’s convenient for you, especially not ignoring the wishes of the lover.

Undoubtedly, a significant advantage of the provisions of the married mistress is its financial support. Motives can be different: from the banal desire to seem in your eyes is generous and rich, to desire to see the luxurious and well-groomed woman. Married lover may make you presents, led by restaurants and boutiques, to give money to beauty salons and “out of pocket” expenses.

Among the wealthy oligarchs, it is believed that the more you spend on a mistress, the more solid. A mistress rather as a status or prestige, so it is not “cheap”… Except the money you can get from such a lover’s familiarity with the “right” people and the device on the good work.

Cons of sleeping with a married

But among so many advantages, there are quite significant disadvantages. To be a mistress of a married man is not so nice as it seems, because:

1. You’re miserable! Prospects of development of relations in almost no time. Being married to divorce and marry their lovers, is the exception rather than the rule. Besides, in this love triangle only good man: he is “chocolate”, because as many as two women try to appease him! You, as his wife, if she finds out, will just suffering anxiety and jealousy.

2. Such relationships have to hide from all. Not only because of the outrageous to others, but because your friends may be his friends who will not hesitate to report this “happy” news to his wife.

3. If a married man is your only boyfriend, significant holidays such as March 8, 14 February and the New year will have to celebrate one, or in a circle of the same single girlfriends. Favorite usually have these days to spend with his family.

4. If you managed to fall in love with a married man, then after a while you begin to overcome jealousy. The wife lays down with him every night in bed and sleeps with him side by side, his nose buried in his man’s shoulder. My wife spends with him weekends and holidays. The wife goes with him every year to the resort. And that the wife may appear with her spouse in any public place and not shy of showing their feelings.

5. The downside of the provisions of the mistress is also married and that man will be all the time “on the lookout” for fear of being seen with my ex, but because most visits will take place in quiet places away from the city centre. You will also be tense, because you cannot hold his hand, snuggle, kiss, and any call from the wife can be a reason to urgently interrupt the date.

6. What would be valuable and loved you are for him, the wife will still be important. “Family is sacred” — that’s what you’re going to hear from him, when once again interrupted a date or cancel the meeting due to the fact that his wife was ill or his son in the school parent meeting.

7. Over time you will begin to irritate his eternal glancing at the clock, and by the way, will seem that you’re a live option rubber doll except for the sex, nothing. And if any of your attempts to legitimize your relationship (that is, to divorce his wife!) he says not now! Not the time: the wife is ill, the children are still young, career planned, and so on in the same spirit. Either directly declare that with a wife he did not intend.

As practice shows, if the man left his wife in the first year of your relationship, now will never go away. What’s the point? Now each meeting as a holiday, and then again will come the same “domestics”. Now he has a good family life, stability in life, such a “convenient” wife, children, and to give it all up to start from the beginning? Unlikely.

Therefore, agreeing to an affair with a married, bear all this in mind, in order not to regret about the best years of your life wasted.
And female site wish you happiness in personal life! ?

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