As the owl become a lark?

“” believes that if a strong desire, we can achieve anything, including the owl to become a morning person, although to many it seems unreal.

Always envied people who 8 am was just spitballin ‘ here and charge of all energy? Feel a sense of guilt that once again overslept and was late for work? I regret that a lot of time is wasted because of your morning nesobrannosti? Well, we’ll try to make you a real lark!

Waking up every morning in a broken state, and at two in the morning feeling like Superman, you’re thinking again: I’m a night owl become a lark? According to statistics, people like you in the world today 30%.

No wonder that larks dictate your daily routine mode of work of state structures, business meetings, meetings, and planning meetings. This will not wait for owls, if they don’t make an effort and don’t Wake up in the morning.

Doctors-sleep to answer the question of whether a real night owl become a lark, positively, but warn that it is not quickly and with a significant stress to the body. So think, why you need it.

If you missed “feel the morning”, early silence or contemplation of dawn, just a couple of days. But if the “sophism” ending your career (first half of the day you can’t do the job), or brings discord in family relationships (for example, it is impossible to agree with the husband that he took the child to the kindergarten or school), then it is worth to try “remake” of the lark.

Is it possible the owl become a lark?

“Mode owls”, according to scientists, is influenced by genetics and external factors. Most strongly it affects lifestyle. For example, people studied at the Institute second shift, and then got a job with the same schedule. In the end, the new place that need to come to 8-9 in the morning becomes a real torture.

It is now fashionable to speak about personal efficiency and productivity. Successful people how they got together, and never cease to insist that “morning hours is the “Golden” hours” (the same “Club risers at 5 am” Mary Kay).

Because of this, more and more “night” people dream of becoming a “morning.”

Can a night owl become a lark: a matter of habit

Early awakening, like many others, initially not inherent in things, can become your habit, just a month. Of course, if enough willpower.

How to buy – tips

  • The simple yet sophisticated advice is to begin to move immediately after waking up. Not giving himself time to think: now to get out from under warm blankets or even “a few minutes” to relax. Getting out of bed is difficult, then it will be easier.
  • Light plays a big role in morning awakening. Summer and spring leave the curtains are drawn, and for autumn and winter you can buy a special lamp and alarm clock that will gradually increase the lighting in the room to your awakening.
  • In the morning, do something nice. Example: a friend who always complained about: I’m a night owl, how do you want to become a lark, went to a sanatorium. There she had to get up every day at 7 o’clock, say, amazing massage. After two weeks of such graphics is from “AVISMA” has not disappeared.
  • Do morning exercises, and if you want to become an advanced early riser, try a full morning of training.
  • Doctors don’t suggest abruptly change to a new regime of sleep and wakefulness, it is better to do it gradually. Move time, bedtime and rise only for half an hour, and spend so a month. Then another half an hour and so until then, until you come to the ideal regime.
  • Experiment. Put the alarm clock at different times. It is possible to get up at 7 am you will be hard, but at 6.30 – at the time.
  • Is it possible the owl become an early bird – lights out!

    There is a perception that to get up and go you need in the same time. In fact, if you will rise at a certain time even on weekends, the body itself will adjust the time of going to sleep, signaling sleepy eyes ? For such a strategy is to go to bed when you want to sleep – “reborn” into a larks owls.

    To fall asleep you should not go more than 10 minutes. So you’re going to save sleep time, sleep during sleep, not to read or chat in FB.

    To quickly fall asleep, try not to drink soft drinks after 14 hours. Don’t take to bed a smartphone or tablet their screens emit light in a specific part of the spectrum (the so-called blue emission), which gives the brain command to the awakening, it is not worth doing before going to sleep.

    Remember to adjust only gradually, and getting up early 6-7 am generally not recommended by specialists. If you feel the lack of rest, the body will definitely require their own. The idea is that the owl become a lark is to set yourself a goal, which will inspire you to get up in the morning early.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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