Atlant refrigerators: Italian charm plus Belarusian quality

Nostalgic about childhood, many of us remember the worker-assistant at Mama’s kitchen fridge “Minsk”. For decades, the units of this brand was scarce household items.

The changed realities have transformed the Minsk factory of refrigeration equipment Atlant concern that continues to give the hosts the refrigerators of world class quite domestic price. The use of advanced Italian practice in conjunction with the Belarusian thoroughness made the brand recognizable even in the era of commodity abundance. The Atlant refrigerators in the design of the Soft steel Line flush with the creations promoted imported brands, keeping in technical and environmental terms. The specified energy efficiency equipment (class A-A++) significantly helps to save energy in terms of growth rates.

Attracted by the breadth of the product line of the Atlanteans, from the one-volume compact freezers family to one compressor of the refrigeration cabinets with smart management. Want to buy a refrigerator, it is useful to look at the page learn about new products and assess the merits of models being produced.

Choose a refrigerator Atlant

First decide what type of unit you need. If the family is small, do not chase high volume. Cooling empty space, Atlant waste consumes electricity, which in a year translates into a hefty amount. A large family can not do without two-volume refrigerator-freezer Cabinet, where it is convenient to store food for each day and frozen stocks of fruits or greens.

Second, define stylistic decision model and its performance (built-in or freestanding). The first option is good for kitchens with common design concept. A refrigerator as it becomes part of a Suite of furniture, matching her design and colors. Freestanding refrigerators Atlant more familiar and universal. They find a place in urban housing in the country and in small retail outlet.

Thirdly, consider a unit with a system control (Electromechanical or digital) is acceptable for your budget. Built-in microprocessor device for easier handling with a fridge and expand working opportunities. Although the price of this model is 10-15% higher than traditional analog Electromechanical mode controller.

And fourth: note the number of compressors Atlanta. One compressor diagram comfortable with her can be independently controlled refrigeration/freezer units and disable the unused ones. But the one-compressor units economical: with them goes into the fridge energy efficiency class A+ and higher.

Which of the models best? When you select embedded Assembly should pay attention to the one-compressor Liebherr-4307-078 height of 178 cm and a total volume of 234 L. Having the usual electro-mechanical control and trehochkovy freezer, it will satisfy the family requests. And the light coffee color of the body will help to fit it in the line of furniture and wooden panels. Fans of “technical stuff” like 400-liter silver Liebherr 4524-180-ND c microprocessor, touch screen display and digital display modes. Number of units — 1 with a energy efficiency class A+. One compressor models from popular free-standing Atlant MXM-1845 (energy class A) with an impressive freezer 154 litres and a refrigerating compartment 230 L.

And most importantly — the quality of the Atlant refrigerators is confirmed by international certificates ISO. Citizens give a three-year warranty that allows itself to every Western manufacturer.

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