As used dimexide cellulite?

About what dimexide and what impact it has on the human body, know doctors. Because this drug is widely used in pharmacology.

But not so long ago the Internet began to appear information that dimexide many have started to use in cosmetics. On the website “” we talked about does facial mask with Dimexidum and solkoserilom to get rid of wrinkles. Today we understand, can I use dimeksid from cellulite, the hated orange peel, to remove that is by any means ready to our women.

Dimexide in cosmetology

Dimexide is used as an antiseptic element to relieve inflammation. Dimexide is a very good conductor. It serves as the “mediator” — a tool that helps to transport medications into skin tissue.

Therefore, if used in complex procedures to fight cellulite, it can help — to deliver the active ingredient deep into the skin.

Add dimexide cellulite in the products of the cosmetic company? We tried, but in the industrial composition of anti-cellulite means Dimexidum we never found.

But we met recipes how to make wraps cellulite – dimexide is often used in this way to get rid of orange peel. This information we share with you.

We also gathered feedback about the Dimexidum from cellulite, which left the real users. After reviewing the information, you’ll be able to decide if you are ready to use dimeksid against cellulite at home.

Dimexide cellulite: recipes

Dimexidum helps different components to penetrate and be absorbed in the subcutaneous fat cells. So it is often used for body wraps cellulite and slimming recipes from gentle substances: clay, seaweed, honey or vegetable oils.

But mixing dimexide with irritating ingredients (red pepper, mustard, cinnamon, ginger) that are very often recommended to use to fight cellulite, we would not recommend it.

Also with Dimexidum make the application and add it to creams.


The most popular wraps with Dimexidum of cellulite. How to make a wrap to get a positive result, we have already talked in the article about blue clay.

  • Dimexide is applied to problem areas after the massage, before you turn into a food film.
  • It must be diluted with water, as undiluted concentrated drug can easily burn the skin.

Here are the most popular recipes for compresses with Dimexidum, which you can use to fight cellulite.

This files most often recommended to combine the drug aminophylline and dimexide of cellulite – reviews on this can be found on the Internet. Aminophylline is a vasodilator a drug that helps to restore blood flow and to run metabolic processes. Hence, it will help to overcome fatty tissue.

After the skin is prepared and rubbed with Dimexidum, it is applied aminophylline in a pure form. Keep it under wrap, utalises, within the hour.

Be careful! In some reviews you can find caveats:

  • Girls, don’t forget that dimexide holds deep drugs under the skin. You drive him aminophylline is a drug which bronchitis cure, directly into the blood. Did not hear how after the treatment the smell of garlic from Dimexidum even mouth felt! Katya.

Extract of seaweed (kelp, alginate). Before you apply on body diluted cream until thick seaweed powder with water, I advise you wipe the trouble spots diluted with water Dimexidum in a 1:1 ratio. The applied mixture of alginate with water to keep the body under the film for at least an hour.

For wraps you can take blue or white clay, and how to apply it on places with cellulite, wipe them with a diluted Dimexidum. He will “hold” more than skin deep all clay minerals, which are well rid of cellulite — silver, chrome, molybdenum, etc.

Dimexidum helps the ingredients to penetrate deep under the skin, so use concentrated essential oils for body wraps with this drug we suggest. Aroma oils do not have to penetrate deeply under the skin. This will not benefit, but harm to the body.

But the use of plant, for example, olive oil, dimexide for wraps against cellulite.

Dimexidum helps to penetrate vitamins and trace elements olive oil deep beneath the skin, cleanse the skin of toxins, boost its elasticity.

To improve the disturbed metabolism in the skin where the cellulite, remove the “slags” will help honey body wrap against cellulite with Dimexidum. Honey can be diluted with milk, but with the mustard and essential oils it is better not to risk it.

Also do not use body wraps for cellulite with Dimexidum burning tools – ginger, pepper, mustard, etc.


You can conduct experiments, combining for wrapping different materials. If you read the reviews, dimexide cellulite is used in different ways:

  • Before you do a massage with anti-cellulite cream, I decided to wipe the skin with Dimexidum. I have not bred any water! Just took cotton pads and wiped down the problem areas. Then smeared cream from cellulite and did a good job massage vacuum banks. Did massage for 10 minutes. Then was applied to the skin blue clay and turned into a film for an hour. Then lubed everything with cream on the top with seaweed. What did I feel? After Dimexidum – burning and itching. I did not know that his need to breed! After the cans redness. After you clay the cream is absorbed very quickly! Cellulite will disappear, believe me. Only need a comprehensive systematic approach. Lucia.
  • For wraps I use fusion mixture, which is mixed aminophylline, add dimexide, even the cream emulsification and a few drops of citrus essential oils. About aminophylline I told the choreographer that before each workout on hip deals, and on top of shorts for swimming wears, about dimexide remember from my grandmother that they bruises I smeared and mentioned that he gets under the skin. And when he learned that children infants administered Dimexidum with aminophylline bronchitis, just decided, harm from it will not. Salamander.


With applications Dimexidum cellulite is also give effective results. For their conduct take also dimexide, diluted it 1 to 1 with water (can be mineral), moisten a cotton cloth and apply it to problem areas on the skin. On top of all cover with foil or cling film.

To keep the application it takes about one hour.

Under the influence of dimexide in the skin aktiviziruyutsya the metabolic processes that restore its elasticity and suppleness. Suggest application to do courses – 15 treatments and a month of break.

I don’t like to make wraps – no time, no patience is not enough. So I chose with applications Dimexidum of cellulite. To do this, and the result is good. I recommend to all friends. Just the smell of garlic a bit annoying. Tatiana.


For those who are struggling with cellulite on the body, I advise you to prepare a cream with Dimexidum of cellulite.

  • You need to mix 2 mg Dimexidum with 15 mg (1 tablet) aminophylline (aminophylline). This means you need to lubricate the areas where the cellulite.
  • You can take low fat cream (poljubaca), add 1 ampoule of aminophylline liquid and 10 ml of Dimexidum.
  • If you add in the finished anti-cellulite or moisturizer dimexide and aminophylline (10 ml), its properties will only improve.

Cream apply to problem areas before physical activity and use at night.

Don’t forget that Dimexidum – drug, so always do a test sample before use. Enough to put on the wrist area a little bit of the drug, to observe the reaction.

If there is redness you to use dimexide not. Besides, we should not forget about contraindications: do not prescribe this drug during pregnancy, feeding, kidney diseases, atherosclerosis, and cataract.

Be careful, deciding to experiment with medicines for cosmetic purposes.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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