As the workaholic to learn to relax?

Women’s website “” I’ll tell you why and how the workaholic to relax, because this issue is becoming increasingly important.

Early in the morning you’re already at work, responsible for anything and everything, one phone call and two e-mail over lunch, you leave work or something after all, and you still will have a heap of unfinished business. During the bachelorette party you continuously sit on Skype and personal life you just don’t have.

Work has consumed you, and the rest has neither the time nor the energy? Let’s correct the situation!

To work to live

Prevent your question (why the workaholic relax all, if he was so good?).

Your body is not a perpetual motion machine. Chronic fatigue, feelings of guilt and constant anxiety is the least threatened workaholic. Constant time pressure, stress, insomnia lead primarily to the problems of cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Heart attack, hypertension, nervous breakdown and stomach ulcers “professional” disease “fans of recycling.”

Sooner or later you start to burnout, so a favorite job will eventually turn into hate. Just before you will decrease concentration and memory will deteriorate. Work more – work less, without relaxation reduced the functionality of the main “working tool”.

That is why a vacation for the workaholic – a kind of charging for future exploits.

Progressive corporations have long provided day vacation for employees, because managers know that well-rested employees work more productively. In these offices you can play table tennis or hockey, attend a yoga session or just to take a NAP. Besides good health, the rest will give you back the ability to enjoy life, new experiences and time for self-development.

The rest of the workaholic – how to organize?

Any “drummer” labour will tell you what to get involved in long hours just in a month, but to wean from it is much more difficult, because over time, the ability to rest simply disappears.

Average person enough to turn off the phone for the weekend to have a good rest from work, but the workaholic should try also to turn off the brain.

The main thing – to distract from the work:

  • Plan your time, including leisure.
  • Sleep: put to sleep 8 or 9 hours. If you need more, be sure to get down early, sacrificing a new episode of TV or socializing on the Internet. Learn to fall asleep without sleeping pills. An exception may be cases when insomnia lasts more than three days if you “overload” the system. Plan your dead on with your day, and you will learn to relax – guaranteed
  • Lunch hour stripped for a meal and a walk around the city, not only in order to carry out the assignment of chief, and for his own pleasure. Doctors believe that a workaholic should rest actively.
  • One day off definitely spend actively (tablet leave the house). Some time outside the city or in the Park should be mandatory in sedentary work.
  • Every day – half an hour of silence, alone with their own thoughts. At this time you can meditate, it perfectly relieves stress and helps the body to relax.
  • Another hour on the hobby. Communicate with your pet, porous or read the book, just beating without gadgets.
  • Once a week training, but if this is not possible, then a daily walk.

May life catch up to you

To the workaholic to learn to relax, can not do without basic time management.

Find time for pleasant care. If not tonight, then you can try to do it in the morning.

Combine a day off with a family lunch, a visit to his parents. And from work distracted, and time with family spend.

Be sure to change the usual course of things. This allows you to get out of a “squirrel cage”.

But most importantly, at the same time complex and simple ability to do the work only during working hours. Once you learn this, you will understand that rest, even for the workaholic – the most natural thing.

During the “half hour silence” think about it, what exactly are you running in your work. Among people who have normal self esteem and relationships with others, workaholics is much smaller. Some experts call workaholism a flight from the real (boring) life.

Need to relax in order that in the future not to pay for such care with his own health. And if you are aware of such a need is the first step towards your recovery. As you can see, to organize the rest of the workaholic is not so difficult, the main thing – to love yourself and the world around them.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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