Areas in the apartment: how to make your living space comfortable

Lack of square meters is a pretty common problem, but women’s website “” will share with you the secrets of proper zoning of the apartment, which will reveal the hidden potential of your home.

The option of separate rooms for two children — the closet is a partition

Designers long ago began to use these weapons in their work — thanks to some techniques it is possible to expand the space not only visually, but also to find a use for previously, “the meters”. We will teach you to find hidden areas in the apartment and develop the territory properly.

Areas of the apartment: where to look for them?

Moving into a new apartment, you get a clean canvas on which to create. But experience shows that even in an empty apartment is a lot of “extra”, something you can easily get rid of.

  • Insulate the balcony and make it part of the room. Instead of storing stuff on it, you will receive a place for a mini-office where you can work or do homework. This territory can be separated by cabinets or partition or leave open.
  • Free zones in a Studio apartment appear due to the niches that can be turned into cabinets or even closets (read more about how to arrange a dressing room, read here). Thus you will save space in the apartment, and the money to buy wardrobe.
  • Don’t be afraid to break the wall (but not load-bearing!). Sometimes this decision helps to release a lot of space. After two rooms become one, the course is a set of different techniques, details of which we will cover later. One of them is the construction of decorative walls. They make housing more modern and allow more profitable to dispose of the space.

The dining room separates the living room from the large corner sofa

How to divide the apartment into zones right?

Outset: to divide the apartment into zones, not necessarily to run for permits, and a new housing project. The website will tell you how to zone the space without the hassle.

  • Today’s popular studios. Visually separate in this room is the kitchen from the dining room by using different floor coverings. For kitchen it is better to use tiles and dining room laminate.
  • Combining absolutely different in the zone, you should take care of noise isolation to playing children does not prevent you to work and turned on the TV to relax. The best way to fit partitions and closets, which will act as walls.
  • Optional order project, but it is very desirable to create a plan, measure the room, calculate how many meters you are willing to allocate for each zone. So, combining leisure areas and work better for the second to allocate less space.
  • Before you split a Studio apartment into zones, take care of your outlets, and proper lighting for each of them. General lighting – this one, except it must be individual.
  • Forget about the furniture, propping up a wall in a modern apartment, it could be for space division. The main rule of decorating a small apartment – minimum attributes. Everything from sofas to cabinets — can play a role in zoning.
  • If you do not want to set any borders, but you want to be in a Studio apartment, use the difference in the colors, textures, levels.
  • Remember that the division should not be sharp. The interior should look harmonious.

For visually separating the dining area, use contrasting black color

Tricks of dividing the apartment into zones

Now let’s talk about how to divide the apartment into zones, using specific tools and techniques.

  • Furniture. Any interior can function as a separator. Children’s area in a Studio apartment is wonderfully highlighted by using a low shelving. They are installed at an angle to the wall. With two sides, you can add countertops that will make a great workplace for a student. Between the living room and kitchen could be a Breakfast bar. Dining room from living room to separate the sofa, suddenly appeared in the middle of the room. The border can be symbolic or tangible, for example, a number of shelving that separates the working area. Closets well insulated bedroom or separate the living room from the corridor.
  • Partition. With their help, very stands out a sleeping area in a Studio apartment. The partition wall may be plasterboard or created from organic glass. But remember that the drywall “steal” the light, so it is better to separate the sector by the window. But the frosted glass looks very original and he is often given preference.
  • Screen. Widespread these furnishings made of bamboo, but you can choose to cover with any design.

Secession of the bed with curtains

  • Curtains. It can be as thick curtains and curtains, tassels of beads, acting as a decorative element. Textile makes the house more comfortable.
  • Sliding door. They create the impression that the apartment is not a Studio. You can decide how much space should be given under the bedroom or nursery, and how much to leave for the living room, the place your vacation will be hidden from prying eyes.
  • Podium. This is not new, but still underrated interior fixture. But the catwalks multifunctional. They can install a bed with a clearly defined residential sector, the table – highlighting the dining room, etc. In the catwalk, you can mount additional sources of light, hidden in the storage boxes of the right things.

Shelving is the most simple and universal solution to the division of the apartments into zones

The division of the apartments into zones is a way to make their homes more comfortable. Your home will seem to be overloaded with furniture while still being functional and comfortable. In this apartment each household has its place.

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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