Apple pie in the bread maker: classic and original recipes

Apple pie in the bread machine is not easier than in the oven or a slow cooker, however, allows to avoid many mistakes in cooking. Worth downloading all the ingredients in a bowl, incorporate the required program and wait for the result. A bread maker will do everything for you.

2 hours. 4 servings. Easy to prepare

Bread has become an indispensable appliance in the kitchen is not only for those who like to create culinary masterpieces, but also those who do not have enough time to cook. Although Charlotte and will have to use a blender or mixer and sift the flour, but attention during baking, the dessert requires much less.

The basics of cooking pastries in the bread maker

  • Put the ingredients strictly according to instructions. Even a small change in the amounts can lead to unexpected results.
  • For measuring products gain scale. They will help to make the right weight.
  • If you love classic Apple pie add raisins, nuts or fruit with berries, choose a bread maker with dispenser. It is more expensive, but will add needed during baking. Besides, not “breaks” ingredients, and helps with the function “delayed start”.
  • If the dispenser is not, then don’t cut the apples finely, if available — you can even grate it.
  • Many bread machines allow you to set the color of the crust. Choose according to your preference.
  • The dough Apple Charlotte you must first beat with a mixer. Do not use for test preparation, the standard function of a bread machine, otherwise the cake will lose the airiness.
  • For making use of “Cupcake”. It is the best. Alternative regime could be “Quick baking”. Different models hlebopechek modes may vary.
  • Apple pie with apples in the bread maker turns out delicious, but not perfectly smooth. Therefore, to cover an irregular shape, then slice before serving.

Recipes for Panasonic

These breadmaker is simple and reliable. They can’t boast of a variety of models, but the available options have proven themselves as high quality and safe. When the relative performance of the equipment of different firms, it is in the “Panasonic” is the most airy crumb, smooth and rounded shape of the cakes, beautiful Golden crust color and great propagandist. Therefore we can say that the bread machine from this company are ideal for cooking pastries.


In the bread maker “Panasonic” Charlotte comes out more light and fluffy than in the oven. It is even longer, but is not required during cooking.

You will need:

  • flour — 150 g;
  • sugar — 150 g;
  • apples — 2 pieces;
  • eggs — 4 pieces;
  • baking powder, cinnamon.


  • Apples clean, cut into cubes.
  • The eggs with the sugar, whisk in a suitable dish until thick and white foam.
  • Sift flour, add baking powder and cinnamon, stir.
  • Make the flour into a bowl with servings or a small trickle. The mixer should run at medium or low power.
  • The breadmaker bowl brush with oil, sprinkle with a little flour.
  • Put the apples and the dough, stir.
  • With the button “Menu” to choose the desired program. It can be written directly on the display, and may be referred to by number. The number of the desired mode look on the bread maker. Select crust color taste — from light to dark. If necessary, use a delayed start.
  • If you want to add nuts, do not fill directly into the dough, put in a specially designed dispenser for them. “Smart” appliances will choose the right moment when they need to enter.

    In haste

    The option of baking pastries with minimal time on preparatory stage. Suitable when there is a possibility to wait, but there is not much time to stand around the kitchen table. Charlotte is not as airy as in the first recipe, but equally delicious.

    You will need:

    • flour — 150 g;
    • sugar — 150 g;
    • apples — 3 pieces;
    • egg — 3 pieces;
    • vanilla, baking powder, salt.


  • Apples, remove seeds and peel, cut into small cubes.
  • Once in the bread machine pan, place the eggs, sugar and salt.
  • Sift flour and stir into it the baking powder and vanilla.
  • Move the flour into the bowl of the stove, add the apples.
  • Place a receptacle with the ingredients inside the bread machine, select the mode “Cakes” and the color brown. Press start. The cooking time will be more than one and a half hours.
  • Let cool, then remove.
  • Recipes for Moulinex

    The bread machine from this company distributed on the market of electrical appliances. This is due to a great variety of models, which include both expensive and budget. They have many modes of functionality, they are ovens “Panasonic”. Also available small and large sizes for baking bread.

    Baking in the bread machine “Moulinex” comes not so airy, so do not skimp on the baking powder when you use the recipe Charlotte with apples in the bread maker.

    With apples and plums

    Summer recipe that has a very unusual taste.

    You will need:

    • flour — 200 g;
    • sugar — 250 g;
    • Apple — 2 pieces;
    • plums — 100 g;
    • egg — 3 pieces;
    • baking powder, cinnamon, butter.


  • Apples get rid of the seeds and peel, cut into cubes.
  • Remove pits from plums, cut into 2 parts.
  • Beat separately the yolks and whites, then connect, add the sugar and whisk again.
  • Sift flour, mix with cinnamon and add to mixture of eggs and sugar.
  • In the dough put the filling and place in the bread machine, oiled.
  • Use “Melt”, exposing the maximum time (usually half an hour).
  • Do not select this option for dessert the dark crust, because there are plums.
  • Apple pie usually comes out uneven. As decoration use, not only topping (powdered sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, coconut), but more three-dimensional decorations. Children will be thrilled by the figures of mastic, however, if you have not worked with her, using the usual berries and ice cream.With apples, nuts and raisins

    When the bread maker is such a useful thing, as the dispenser, it is a sin not to use.

    You will need:

    • flour — 200 g;
    • sugar — 400 g;
    • apples — 5 pieces;
    • eggs — 4 pieces;
    • raisins, walnuts — to taste;
    • baking powder, butter.


  • Peel and slice apples, rinse the raisins and slightly chop the nuts.
  • Whisk eggs with sugar until white foam, add to them the sifted flour mixed with baking powder. After adding the flour, reduce the capacity of the mixer.
  • Treat bread maker with butter, pour back the dough and sprinkle the apples and mix with ordinary wooden spoons.
  • In dispenser pour the nuts and raisins.
  • Switch mode “Cakes” for half an hour.
  • This Apple pie perfectly candied. They can not only beautifully decorate the top, but, pre-cut, add the nuts and raisins.

    Recipes pastries in the bread maker can also be found in the manual or cookbook that comes with this kitchen appliances. They come out the first time and much easier than those that can be found in other sources, because it is designed specifically for the item purchased.

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