As the child’s temper: from newborns to school

Today’s article on the Beautiful and Successful again devoted to the health of the younger generation ? ensure That our children are not sick of each draft, and we did not sit with them constantly in hospital, the need to strengthen children’s immunity. One of the ways this building – hardening. tells how the child’s temper correctly and gradually.

We again recall (on the General principles of hardening children was discussed in a previous article) to start tempering procedure only if the baby is completely healthy. If a child snot or cough – it is better not to take chances.

As the child’s temper is: a newborn up to a year
Air baths and walks

For the very young the most simple tempering procedures is the air bath. For that infants left to lie without diapers in a ventilated room at first, for 1-2 minutes, then the duration is gradually increased and brought up to 15-20 minutes. The temperature in the room should initially be 23° C, followed by three months of age it can be lowered to 22-21° C, to a year to 20-18° C.

Weakened the crumbs should be accustomed to the air baths gradually – at first only exposing the arms and legs, then the torso to the waist, and then fully

Preferably with air baths to do with a baby with special exercises.

Without frequent and long walks to strengthen a young child is impossible. In the warm seasons start to walk, if there are no contraindications, 15-20 minutes (after returning from the hospital) and gradually increase the time of stay of the child in the street. Ideally in good weather the child should be a walk in the stroller up to 7-8 hours a day in total.

Winters are generally two times daily for up to 1-2 hours depending on the weather.

Solar baths

Summer to all tempering procedures are added and solar baths. Pediatricians remind us of the dangers of direct sunlight and at all of overheating for babies. To not overdo, arrange a sun bath in the form of scattered rays, for example, falling through the treetop, and no more than 3-5 minutes for the very young.

In hot weather, temperatures above 25° C from sunbathing would not be good.

Water treatment

How to temper the child during bathing? Temperature for bathing should be 36-37° C. Completing the bathing, wipe off the legs and arms of the baby a little water, 1-2° C cooler. Gradually, you can practice rubbing of the whole body, and then pouring.

In addition to swimming in the tub you regularly wash away the baby, wash it – the water temperature for that first needs to be 28-30° C. Every few days, lower the temperature by 1-2° C, bringing it in total to 20-22° C.

As the child’s temper is: kids up to 5-6 years

For kids this age air baths can last for 30-40 minutes at temperature of 18-19° C. At this time is to do with them charging to play in something active.

Active outdoor play, swimming pool, in summer, walking barefoot on the grass and sand in the winter barefoot in the house — the perfect way to the child’s temper, still very popular with children.

Sun baths for babies best taken in the morning, in the inactive period of the sun. This means up to 10-11 o’clock in the morning. The duration is gradually prolonged, but no more than 30 minutes in total. And of course, a hat on his head!

Tempering water treatment

If you want to temper your child’s pouring, start with a temperature of 36-37° C. it is possible to Pour from the shower or from a basin. Every 5-7 days (pouring must be done daily!) lower the water temperature by 1° C, until you reach the level of 27-28° C.

After dousing the child vigorously RUB with a towel!

Later prepared by dousing the child can be accustomed toantrostomy soul. First, the contrast of temperatures should not be too large. Gradually make the water cooler, but being under it still should be short – no more than a few seconds.

If with a cold shower you still want to wait, or baby don’t like it, offer him fun running legs from basin to basin – in other words, contrast baths for the legs. One basin is typed in, the water is 38° C, in another 34-35° C. In a basin with hot water the child holds the legs for a few minutes, and “cold basin” leg drop for 5-10 seconds. So you can alternate basins to 7-8 times. Every 5 days the temperature of cool water is lowered by 1° C until it reaches a 17-15° C.

Some authors suggest Wellness techniques to throw and infants and toddlers with cold water, then vigorously RUB the whole body to rush of blood, and a short display kids naked outside in the winter, RUB with snow.

Temper your child such extreme methods — solve only the parents themselves. We suggest in this case, be sure to consult with your doctor and study the literature on the subject.

How hardened children of school age

This, of course, is easier than to temper a baby or two/ three year old child. Something the child could do myself.

Your task – to ensure the regularity and gradual.

Ask him to start with morning gymnastics and wiping the body with cold water. With your child, select a set of exercises which he will be fun to perform.

The next stage – getting used to contrast the soul.

Prepared guys, you can offer walking on the cold water in the tub. In the bath the water is dialed up to the level of the ankle. Within half a minute the child walks up and down it. Gradually, the walk can be extended to 1-3 minutes. After this the foot is supposed to vigorously and well grind.

And in the hardening of your child is invaluable help, you will have a visit with him to the pool and Russian bath, regular walks, and gymnastics, sports, winter skiing and skating, in summer, a Bicycle and Jogging.

Be proactive, moms and dads, health is never too much!

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