As you rest on may 1, 2019 (weekend shift)

Days of the week and weekend

The Ministry of Labor has already published a calendar where you can see how and how much rest, and which days will have for it to work. Starting with the matched five-day holiday series on may 1, 2019, 2019, the labor Ministry moved the weekend of 5 and 6 January, on the second and third of may.

Interesting! When celebrating the Day of her daughter in 2019 in Russia

In the Russian Federation in 2019, as for other years, the official holiday, but a Holiday of Spring and Labor – of the significant dates with centuries-old traditions completely removed ideological and political background, which was fixed in the course of history.

  • What will you do during the may holidays?

    Walk around the festive town

    Heading out of town to open the barbecue season

    Will stay at home. Rest from work

    To prepare the report or to prepare for the session

    Go to Egypt for “burning” permits

    Take part in a festive procession

    Party! Will attend all the parties of the city!

    Eh… I’ll work


The Russians have the opportunity to celebrate, relax and take a walk, or go to the country and dig in the garden. And even just to dream in late winter, looking at the calendar, how do you relax on 1 may 2019 and presenting a series of spring weekends:

  • Wednesday – may 1, Pervy day of the last month of spring, the official holiday of Russia – Day of spring and Labour;
  • May 2 – transferred labor from the 5th of January;
  • 3 may transfer 6 Jan;
  • 4 may – just may Saturday;
  • 5 may – the latest in a series of weekend Sunday.

Other upcoming festivals in may

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, if a statutory holiday falls on the calendar, it is transferred to another day. So the Russians could look with joy on the calendar, as resting on 1 may 2019 and to see five consecutive days of the weekend – the labor Department moved on January 5 and 6 on 2 and 3 may.

Now you can celebrate and relax for 4 days in a row:

  • May 9 – Victory Day in great Patriotic war;
  • May 10 – migration from Saturday, February 23;
  • May 11 – Saturday, a legal holiday;
  • May 12 – Sunday, holiday, and calendar day off, which was a continuation of the second small may holidays.

1 and 9 May – public holidays of the Russian Federation stipulated by the law the Labour code of the country, precisely, in its article 112. Since this is the official weekend for those in work, will be paid additionally, but hardly anyone even for two GS will want to volunteer on the Day of Spring and Labour, or Victory Day, when the whole Russia celebrates 74 anniversary of the great Victory.

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