Asexuality: why do some not attracted?

A week without sex is not good. A month – quite good! Year – disaster! Many women with irregular intimate life may hurt the stomach or head, bad mood, and thoughts all around one theme revolve… But there are people who do not understand. They do not experience sex the slightest interest and don’t have fun doing them. These people are called asexual. What is asexuality, why it occurs, and whether asexual to begin to obtain pleasure from sex – versed on

What is asexuality?

Called asexuality a lack of sexual desire. Not a month, not a year, and always!

Asexual has nothing against sex as a phenomenon – but it does not interest him.

For example, as a sober man looks at the alcoholic drinks store, but not buying them myself. No special ideology that identifies sex as something harmful/dangerous/immoral, etc., have no asexuals!

But if all such views are – then it is not about asexuality, but about antisexuality – understanding sex as something negative, conscious of him a failure.

Where are asexual people?

Now “fashionable” opinion is the idea that asexuality is the scourge of our time, the result of the total depravity of our society, the excessive availability of pornography, etc. Like, asexual – people with crippled psyche and physiology, psychologically traumatized prevailing immorality and Vice.

Even assuming the truth of the theory, then why suddenly some people become asexual, while others (the vast majority, of course!) – no?

In fact, this phenomenon is as old as humanity itself, along with other atypical sexual behaviour – bisexuality, homosexuality, etc. moreover, in many cultures, asexuality is very encouraged, it was considered honorable property, almost a Holiness, it is sufficient to recall the middle Ages with its monasteries and celibacy was required from the monks!

It’s clear that not all the monks were asexual, however, the probability of asexuality is much higher if from a young age to educate people (both men and woman) in the spirit of “taming of the flesh,” suppression of natural sexuality.

Sometimes asexuality is innate. Seems to be a growing teenager in normal circumstances, no psychological trauma – but the age of puberty passes, and interest in sex does not appear.

But it also happens that a person gets a psychological trauma, sexual violence (rape or harassment, is seen in childhood sexual scene or pornography), and as a result he begins to avoid sex (even if the mind realizes that there is nothing wrong with that).

However, it is known that to be asexual, only obeying the mind, particular beliefs and philosophy of life, not only long and hard to battle with your own body by practicing abstinence…

The refusal of sex – the denial of the innermost essence of true love?

Oddly enough, but not all asexual refuse a love relationship with the opposite sex! They just need to be close to a loved one, feel the need to create couples and families!

However, some asexual claim that the lack of physical attraction allows you to raise senses to another level, free from “shenanigans hormones,” to experience the real spiritual closeness

The problem comes in if one of the asexual partners – then, seeing the suffering of a loved one (and the society from all TV screens and monitors inspire that living without sex – the shame, the shame and ridiculous!), asexual is beginning to engage in physical love “just because”.

Without pleasure to themselves, and sometimes with the feeling that his use… he can be a big psychological trauma!

Despite wandering from site to website the figure “5%”, obtained in the result of a European survey to say exactly how many asexual people, at the moment, none is taken (and our website “” such research is not spent!).

How many women pretend to orgasm, not receiving the slightest pleasure? Whether they are frigid or asexual (and where is the line between these concepts?)? Science is silent, and we can only guess that it’s not exotic…

Harmful whether refusal of sexual relations for the body?

I assume that most readers of the site “” from the beginning, came this question. Because we all know that abstinence of anything useful to man is not – women may appear irritable in character, in addition, the “old maids” and women who have for a long time, no personal life, more prone to various gynecological problems…

I do not know whether there had been substantial study of this question, but those of asexual people who were surveyed, subject to anything such was not! Why? Probably because sexual attraction they have is not as such.

Unlike people who are forced to abstain (for example, like the nuns who took vows of celibacy), suppressing the existing need of the body.

As you know, if you suppress natural needs, the body sooner or later will respond to any violations and deviations from the normal functioning. Asexual is nothing to suppress, so his body is not “fighting with myself”.

Can the asexual to begin to experience the pleasure of sex?

Sexologists and psychologists in one voice say that it is possible!

Though, because asexuality (especially purchased) does not necessarily mean frigidity — physiological inability to experience pleasure from sex, and anorgasmia (the same as men, asexuals should not be confused with impotent – they are physiologically capable of erection and ejaculation).

Many asexual have sex for the sake of having children (although some have resorted to artificial conception).

And begin to enjoy sex (that is, in fact, cease to be asexual), they can result from any severe psychological meltdown (it could even be like a crush!).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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