Appliances built into the set, save space in the kitchen

Every housewife wants her kitchen was attractive and stylish, but it’s hard to imagine if all the equipment is exposed to the outside. More practical and modern version is built-in appliances, which not only give stylish of kitchen furniture and save space in the kitchen room.

Most often installs built-in appliances:

  • electrical panel;
  • oven;
  • dishwasher;
  • microwave;
  • fridge;
  • steamer;
  • coffee machine;
  • equipment models “Domino”.

Of course, there are small nuances in embedded technology. For example, if you want to dilute the monotony in the kitchen would be difficult to make any changes. Practice shows, that will have to change the part or move the headset socket, wall cabinets and more. One of the important tasks before installing furniture is the correct layout. Everything has to be so that mistress was convenient for her to work and not to make unnecessary movements. For example, do not put the stove on one side, and the working area from the other.

Some equipment can save you space in the kitchen:

Electrical panel

Very often buyers of household appliances interested in electric hob: it is not only stylish and beautiful but also has a smooth ceramic glass surface. This panel unlike the old stove combined with an oven. It is installed in the countertop of the kitchen, thereby forming a free space below. There can be drawers or separate built-in oven.


The choice of cabinets is very large, so you can easily pick up the one you need. If you are faced with the problem that you have a place in the wardrobe already in depth than the standard — don’t worry, you can purchase models of different size. For example, the height of a standard wardrobe from 55 cm to 60, but also available in 45 cm If you install the oven, remember that it is better to place at chest level. It will not bend and do not catch on toes to get or put the dish.


This appliance can also save you a place. Of course, the very small size of the dishwasher does not happen, however, you can pick up:

  • standard full-size machine is 60 cm wide and 85 cm in height;
  • narrow machine has a size of 45 to 50 cm wide and the height to 85 cm;
  • compact — this model is convenient for small kitchens, width — from 50 to 55 cm, height 45 cm.

Just remember that the economy of the place depends on you. Before install equipment, conduct all measurements and review a few options for their placement, and succeed.

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