Annoying people?We can do without moving to a deserted island

Most religions and human morality in General are taught to love others – our neighbors, far relatives and strangers, treat them as you want them to treat you, be kind, sympathetic, etc. And rightly so! But, in my opinion, every person is familiar with a condition where I would like to escape to a desert island. Sometimes to return good mood rather eat a chocolate bar, and sometimes the feeling that you horribly annoying people around, does not pass for months… Why so happens and how to feel comfortable being among people, will tell website

Why can annoy people?

Just want to include the view of psychologists – need for periodic isolation is normal, it is common to all, and to be wary of is more likely if the person that need not feel.

Each person privacy you need in different quantities and to different degrees: someone for “psychological discharge” enough of the five minutes of reading Newspapers in the toilet, someone needs a few hours alone in the apartment, and someone could really relax only in nature, when no people for miles around…

If the individual fails to obtain its norm of privacy, it may start various unpleasant phenomena caused by fatigue psychological: irritability, bad mood, fatigue, stress.

If the opportunity to be alone with myself is not available for a long time (for example, it often happens to people in the army, in prison), we may face depression, the person may be aggressive, blunted kindness, compassion, pity, interest in people etc. Sometimes the body can even declare a rebellion, and the man gets ill!

Is it true that the people around can irritate the only person with a bad, quarrelsome nature?

Has it ever happened with you that at some point you started to annoy people, have you expressed to them his claim, not hiding his desire to leave society and be alone, and in response heard: “What’s wrong with that?! Yes, you have a bad temper!“?

After this the rolls of remorse: “But really, nobody around here does anything bad to me, just people walking, minding my own business, and I’m throwing myself at all with reproaches. Maybe something is wrong with my character?”.

Women’s website “” in a hurry to calm – your character all right!

If people annoy you frequently (when you’re tired and want to spend some time alone, not associating with anyone), it’s fine, happens to everyone – you just need to satisfy the need for privacy, and then get out of the “asylum” with a beaming smile and apologize to everyone that had hurt!

But if we are talking about the fact that you constantly irritate the specific people with whom you’re forced to spend a lot of time around (colleagues, relatives, etc.), here and then there is the charge of quarrelsome.

And those who say so, are right – no man is an equally good along with all the people!

And psychologically very difficult to constantly adjust to the person not close to you in spirit to look in his eyes, sociable and friendly! Best of all — just minimize contact with that person.

In any case, your character is your character, and nobody has the right to re-educate you and to demand changes to which you yourself do not seek. But if someone strongly doesn’t suit your “intolerance” is certainly not your problem!

How to remove stress from permanent location “for the people” and learn to feel comfortable among strangers?

Almost all city dwellers are forced to spend a lot of time in the society of other people – at work, in transport, on the street etc And when after a long communication with strangers day, come home, and it seems to be desirable to pay proper attention to his household, but psychological fatigue takes over and native people is starting to grate too…

What to do? Follow a few simple tips:

  • Possible not to communicate with those who do not want to communicate at the moment. You’re absolutely not obliged to be scattered in the smile and keep the conversation going, if you don’t want to comply with etiquette enough to nod and say Yes. If wants to talk any observant, he will understand that you don’t want to communicate, and if not – in monologue mode for a long time can say very few, so the flow of words runs out by itself!
  • “Don’t stress” yourself. “Now, back to work – and there nasty Tanya, and infection Maryvanna, and jerk Ivanov.”. Can’t think about these people exceptionally well – try not to think about them at all. It’s not easy, but if every minute thoughts you unpleasant company, being among these people will annoy you even when none of them did bad to you does not.
  • Great if you have the opportunity to communicate throughout the day with very different people – for example, to meet after work with friends, and during the working day to look at the coffee to colleagues from another Department… So you will not help to change their own communication style – and it’s a good psychological discharge!
  • Do not neglect the opportunity to be alone, even if you don’t feel a pressing need. For example, at lunchtime it is better to go to the diner or walk through town than to chew their sandwiches in the company of colleagues without getting up from their chairs.
  • Keep a distance between himself and strangers. For example, why nobody likes crowding in buses – there are also the same people who go to a distance of several meters from each other? And that’s why the closer to you strangers, the more they irritate, even if not doing anything wrong. The optimal distance for communication with a stranger – 1.5 m.

Periodically people are annoying everyone – this is not an anomaly!

The main thing — to be able to restore your psychological comfort and not to torment others with his irritation. Isn’t this what real love for others?!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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