As used dimexide for hair growth?

We have already told the women’s website ““, does dimexide to get rid of wrinkles. Today we will talk about how to use dimexide for hair growth.

The effectiveness of masks with Dimexidum: reviews

Does the medical facility dimexide hair growth?

Let’s first examine what is said by those who have already used this drug in their practice for the care of the hair. Just note that the reviews on the hair mask with Dimexidum are quite contradictory. Here’s what say those who mask came and enjoyed it:

  • I use a mask with Dimexidum and vitamins regularly. Your hair looks gorgeous, per month increase on 1,5 – 2 see Victoria.
  • I bought this mask my hairdresser. Said that the main thing – to observe the correct proportions and do not overdo it with Dimexidum. Otherwise, the scalp just burned, and will not use, and harm from the mask for hair growth with Dimexidum. Sasha.
  • Use masks with dimexide for accelerated hair growth will definitely! If you become familiar with the directions for use instructions, dimexide is used in alopecia, which is baldness. Therefore, this drug is recommended to use to improve the condition and growth of hair. Xenia.

But the main complaint of those who mask Dimexidum not come:

  • Dandruff;
  • Itchy head;
  • I felt a strong burning sensation;
  • Hair began to fall out.

As experts say, all the unpleasant sensations can be avoided if the masks do not exceed the recommended dose Dimexidum and to strictly observe the proportions of vitamins and oils, which suggest to use for making masks with Dimexidum. This is very important!

Mask for hair growth with Dimexidum: recipe

You can purchase the finished product for hair growth “Siloist”, which includes dimexide and castor oil, but you can make a mask for hair growth with Dimexidum in the home.

“Hair growth stimulant” — so named his mask Mikhaleva O. V. this recipe advised to take for a basis, as it has the Patent of the Russian Federation, therefore, studies have been conducted mask and proved its effectiveness.

Recipe of the mask with Dimexidum for hair growth simple. It is easy to prepare at home. We need:

  • The mask – fat (castor oil and burdock oil).
  • Oil vitamins B6, A and E.
  • Dimexide.

It is very important to observe the proportions in order from the mask-hair growth stimulant to use. Remember the following principle of calculation:

1 part Dimexidum there are 3 of each of the constituent ingredients of the drug-stimulator of hair growth.

Here is the recipe for this mask:

  • 30 g of castor oil.
  • 30 g of burdock oil.
  • 30 g oil vitamin A.
  • 30 g oil vitamin b 6.
  • 30 g of oil of vitamin E.
  • 50 g of Dimexidum.

It is the ratio gives the best result.

Method of preparation:

Oils and vitamins to heat in a water bath, pour Dimexidum. Should reach 200 g mask.


  • Apply the mask necessary on clean, dry hair with a brush or cotton moistened disk. Before each application, the mass should be thoroughly stirred.
  • Massaging mask rubbed into the roots. You can also apply all over the hair, but not necessarily, as it is designed to supply the bulbs of the hair.
  • Top of head covered with polyethylene or cap.
  • An hour later the mask is washed off.
  • Hair washed with shampoo.
  • Once again, this is a classic recipe of a mask-hair growth stimulant. He obtained a patent. After using this classic recipe has been obtained the following results:

    • The fuzz appeared on his bald head;
    • Hair became thicker;
    • The hair stopped falling out;
    • Accelerated growth.

    Of course, to prepare 200 g mask at home is beneficial for those who have very thick hair. Therefore, those who cannot boast long hair, you can use the same 6 composite, but to take them, adhering to classical proportions. The mask not only speed up hair growth, but will increase the thickness.

    Below offers you a table where calculated correct proportions mask Dimexidum for single use at home. Part of measuring spoons, milliliters, drops – whatever you like. But the reviews say that it is best to use either a spoon (tablespoon or teaspoon), or a syringe.

    How does dimexide for hair growth?

    Let’s analyze the components of the mask to understand due to what can increase hair growth?

    • Vitamin a is known for its properties to strengthen hair, stimulate their growth. Also proved its antioxidant effect.
    • Vitamin E enhances the blood flow to the hair roots, and improves the action of vitamin A.
    • Vitamin B6 nourishes the hair, improves its structure.
    • Burdock and castor oil are often used in the composition of recipes used to improve the growth and condition of hair.
    • All of these nutrients the hair bulbs are due to high conductivity Dimexidum.

    Note that this product slightly dries the scalp.

    As they say in the reviews, the mask with dimexide for accelerated hair growth, bakes and warms, as when applying hair dye. So, if you feel that your head burns so, Dimexidum you added too much or have sensitive scalp. The mask should be washed and the next time to strictly observe the proportions or dilute dimexide with water to make it less concentrated.

    Mask Dimexidum: “folk variations”

    It should be noted that the above ratio of the components in the patented recipe gave a positive result in studies, and this mask did not cause side effects.

    • When reducing (replacing) the oil or increasing the dose Dimexidum was seen the worst result or the appearance of side effects: burning and itching of the head, hair loss.
    • Also the introduction to the recipe for more vitamins and oils did not give a more pronounced result than the recommended proportions.

    However, the Internet is full of ‘improved’ recipes mask to speed up hair with Dimexidum:

    • For those who have dry hair, I advise you to add in the mask with Dimexidum the yolk of 1 egg.
    • For those who have greasy hair, it is recommended to dilute the mask 5 drops of lemon juice (vodka, horses);
    • To remove the odor masks, suggest mixing a few drops of aromatic oils;
    • Especially popular mask where the use of dimexide and sea buckthorn oil for hair growth. They are mixed in equal proportions and rubbed into the hair for an hour. Dimexide supplies all the nutrients contained in sea buckthorn oil into the scalp and nourishes follicles.

    Reviews about this mask you can find different: some called it the rapture, but those who have greasy hair, saying that after application of dimexide with sea buckthorn oil the hair becomes oily even faster.

    Once again: studies have shown that changing the classical version of the mask-stimulant produced no positive effects. Therefore, it is better to stay on the patented recipe mask for hair growth with Dimexidum, and not to conduct experiments on my head.

    Important recommendations

    Finally, read important recommendations using the mask for hair with Dimexidum.

  • Strictly observe the ratio of compound 6: Dimexidum, oils (2 types) and vitamins (3 kinds), are described in the table above.
  • Better Dimexidum pour into a mask less than to burn the scalp overdo it with the proportions.
  • Apply the mask is only necessary on dry washed hair. That is, if you plan to make a mask for hair with Dimexidum, head it is better to wash the day before, or to blow-dry after washing and immediately apply the mask.
  • RUB the mask should wear rubber gloves. Otherwise, you will notice how the skin on the fingers will shrivel.
  • Remember that dimexide quickly settles. Therefore, the mask with its use need to mix.
  • Keep the mask on my head need no more than an hour. Do not leave it overnight as advised in some reviews.
  • To use it 1 time per week for prevention, and for treatment – every 3 days.
  • Remember that dimexide, in the first place, the medications, which tend to penetrate into the blood. Therefore, people suffering from liver disease, lactating and pregnant women are not recommended to apply with Dimexidum on the hair at all.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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