As psychosomatics causes cancer?

In this article on the website “” we want to work with you to think about whether to provoke such a serious disease like cancer, psychosomatics, and at the same time to understand what it is.

The disease that brings to mankind the horror of the last few decades, cancer is not new. Scientists have discovered traces of cancer in the petrified remains of animals whose age was estimated in millions of years.

The first mention of cancer in the 16th century. But if about 100 years ago cancer was met only every 30th inhabitant of the planet, in our days, every fifth patient is oncologist.

Causes of cancer

To the question, what is cancer, scientists have found an accurate answer: this disease is genetic apparatus of cells of the human body. The changed cell gains the ability to uncontrolled division – this is its main difference from the usual.

Doctors and scientists are unanimous in one: two identical cancer does not exist. Every disease develops in an individual “scenario”, and to identify the pattern of flow of cancer is almost impossible.

Not clear until the end and the cause of cancer. As predisposing factors are called, and unfavorable environmental conditions, and Smoking, and stress, and even viruses.

One thing is clear: in the development of diseases of oncological nature, as, indeed, and other diseases, it is impossible to talk only about the negative effects on the body from the outside. Scientists seriously consider psychosomatic causes of cancer as an important factor in causing cancer.

Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, studying medical history of patients suffering from cancer, revealed an interesting pattern: in the life of every patient suffering from some form of cancer, was the event that caused their cruel resentment, anger or frustration. This has led scientists to believe that one of the precipitating factors that cause cancer, is trauma, and cancer itself can be attributed to diseases with a psychosomatic nature.

As psychosomatics causes cancer

But as the person’s mental state can affect the body?

It turns out that the most direct way, and no mystery in this. Under severe stress there is a narrowing of blood vessels, so nutrients cannot flow to the organs and systems to the extent necessary.

As a consequence, disrupted immune system, and it cannot fully perform its functions, including effectively deal with mutated cells. The result is an intense overgrowth, forming a cancerous tumor.

But different people tumor affects different organs and systems.

The exact answer to the question, which body are most at risk, will not be able to give any doctor. However, some therapists attempt to predict the most probable localization of the tumor in the particular organ on the basis of analysis of the nature and psychological issues. They believe that usually causes, for example, lung cancer is psychosomatic is different from the mental problems that lead to skin cancer.

Let us dwell on the causes of certain diseases.

Psychosomatics breast cancer

In women who have had breast cancer, psychosomatics, according to research scientists, were very similar. Psychotherapists have identified several common issues for this group of patients. Such patients experienced one of the following psychic trauma:

  • early loss of significant person from the inner circle;
  • problems in the sexual sphere;
  • the inability to Express their own negative emotions;
  • saving based on one of the parents.

Typically, the scenario of life of patients who have been detected tumors in the breast, has a typical story. He acts as the main psychosomatic causes cancer.

As a child, these women feel lonely, abandoned and not understood, but then their life changes happened: either they have found a significant person, or found for himself an occupation that captured them entirely. Relationship with such person or hobby favorite thing was their raison d’être, but there have been some events in which a significant person or occupation is gone from their lives. Women were not able to Express to someone your hurt, anger and despair, and after some time become patients of the Oncology center.

Psychosomatics different cancer

Experienced stress, unspoken resentment in varying degrees, are psychological factors and other tumor types. But diseases of each specific body have some specific reason.

  • Psychosomatics of the stomach cancer is related to the fact that the person is in a situation that is not able to digest, to accept. Read more about causes of stomach diseases website be sure to tell.
  • Psychosomatics causes lung cancer is characterized by the fact that man considers himself unworthy to live a full life, he is disappointed in himself and does not want to continue to exist. Perhaps a patient feels that he is “cornered” does not have sufficient freedom for their actions.
  • Cancer of the female genital organs (uterus, ovaries, etc.) or associated with the rejection by the woman of his biological nature, or a deep grudge against the opposite gender, which she could not forgive.
  • Causing brain cancer psychosomatics is the unwillingness or inability to change patterns of behavior that no longer apply, the inertia of thinking, the stubborn adherence to old, outdated ideals and beliefs.

How to beat cancer

Of course, cancer is a serious problem to cope with which can only help qualified doctors.

But without the participation of the patient all of their efforts will be in vain. To heal, the patient must understand the reasons that led to the appearance of the disease, including psychological.

Perhaps this will require serious work on themselves or the help of the therapist. It will help to understand this issue, as the psychosomatics of cancer. But, only by changing themselves, their own thinking, their attitude to the problems of man can mobilize all the resources of the body for healing of the body.

Interestingly, psychotherapy is not looking for ways of dealing with the disease.

Moreover, many experts believe that the internal struggle is by far not the best way. It is necessary to accept the disease, to understand its inner causes and… to thank her for what she helps one to pay attention to the lack of harmony in his life, traits and features that prevent live in harmony with themselves.

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