Anton Makarsky: biography, personal life, wife, children (photos)

Childhood and adolescence

Anton was born on 26 November 1975 in Penza. The boy grew up in a family of actors, it is not surprising that from an early age, he pursued theatre and creative activities in General.

Great attention to the education of Anton Makarska devoted grandfather of Michael Kaplan, who many years ago received a status of people’s artist of Russia. Today he is retired and happily babysit their grandchildren.

Anton admits that he has the same character as my grandfather, and a very similar Outlook on life. Perhaps this was influenced by Kaplan’s special blood, which is inherited in the family from his great-grandfather.

In the biography of Anton Makarsky suggests that, despite the fact that his family has people of different nationality, he considers himself Russian. So he wanted to associate personal life with a beautiful girl from his native country.

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While in school, the guy was fond of sports and dreamed of becoming a coach. He almost all of his time spent in the gym, and even became a master of sports in power triathlon.

Inspired by the “pumping” of his body, Makarska ceased to devote sufficient time to learning and assessment gradually began to deteriorate. And about admission to College theater guy no wonder, considering that in their generation, and too many actors.


Many people think that Makarska Jr. easily entered the theatre, the University, through influential relatives. But really, the young guy did not pass the competition in the Theater, and then decides to enroll in the Institute named after Shchukin.

After graduation, Anton gets a few sentences. For some time he performed at the theater at Nikitsky gate, but over time, the young actor decides to go into the army, to be able to develop even in the film industry.

  • What do you think is better to get the actor to star in a movie or act on stage?

    To be in a movie

    Performing on stage


    I don’t like Anton Makarsky


The first major work after the service became involved in the musical “Metro”, and three years later Anton Makarsky becomes really famous after he performed one of the main roles in “Notre-Dame de Paris”.

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Already in 2002, the talented actor began to win the TV. But despite the successful career development in the life of an actor there was a period when he wanted to renounce forever the filming of the movies and games in the theater.

Then the man went to Bulgaria to meet with the priest Vladimir. Convince Anton to change his fate by uttering one phrase, “You in his place. Go and bring joy to people.”

After that his wife continued to work and participated in such popular television shows as “Fort Boyard”, “dancing with the stars,” the Great race”.

Personal life

Unlike many actors Anton Makarsky didn’t dwell on biography, and dreamed of his wife and children. He wanted to establish his personal life and show off family photos to friends and acquaintances.

Victoria Morozova, the young artist met after the premiere of the musical “Metro”. Anton realized immediately that with this woman he wants to spend the rest of my life and will do everything possible to Vika was always happy.

In the movie Anton Makarsky plays the romantic young men who are at the hands of their loved ones, and indulge their whims. But in reality everything turned out differently – the actor has earned a reputation as a domineering wife who keeps under control the personal life and self “edits” in the biography of his wife.

Once Anton’s mother admitted that if his family falls apart, then she collect all things and go along with a daughter-in-law. But fortunately, difficult times are behind us. The man thought better of it and learned to appreciate the people close to him. He learned gentleness and became more supportive of Victoria.

After these changes, the star couple began to dream about children. For many years, Morozov could not get pregnant, so loving even thought about to adopt a child.

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But prayers were answered. And, after years of waiting, the couple had a daughter, Mary. And a few years in their family replenishment again – boy Ivan as parents grow healthy, calm and very friendly.

Anton Makarsky happy that it happened that way. But the man hopes that their house will have children and personal life will be more beautiful. And then, the actor will be proud to show photos of his wife and kids around the world.

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The talented actor continues to star in movies, looking for new ways to develop, and in free time engaged in extreme sports. Anton tries to spend more time with his family so that his children saw an example of “healthy and happy relationship.”

Interesting facts of life

In the Makarska there are many family traditions. Also, the celebrity couple are happy to share some of his secrets:

  • Anton’s impeccable sense of smell. And yet his wife claims that he has a unique ability to read people’s thoughts;
  • the actor hates fish dishes;
  • artist Faith Konygina gave to the family of Makarska unique cuisine, which is very similar to the head of the family;
  • artist three times wanted to leave the wife believing that is unworthy next to such a woman.

Today the singer is Victoria Morozova and Anton Makarsky call the strongest pair among the stars of Russian show business.

Quotes from the interview

Anton Makarsky has a favorite phrase he likes to repeat in interviews:

  • “I was swinging and charming muscle of the puck, which considers itself smarter than everyone else, but very adept at hiding it!” – described actor before entering the UNIVERSITY;
  • “When Victoria walked in, my jaw dropped, and his eyes went out like a wolf from the famous cartoon” on the first meeting with his future wife;
  • “Children are the mirror of the family” – so began to talk to Anton after the birth of her daughter Mary.

Anton Makarsky – incredible actor with a bright background, current personal life, his beloved wife and children. Let’s hope that in the near future man will please their fans with new interesting works.

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