At the cosmetic center Oksana Volkova new address

The new premises are one of the cosmetic clinics Oksana Volkova in St. Petersburg, formerly located on Furshtatskaya street is now on the street Tauris, house 37.

The reason for the move was the need for space sufficient to accommodate the new equipment. According to the staff of the clinic, one of the advantages of the new location of the clinic was medpredpriyatie, known to locals for over 15 years.

According to the chief physician of the medical center, cosmetologist of the highest category, candidate of medical Sciences Oksana Volkova, the move can be considered a new stage of development. As noted by Oksana, the centre is now more spacious, modern and beautiful. Good location and nearby the Tavrichesky garden and inspire employees and customers. The large space gave the opportunity to increase the number of services and provided treatment in the best conditions. Directly next to the building is convenient Parking for cars.

Center of medical cosmetology Oksana Volkova specializiruetsya on providing high quality medical services. This contributes to a profound knowledge of the domestic procedures, the experience of the employees of the center and applying the latest developments of foreign companies producing medical equipment.

The clinic offers its patients a highly effective approach to the solution of problems with health and appearance without the imposition of additional, often unnecessary, services. In the treatment takes into account the health status and individual characteristics of each customer. The main principle on which the clinic is safety — all services are held in a calm, measured the treatment at any cost. Physicians center, and in the first place, the chief doctor who is personally responsible for the ongoing procedure.

New cosmetology center is located on the street Taurian, d. 37 (street Tver, d. 2). Full information on the mode of operation of the clinic can be obtained by one of the phones— +7 (812) 275-13-61, +7 (911) 272-13-61 — or on the center’s website

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