As enhance cheekbones with fillers?

From the pages of glossy magazines and photos on Instagram we are looking for the perfect woman – a model, actress, beauties, which you can enjoy forever. They have perfect face: high forehead, sensitive mouth, and be sure to cheekbone – chiselled, expressive, sexy. They seemed to pass in the status of beauties, and, of course, every woman would like to have such traits.

There is a way out of any situation. To increase the size of the cheekbones to form their shape and now you can use the so-called solid fillers. Are gels that are injected in the area of the cheekbones with a syringe, increasing the volume and creating a new silhouette of a person. Once the cheeks were enhanced with silicone implants, they were fastened under the soft tissue, thus altering the shape of the face. Unfortunately, not all surgeons cope with this situation. Used to perejimas nerve, there were cases when implants were chosen incorrectly, and instead of the chiseled cheekbones, the woman received two ripe apples on the face. To remove the prosthesis required reoperation, after which again the woman received the old face, however, is somewhat injured.

A cheek enhancement with fillers

That all changed when it was invented fillers – gels based on hyaluronic acid. Creates a thick gel under the skin volume is not worse than the implant, but does not require an operation can not be applied to plastic University, and a beautician, and most importantly, completely resolves after some time, allowing the patient to try on cheekbones, to live with them, to determine their shape, manifestation, and to select the optimum filler of the many options that now exist on the market.

Variety of fillers

So, filler is the drug for subcutaneous and subperiosteal injections used for contouring, facial sculpting, lip augmentation, correction of wrinkles and creases.

Varieties of fillers are a few:

  • Synthetic – made up entirely of artificial fillers such as silicone. Such a filler after entering under the skin, not absorbed, remains in the tissue permanently and can sometimes provoke the growth of fibrous tissue. Now these fillers is almost not used. And if our reader somewhere will stumble on them, to experiment not worth it.
  • Biodegradable fillers , based on hyaluronic acid and calcium. Hyaluronic acid is a component of natural origin, which contains the number in the cells of living organisms. It does not provoke any allergic reactions, is well tolerated and eventually just eliminated from the body, returning the tissue to its original position.

Calcium is also excreted over time, but he studied less, and in Russia is not very popular though in the US it is used quite a lot.

For consistency, all fillers are divided into liquid and solid. The liquid used for lip enhancement, wrinkles, folds. And solid is injected deep into the periosteum to form new bone silhouette of the face. Such fillers can not only create cheekbones, but also to achieve the effect of tightening when there is sagging. It is important not to confuse liquid with solid fillers. With the introduction of liquid fillers skin may crack on the surface, but to achieve lift with their use will not work.

Before and after the correction of facial fillers

A cheek enhancement with dermal fillers – a procedure by which the cheekbones not only re-gain still attractive shape, but and runs a natural mechanism for Samooborona cells. How does it happen? Hyaluronic acid replenishes the inventory of life-giving water in dry cells, metabolic processes are accelerated, and the body starts to produce the necessary amount of acid. Creams with hyaluronic acid designed to replenish the cell moisture, but the injection is many times more efficient.

This method has no contraindications. Hyaluronic acid over time, for a maximum of 2 years, will be processed and excreted.

Who is a correction of the cheekbones

The main contingent of women, and sometimes men who wish to rejuvenate a face lift and volumize the cheeks.

Age-related changes can significantly change a person. There are circles under the eyes, because of which people look sick, tired, older than his age. Drooping of the cheeks changes the shape of the face, there are wrinkles in the nasolabial area.

Many people do not like the cheekbones, this nature. Insufficient amount of subcutaneous fat in some people makes the face flat and elongated. With fillers can give volume and relief.

The procedure and the rehabilitation period

Correction of cheek fillers is a simple process and an experienced specialist will handle him within the hour.

The patient does not require observation in the hospital, because the risk of complications is minimal. We can safely and without fear to return home. Like after any operation in the area of injection will be slight swelling, bruising and hematomas, which are quite rapidly.

However, beauty, as before, requires sacrifice and is not forgiving. Take the time to give your face the first surgeon. No wonder this is the direction aesthetic medicine is called the “sculpture faces”. You need to be a good sculptor and have a taste, not just to squeeze under the skin of the syringe and to create the patient beautiful facial features.


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