As not to interfere with a teenager son or daughter?

Today on the website “” let’s talk about how not to interfere with a teenager son or daughter and give a few tips on how to survive your parents this difficult age of their children.

According to the medical encyclopedia, adolescence begins at 10-11 and ends at 15 years.

How would we, parents, would like to stretch the time when our child is in the world of fairy princesses and magic of spider-Man, time is inexorably ends.

Very strange to observe how your even the last kid turns into a clumsy teenager with a husky voice or in harmful, obsessed with makeup and boys, girl.

To grow with child, you through a difficult period of formation of personality is a difficult task for parents.

As not to conflict with your teenager: tips for parents
Tip # 1. Your child has grown up

The first tip to parents – you must accept the fact that your cat, fish, Fox, etc., which yesterday jumped on the children’s matinee at the kindergarten, it becomes an adult. To accept it is difficult. And this is the main obstacle in communication between you and your child.

Because he feels a growing or a grown man, and you continue to consider her or his “fiend”, not having the right to vote and choice.

Your child is not your property, it an individual. Awareness of this will help not to conflict with a teenager.

And his age at different times was already made exploits, written works of genius. Remember nick Turbine, Christopher Langan, Macaulay Culkin and others.

Tip # 2. Its territory

Have your teenager simply must have its own territory. Even if it is not possible to organize your room, is to separate him to the room. Personal space, your Desk, a wardrobe is necessary to the teenager. He has their secrets, their small world where you do not always want to let adults.

By the way, “” there is an article about how disputes and conflicts to help teen stylish to arrange his room.

Tip # 3. An important part

Always! Always-always ask what happened during the day with your teenager. Ask him about the situation, school, friends, Hobbies and about what happened in school, in training.

Appreciate your participation and interest in his life. Do it kindly, not aggressively responding to what, in your opinion, absolutely terrible.

If the child is revealed to you — you must go forward, but not to press upon him his authority and cry.

Always be on his side. Always. You understand that he is wrong? Tell him “I’ll always be with you, good for you, but let’s look at this situation from the other side. I think you can do this…”. This approach will help not to conflict with a teenager.

Tip # 4. Do not scold or criticize

Talk to him like a friend, not a slave.

And don’t swear! Very often it is necessary to observe a picture, when parents do not mince words. In the end, you will get the same only later.

Don’t criticize your favorite songs, games, girlfriends and friends, clothes, idols… Express their opinion, argue it, but don’t criticize his choice. Not all will hide from you for ten locks and you’ll know the latest. Better to be aware of.

Sometimes the cause of conflicts that the teenager is rude, snaps.

— Son, go for bread (you wash the dishes, clean the bathroom, do the homework)
— I do not want and will not!!!

Mentally tell yourself “stop”. Do not plant themselves. Exhale deeply and keep in mind the rule of three P’s: Praise, Cuddle, and Ask again. This is a magic rule and it will help not to conflict with your teen.

Tip # 5. Praise will not spoil

Never compare him with other children.

“But aunt Masha, the daughter of the world winner and you the losers, uncle Vasya daughter is skinny and you’re fat, and the neighbors son is an a student and master of sports, and you do not understand someone like this rose…” in Any case not say these hurtful things. Each person is different and your child needs to be best for you.

What we need to do is to praise your teen. And tell him that you love him very much. Washed the dishes? Well done! Got three after three deuces? You’re just clever! Washed your socks? Great!

Praise stimulates, gives confidence that produces moral satisfaction, and the teenager will strive to please you more and more.

Tip # 6. Let the child chooses

Give him creative freedom and the freedom of choice of the future occupation. To avoid conflicts with a child –teenager, he did not impose his unrealistic desire to be a ballet dancer or a champion in unarmed combat. He has his own different from your life. He should be able to understand and decide what he likes, what he wants to do.

Develop in the first place his talent, not your unrealistic ambitions. In his conscious personal choice is the first important maturing teenager.

Tip # 7. Be on the lookout

And the last one. Now the abyss of temptations that destroy our children at every turn of their lives. Time to stop, time to stop the evil beginning is what you need to do in order not to face a grief that can’t be fixed.

Adolescence is like stepping on a thin blade. Every parent faces challenges in puberty your child.

But for the most part, with small losses, everything goes. The problem of conflict with a teenager at the moment is only small, what you may encounter.

Should beware huge number of sects, drugs, suicidal thoughts.

Author Christina Chuprinina, site

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