As cook jelly?

Today the site “” will tell you how to prepare a tasty dish like jelly, if this recipe is not yet in your piggy Bank. In fact, it’s quite easy, you only need to follow some simple rules, how to cook jelly — delicate, transparent and delicious.

How to make jelly — the basic rules

If you decided to take up cooking the meat, it is better to do everything step by step. And then you realize that there is nothing difficult in this process there, and to achieve the desired result is not so difficult.

Wisely select meat

The most important ingredient in any aspic is meat.

Traditionally this dish is made from pork shank, but because the majority of young ladies think just about how to cook jellied pig’s trotters. Their use is the main guarantee that the jelly will harden and acquire the necessary consistency.

Calculate the amount of meat

In addition to pigs ‘ feet in aspic part can also use any other meat to your liking. But, for example, if you use 500 g pork legs, the number of other types of meat should not exceed 1 kg.

Soak meat

If you want to cook jellied knees, you should pre-soak the meat in cold water. Soaking removes meat particles of dried blood and soften the skin.

Pour the meat with water completely and leave in this condition for at least three hours.

Simmer for a long time

The main condition allowing to cook a delicious jelly that is a long time making it. Ideally, the jelly should be boiled for not less than six hours.

It is desirable that the fire was small, and the contents of the pan in any case not boiling.

Drain the first water

If you want the jelly turned out a transparent and not very fatty, drain the first broth immediately after it is boiling, and then pour the meat again with cold water. Don’t forget to put the onion, carrots, black peas and Bay leaf.

Do not rush salted jelly

Because the water in the saucepan will boil permanently, you will be extremely difficult to guess the amount of salt. Thus, you risk just to oversalt the dish. Hold the salt shaker, not earlier than one hour before removing soup from heat.

Slice the meat

Once your broth has Ottepel put him time, we need to remove entire contents. Carrots, onions and spices we throw out, and carefully remove the meat from the bones and put into the appropriate molds for aspic.

Then fill it with broth.

Experts recommend the skin and the cartilage also to put in the aspic, pre-cut them finely and mix with the total number of meat. This will make the dish a little more dense.

Provide cold

To Brawn acquired the desired consistency, put in a cold place. Ideally, the middle or the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Do not overdo it with the cold, otherwise your dish will just freeze there and it will be impossible. Ideal temperatures are 1-2 degrees. On a freezing at the well will take approximately 3-4 hours.

Unusual types of jelly

Now you know the rules of the preparation of traditional jelly. But many Housewives also want to know how to cook jellied chicken or fish. The website assures that it is also quite easy.

If you wish, you can make jelly from almost any meat. Only in this case will have to go to the trick and add to the broth a little gelatin, otherwise your dish just won’t harden.

Of course, the jelly will be far from traditional, but it will not prevent him to please you and your household an interesting flavor.

To prepare this dish you don’t have to cook the meat for hours, it will be enough to boil it only to the ready state.

Jelly in a slow cooker

If you are wondering how to cook jelly in a slow cooker, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, as this recipe is no different from a recipe for jelly in a saucepan. The only difference is that you will have less to worry about boiling broth.

After all, in a slow cooker Brawn is quietly simmering at the right temperature throughout the time specified by you.

Centuries ago, jelly was prepared in a furnace where it was slowly bubbling at a temperature of 90 degrees. The meat for this time had time to give the water its beneficial properties and taste characteristics. In the end, the jelly was rich, flavorful and incredibly tasty.

The slow cooker allows you to most accurately recreate the traditional conditions for the preparation of aspic, and because owners of these devices and it turns out in the end as close to “real”.

Now you know how to cook jelly. The case remained for small — to test their knowledge in practice. Good luck and Bon appetit!

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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