Apple pie pan with apples: secrets and 4 delicious recipe

Apple pie stuffed with apples, especially cooking, including the difference from cooking in the oven, the proportions of the components, selection of pans, baking rules. 4 simple recipe: basic, with pears, cinnamon and nuts, and tangerines.

40 min. of 5 servings. Very easy to prepare

Dessert should be prepared in the case when you have no oven. What, for example, is important for a house or a student dormitory. Charlotte goes not so airy, but subject to terms no less delicious.

Especially cooking

  • The pie pan will always be more “dense”. Therefore, if you want to treat a classic option, choose the cooking in the oven.
  • Try to use more apples and less of the test.
  • Lay out the ingredients as thin as possible layer and don’t be afraid to overdo it with the baking powder — so the dessert is more lush.
  • Use a pan with a wide diameter (at least 20 cm) and a thick bottom so that the dough is cooked efficiently and uniformly.
  • It is advisable to choose a deep pan with a lid, not to allow the dough to fall during cooking.
  • Bake on low heat, or risk getting fried pie.
  • Lubricate the pan with a large amount of butter, rather than a baking sheet. Or use semolina to make the cakes from sticking.
  • If it seems that Charlotte may not grilled, turn it over in the pan (like a pancake).

Classic Charlotte recipe in the pan

This is the easiest recipe Charlotte with apples in the pan. It is possible to cook a dessert in the microwave, in the oven and in a slow cooker, you only need to reduce the amount of baking soda or baking powder. Apples can also substitute other fruits.

You will need:

  • flour — 150 g;
  • sugar — 100 g;
  • apples — 2 pieces;
  • eggs — 3 pieces;
  • baking powder — 1 teaspoon;
  • vanilla, butter.


  • RUB the sugar with the eggs in a large bowl, use mixer to whip.
  • Gradually add mixed with baking powder and vanilla to the sifted flour. Ensure that no lumps.
  • Apples clean, cut into squares, add them to the dough and mix.
  • The dough pour in the pan, greased with oil, tightly cover with a lid.
  • Cook over low heat for 25 minutes, then flip and keep for 10 minutes. Readiness check with a toothpick.
  • Serve with sour jam or ice cream.
  • The dessert can be prepared with layers, dividing the dough into 2 parts and placing apples in the middle. But then you should either stop turning, or do it with great care — Charlotte can easily fall apart.Charlotte with original netinkamas pears

    Apple pie on plate with other fruits not much different from the usual. Baking with pears require less sugar because the fruit is sweeter than sour apples. The dough can be prepared not only on eggs and sugar, but with the addition of sour cream or butter that will make the cakes more delicate taste.

    You will need:

    • flour — 150 g;
    • pears — 3 pieces;
    • sugar — 100 g;
    • eggs — 2 pieces;
    • butter — 50 g;
    • cinnamon — a pinch;
    • semolina for dusting;
    • baking powder — 1 teaspoon.


  • Mix the oil, eggs and sugar in the proper use of the blender container. Whisk until the emergence of medium-sized bubbles.
  • In the sifted flour, add baking powder and mix. In small portions add to the capacity. Follow the formation of lumps.
  • Stir in cinnamon and mix thoroughly.
  • Pear clean, free from seeds, cut into thin slices. Choose for baking strong and not very ripe fruit.
  • Grease pan, spread the semolina, pour more than half of the dough, put the pears and pour the remaining.
  • Bake in the pan under cover until tender a little over an hour.
  • Dessert puff out, turn over during cooking is not necessary, because on the bottom, which bakes better, is to put a greater amount of dough. If the cake is baked, but the top is too pale — sprinkle with grated chocolate before it gets cold.

    With cinnamon, honey and nuts

    Apple pie with apples in a pan on the stove goes well not only with berries, fruits and spices, but also with different types of nuts and honey.

    For the following recipe, it is very important to have a pan with a larger diameter (preferably 25 cm) to pastry during cooking not burnt. Also use special paper for baking, which will allow to avoid many problems. However, oil will have to be used on the paper, as the apples to caramelize.

    You will need:

    • flour — 150 g;
    • sugar — 100 g;
    • apples — 2 pieces;
    • red currants — 50 g;
    • honey — 2 tablespoons;
    • walnuts — the message;
    • baking powder — 1 teaspoon;
    • oil, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate.


  • Peel and cut the apples in slices, chop the walnuts.
  • Sugar, eggs and sifted flour with baking powder, mix until smooth with a mixer. Add vanilla and cinnamon.
  • Stir the honey with a couple tablespoons of sugar (can be brown) and place carefully on a greased pan.
  • Put over apples, pour the dough.
  • Sprinkle frozen berries, crushed nuts.
  • Cook for about half an hour on low heat. Apples to caramelize and the dough is grilled.
  • After cooking, sprinkle with Apple pie previously grated chocolate.
  • With lemon and Mandarin

    Apple pie in a frying pan on the stove can be done not only with the usual and raised in the country fruits, but with citrus. Often this variation of the dessert is cooked during the Christmas holidays.

    You will need:

    • flour — 150 g;
    • sugar — 100 g;
    • eggs — 2 pieces;
    • lemon — a quarter large;
    • tangerines — 2 pieces;
    • baking powder, butter.


  • Wash the lemon, tangerines and lemons. Tangerines divide into slices, cut the lemon into several small pieces along with the zest.
  • Mix sugar and eggs. Gradually add the sifted flour, then the baking powder. Mix thoroughly.
  • In the dough add the tangerines and lemon, mix.
  • In the pan put a special paper for baking, and it is the future of citrus Apple pie.
  • Cook for 40 minutes. Don’t forget to close with a tight lid.
  • Dessert may include other citrus — oranges, grapefruit, pomelo. However, for Charlotte without an oven should not take very juicy fruit.

    Apple pie in a frying pan without an oven is not only save time, but in those cases when you want to experiment. To quickly cook small portions in a short time perfectly contributes to this. And the use of special paper simplifies cleaning.

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