As the salt Russula for the winter: recipe salted and pickled mushrooms, cold and hot methods of harvesting + reviews

Edible mushrooms are different from the conventionally edible that does not require heat treatment. Russula belongs to the first, and thus can be used as food even raw. However, fans of the delicacy are few. This mushroom is bitter, leaves a not too pleasant burning taste in my mouth. That’s why fans of “silent hunting” know how to pickle Russula for the winter. The more that recipes and methods are a great many.

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  • 1 Features selection on hats
  • 2 As the salt Russula for the winter: 3 rules
    • 2.1 Definition of technology
    • 2.2 Water treatment
    • 2.3 cleaning
  • 3 Cold method of pickling
    • 3.1 In Staraya Russa
    • 3.2 Under the blueberry branches
  • 4 Dry method of processing
  • 5 Hot seaming in banks
    • 5.1 With chilli
    • 5.2 With juniper and cherry
  • 6 Pickling with vinegar
  • 7 Reviews: “my neighbor kept two or three years”

Latin name Russula — Russula — is translated as “reddish”. This is a direct reference to the main visual characteristics of this representative of the Kingdom of nature. Types of fungus there are many and they differ from each other by the color of the cap. In some it is pink, as, for example, Russula birch. Others — red, as in Russula Golden. The third is dirty, as in Russula gray. And the fourth altogether earthy, like a black podgruzka. Russula can be salted, fried, boiled and pickled, feeding to the table in different form, in the composition of various dishes.

In the world there are nearly 280 species of Russula. 60 of them are on the territory of our country. Agaric has a cylindrical stem and a cap, which over time changes its shape from spherical to bell-shaped, and later on funnel-shaped.Features selection on hats

To Russula turned out delicious and crispy, you need to know how to choose the right. Do not worry: learn by heart the description of all 60 occur in our country species of this mushroom family is not necessary. It is enough to know the main differences colored hats.

  • Red. This shade of the cap suggests that the fungus will taste bitter. Therefore, before cooking it should be soaked in lightly salted water at least two or three hours. The more red tint on the cap, the worse it tastes.
  • Bluish and brown. These colors are antagonists of red. Painted in these shades, the hat will have a mild nutty flavor, does not taste bitter.
  • Pale green. The one in which is painted a pale toadstool. Surprisingly, Russula, with such color are considered the most tasty. But be careful, cutting off the mushroom: take only the one which you are sure. The resemblance to the pale toadstool can play a cruel joke.
  • Swamp. Russula, which is a deep marsh color, do not eat. This mushroom does not apply to poisonous, but among edible it is also not listed.
  • The yellow and pink. These mushrooms, despite the cute appearance, lack the characteristic mushroom aroma, have a slightly strong taste. Why experienced mushroom pickers are pink and yellow Russula biased, not in a hurry to fill their baskets.

Russula, a hat which is painted in bright red, do not eat. The use of this mushroom as food may lead to poisoning. The representative of the mushroom family is toxic, but poisonous all the same does not apply.As the salt Russula for the winter: 3 rules

What kind of Russula you have collected, determine the duration of pre-treatment, the optimal method of salting. To correctly prepare the mushrooms for canning jars or turning to pickles, give due attention to three basic points.

Definition of technology

Not every type of fungus is suitable for pickling hot. Analyze your crop using the table to understand which method of canning to choose how long to soak the product before the main cooking.

Table — Correspondence of types of several methods of salting

Method of saltingThe type of fungusThe duration of soaking, the watchFeatures
HotNot very bitter12Replace the water every 6 hours
DryNegorci5— Lack of juice on the cut;
is soaking not necessary
ColdBitter24Replace the water every 4 hours

Cold method of pickling, and pickling, is versatile, suitable for any kind of Russula, regardless of the degree of bitterness.Water treatment

Russula refers to brittle mushrooms: a chance to touch the hat, it immediately “breaks off” a piece of leaf pulp. Most mushrooms vulnerable to injury at the time of the purification of pine needles and sand. So washing the forest must be especially careful.

  • Soaking. Before you begin to actively wash the mushroom, it must be soaked. Just put the contents of the basket in a wide bowl filled with warm water, leave for 15 minutes.
  • Sink. To clean the mushrooms from the remnants of trash, armed with an old toothbrush with the softest bristles. With its help, making a light sweeping motion, you can remove particles that are not left behind when soaking.
  • Washing. Before soaking, after mechanical treatment, the forest should be cast away on a colander, rinse under running cold water.


Opinions about whether to clean the cap of Russula, radically diverge. Some say that you should not do that. Others that need, and definitely. In fact, the truth is somewhere in the middle. None of the recipes you will not find recommendations for compelling the cleansing of the cap. But if you have the time and energy, the top film is still better off. First, this solution will make the product more aesthetically pleasing. And secondly, though not significantly, but will increase the storage time of the workpiece.

Cold method of pickling

In Ancient Rus, women were preferred to salt Russula cold way. First, this method was convenient, and secondly, quick. Additional training product is not required. Moreover, mushrooms do not have to touch and sort — it was possible to shift the entire “catch” in the spacious barrel and to carry out all further manipulations. This method today is suitable only for those Housewives who have a cellar or basement. And those in whose fridge has enough space to store glass jars, covered with a nylon lid.

In Staraya Russa

Feature. This is one of the oldest ways without cooking, extant from Ancient Rus. It is important to note that banks in this case suitable only for storage of the finished product. For pickling you will need a wide bucket, tub or basin. Also, the hostess will need the yoke. Its function will be able to perform a large stone or two-gallon container filled with water.

Food set:

  • Russula — 1 kg;
  • rock salt five tablespoons;
  • garlic — three cloves;
  • currant, horseradish and fern — one sheet;
  • stems of dill — beam;
  • dill blossoms or five pieces;
  • the water is clean for drinking.

What we do

  • After soaking the mushrooms for several hours (depending on the abundance of the contained lactic acid, and therefore the degree of bitterness) rinse them under running water, spread in the selected salting containers with their tops down.
  • Stacking mushrooms, pour layers of the above spices, except the leaves of a fern. They are placed on top, as if covering the contents of the barrel, forming the last layer.
  • Fill with water, put under pressure, withstanding mushrooms in brine, about 40 days.
  • This recipe savoury fungus involves periodic podlivanie in a container for pickling 4% saline solution. Within the specified time, the mushrooms should be completely in the liquid. After 40 days, the forest laid out on the banks, stored in the refrigerator under plastic covers.

    Under the blueberry branches

    Feature. At home you can cook spicy Russula — with lots of unusual mushrooms spices. Many are used to combine the forest with the garlic, onion and black pepper. However, it is not worse out their tandem with tarragon, mint, even cilantro. The result is a slightly tangy drink with a rich bouquet of aromas and a fresh finish.

    Food set:

    • Russula — 1 kg;
    • salt — four tablespoons;
    • dill — half of the beam;
    • cilantro — half the bunch;
    • peppermint — two branches;
    • tarragon (estragon) — two branches;
    • garlic — two cloves;
    • the leaves or twigs of blueberry;
    • drinking water.

    What we do

  • Rinse the greens under running water, cut into a maximum of finely triturated in a mortar.
  • Russula cut into plates after removing from hats skins.
  • Spread berries in a plastic bucket in layers, sprinkling with salt and herbs.
  • Top “concealed” future spicy snack blueberry branches, fill with cold water.
  • Put in the fridge, erecting oppression, and in a month enjoy the taste of the original dishes.
  • Dry method blanks

    Feature. The secret of dry salting is the lack of water in the recipe. In fact, these mushrooms are cleaned, peresypaya salt are placed under the yoke. They soletta in its own juice, which is released upon contact of the product with common salt. To implement this method of cooking directly in the pot.

    Food set:

    • Russula — 1 kg;
    • salt (not iodized) — 60 g

    What we do

  • Wash the main ingredient is cleared from the needles and grains, dried on a paper towel and cut into large slices.
  • Spread in a large bowl, place salt, mix thoroughly.
  • Sterilize jar, place in it the prepared for pickling product.
  • Put on top of the folded several times with clean gauze.
  • Cover the mushrooms with saucer, set oppression.
  • If you are salting directly in a glass jar, as a yoke you can use a water-filled bottle. Tara is installed on top of the yoke should be stored in the refrigerator. Product will be ready within a week.

    Hot seaming in banks

    Salt Russula hot in glass jars. This method is considered the most convenient for citizens because it relieves the owner from the hassle of bulk container (basin, bucket, barrel). Storage blanks created by hot, happening under nylon lid in the refrigerator or cellar. To roll under a tin cap mushrooms in brine not: high risk of botulism.

    With chilli

    Feature. Salt Russula banks can not only on the classic recipe. If you like a spicy snack with a light tangy flavor, be sure to try this method of salting. For its realization you will need a “Spark”, he is just a regular chili pepper, and packaging of Bay leaf. Despite the quick food, mushrooms are delicious. They say it’s the perfect snack to strong drinks, a perfect complement to boiled potatoes.

    Food set:

    • Russula — 1 kg;
    • chili pepper, a small pod;
    • salt five tablespoons;
    • Laurel of seven leaves;
    • clean drinking water.

    What we do

  • The steeped mushrooms for about three hours.
  • Put on gloves, cut the chili lengthwise. Take out all the seeds, finely chop burning ingredient.
  • Sterilize them banks and put them in mushrooms added to each salt, Bay leaf and red pepper.
  • Fill the jars with boiling water, allow to cool to room temperature, and then closing the plastic cover that is sent for storage in the refrigerator.
  • With juniper and cherry

    Feature. This is another time-tested and millions of Housewives recipe. If you are planning to use mushrooms for salads and snacks, try to pickle Russula in this way. Mushrooms find a light balsamic flavor and an unusual spicy flavor, due to the non-traditional neighborhood. Pet lovers which claim that this is the best snack under the cherry brandy and hrenovuha.

    Food set:

    • Russula — 1 kg;
    • cherry berry — 20 g;
    • juniper berries — 10 g;
    • salt — three tablespoons;
    • allspice (peas) — teaspoon;
    • purified drinking water.

    What we do

  • My mushrooms, and, if so, remove the cap from the skin.
  • Prepare a weak brine, pour them Russula for a few hours.
  • Throws the main ingredient in a colander, wash under running water, allow excess fluid to drain.
  • Put the mushrooms on the banks, adding to each salt, allspice and aromatic berries.
  • Pour the contents with boiling water, allow to cool at room conditions.
  • Cover with a plastic cap, keep it in the fridge.
  • If fresh juniper berries and wild cherry are not available, you can buy at the drugstore dry ingredients. They will cope with the task not worse than a just picked fruit.

    Marinating with vinegar

    Features. If you want to marinate Russula for the winter, know this: without vinegar to make it fail. To not give pathogenic bacteria to multiply, it is necessary to use acid. Mandatory step pickling is a preliminary boiling. The mushroom is ready, when lowered into the boiling water to the bottom. Recipes pickled for the winter several countless and varied, so here’s a classic version of the snack.

    Food set:

    • boiled Russula — 2 kg;
    • water — 1 l;
    • 9% vinegar — 120 ml;
    • onion — two heads;
    • sugar — 10 g;
    • salt — 40 g;
    • allspice ten grains;
    • Lavr — five sheets;
    • dried cloves or five buds.

    What we do

  • Prepare four half-liter glass jars, the same tin caps: they need sterilization in an oven or in a water bath.
  • Onion cut into half rings.
  • In a saucepan, pour a liter of drinking water, it is sent to all the listed ingredients spices, salt and sugar. Mix thoroughly, add onion, boil for five minutes.
  • Add in the marinade for several vinegar, another two minutes to boil the liquid.
  • Put in a pan with marinade forest proverjaem within a quarter of an hour.
  • With a slotted spoon take out the mushrooms from the boiling of the marinade, make the heat minimum. Put the base ingredient in jars and pour boiling aromatic liquid, cover with sterilized lids and roll.
  • Freshly picked mushrooms should be cooked within two days. Until cooking to keep them exclusively in the refrigerator.

    Mushrooms that have been salted or pickled, can be stored for 12 months. It is believed that after this time the product is food no longer suitable. Other business — Russula dried: it can be used for culinary experiments in the past 18 months. It is noteworthy that during drying, the product loses valuable amino acids. Of it along with the moisture leaves only protein in the amount of 60-70% of the original amount.

    Knowing how to pickle Russula, just a day, you’ll be able to cook the perfect appetizer for the holiday table. A large part from the specified time is pre-soaking. The active will be enough and hours. It is believed that this dish prevents the formation of clots in blood vessels, regulates blood clotting. Russula useful for people suffering from cardiovascular ailments and those who struggles with excess weight.

    Reviews: “my neighbor kept two or three years”

    “Custard” recipe my mother-in-law, Yelizaveta Vasilyevna. God rest her soul! Russula carefully collected and cleaned, be sure to remove the skin from the cap. Ie, the mushrooms must be white. Then, take a volume of water approximately equal to the volume of mushrooms, slightly potseluem as insufficient salting the soup. Boil the water and pour boiling water our Russula. Slightly press them with a small yoke, just so they didn’t float in the water. Close and waiting. When it all cools down naturally to room temperature, proceed, to the process of Ambassador. The water is not immediately drained, otherwise the fungus will darken. They need to protect from contact with air. My mother-in-law poured the desired amount of mushrooms in a colander, allowing to drain the water. Then put in jars, alternating the layers with garlic, umbrellas dill and currant leaves. I would like to emphasize, no hell, impairs the maturation process of the mushrooms. But for salt merc all have one. Coarse salt, three-liter jar faceted Soviet stack without the top. Well, all, top, to press something below the brine made and covered the mushrooms and put into a dark place for 30-40 days.


    I, myself, mushrooms are not salted, this is all at the mercy of my mother. Russula she solit exceptionally hot, and in some of its fast variant in which after boiling all rolled into jars with screw cap (other options she rejects). Soaking fungus — it’s for their fans with neutrinos the hat film, because to remove it after soaking impossible. You can, of course, but demolition of half of the cap. My mom still recalls the story of the black podgruzki (black lady) that I scored in September in the nuts, and she pickled (hot). Then these podgruzki she was exposed to treat the neighbours in a communal flat, and they came to a complete delight! Since black podgruzok popular is that the worms have in our family a special status.


    Cutting Russula is not necessary, only to cut too long stem. Be sure to salt it with coarse salt if you can buy. Small is not the same, and easier to overdo. On a layer of cooked mushrooms spread the dill, a little horseradish, a leaf, a few slices of garlic. The salt layer is about as much as can fit in the fist in his hand. Depends of course from Tara. If the layer is large area of salt should be added. Sometimes I add black currant leaves, but not in all fungi. The longer they are stored, the more chance fungi from moldy black currant leaf.


    Closed on the advice of a neighbor, he’s in my village. Considers it bad manners to take mushrooms with the slightest signs of life worms. The recipe is simple. Mushrooms are boiled in salted water, boil the brine, it is necessary a little: in the cool salt water a lot of pepper, Laurel. leaf, dill, leaf cherry and currant. Cinnamon (when there is). Pickle is very tart and rich. In Steril. jar put 2 cloves and 2 allspice, polowniak brine — and put the mushrooms on the shoulders. If necessary, top up brine, then a dessert spoon of vinegar 9% is served Steril. cover and sterilized 15-30min. The neighbor is stored for 2-3 years. Does he always cuts. I.e. the salting are those mushrooms that are collected without sorting. Specially collects a small Russula, says for taste. On the table looks great, especially the mushroom!


    I salt almost as well, only when you put the mushrooms in a container for storage, on top of the mushrooms put a thick layer of sprigs of dill and sheet Smarty, somewhere 7-10 cm and then oppression. What it does — in storage can be formed on top of the moldy patina, with such a thick top coating to the mushrooms to get, they are always clean.


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