As you rest on may holidays in 2019 in Russia: the weekend

Public holidays

Remember the basis on which every Russian is counting on the bonus weekends in the last month of spring, when the weather is in favour of leisure and less motivated to work.

The first public holiday of may is the first calendar day. 1 may – day of Spring and Labour. He settled in the calendar since the Soviet Union and prosperity of the socialist regime. Then another 15 unified republics was proclaimed this holiday. Day of spring it is called, despite the fact that the spring at this point is on the wane, because there is not date and the weather by may across the country began the present warm.

More and more people prefer to start work on their gardens by cultivating the beds or the construction of greenhouses (depending on climate zone), the migration in soil of seedlings, reared on the window sills and balconies, planting of potatoes – such a format may day all the more applies to the masses.

On this day in many cities held military parades, and even in small towns and villages – the laying of flowers to the mass graves of soldiers, the Eternal flame and the obelisk of the war. At the end of the feast in the sky fly balls fireworks, interspersed with artillery salute.

  • What will you do during the may holidays?

    Walk around the festive town

    Heading out of town to open the barbecue season

    Will stay at home. Rest from work

    To prepare the report or to prepare for the session

    Go to Egypt for “burning” permits

    Take part in a festive procession

    Party! Will attend all the parties of the city!

    Eh… I’ll work


Both day – 1 and 9 may are public holidays of the Russian Federation declared official non-working days. Next, look at how rest on may holidays in 2019 in Russia taking into account the overlapping non-working Saturdays and Sundays and weekend shifts with other dates.

Day five days

Weekends in may 2019 start with a mark “may 1, Wednesday” and will continue for five days, until Monday 6 may. Such generosity is due to the transfer – this practice is applied in our country not the first year for the formation of a more convenient production of the calendar.

So, let us examine the structure outside of may day five days:

  • May 1, Wednesday – public holiday;
  • 2, may 3, Thursday-Friday – holidays with 5.6 January (when new year holidays are layered on the days of the week Saturday and Sunday);
  • 4,5 may, Saturday-Sunday – the traditional weekend days.

For shestidnevka – people with formal working Saturday, the answer to the question how to rest on may holidays in 2019 is not so optimistic. Such employees produce a “fence” of the working and non-working days in early may:

  • May 1, Wednesday – public holiday;
  • May 3, Friday – transfer day, 6 January;
  • May 5, Sunday – the traditional day off.

Triumphant repetition

The second period of the may holidays this year will be slightly less than the first four days from 9 to 12 may. Their structure is similar:

  • May 9, Thursday – public holiday;
  • May 10, Friday – transfer day from February 23;
  • 11,12 may, Saturday-Sunday – the traditional weekend days.

Again to make a correction – this information is relevant for those working for five days. The official six-day workweek makes the following adjustments:

  • May 9, Thursday – public holiday;
  • 12 may, Sunday – the traditional day off.

Friday and Saturday, may 10-11 in this case, you will have to fulfill. Transfer day February 23 is not relevant, as it falls on a Saturday is a working day. The only bonus for such employees in February at them on one day (February 23) more than usual, while platiniskiu in the second month of winter weekends as usual.

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Hour bonuses

Regardless of how many working days in your week under the employment agreement, all subject to the norm of a shorter working day preceding the public holiday. This means that you can safely subtract 60 minutes from your working time on 30 April and 8 may. At this hour, legally you can leave work and start preparing for the weekend or packing to travel. Some in the evening go on vacation.


In advance of understanding how to relax during the may holidays in 2019 the weekend in Russia, to plan the may holidays to your taste.

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