Auspicious days for wedding in 2019 on the Church calendar most successful

Many couples who are planning to start a family, ask about the auspicious days for weddings will be in 2019 according to the Church calendar.

Auspicious days for wedding on the Church calendar

According to Church rules, the official entry in the marriage and the wedding ceremony should not be carried out during the days of remembrance of the dead relatives. It is also not recommended to marry or to marry in the period of the following posts:

  • Assumption;
  • Christmas;
  • Easter;
  • Petrov.

In addition, the Church was opposed to marriage in holidays like palm Sunday, happy Easter and Whitsun.

To auspicious days for wedding in 2019 according to the Orthodox calendar is Red hill, and the day of the Kazan icon of the mother of God.

Auspicious days according to the lunar calendar

According to the recommendations of astrologers, there are the perfect days for a wedding in 2019:

The most unfortunate days in 2019 for wedding

When the couple choose the date for the marriage, it is recommended to avoid the days when Venus comes to the negative aspects along with other slow planets. Based on this, in 2019 unfavorable days for marriage will be considered following dates:

  • 15.02.19-28.02.19.;
  • 18.03.19-21.03.19.;
  • 4.05.19-9.05.19. and 13.05.19-18.05.19.;
  • 17.06.19-26.06.19.;
  • 14.07.19-21.07.19.;
  • 1.08.19-4.08.19.;
  • 1.09.19-6.09.19. 21.09.19-28.09.19. 30.09.19.
  • 12.10.19-14.10.19.;
  • 12.11.19-14.11.19.;
  • 10.12.19-14.12.19 HS, 20.12.19-23.12.19.

  • And you consider the Church calendar when selecting auspicious days for wedding?



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In addition, marriage is not recommended during periods close to the Eclipse. Such dates include:

  • 5.01.19-9.01.19 HS, 19.01.19-23.01.19.;
  • 1.07.19-3.07.19 HS, 14.07.19-21.07.19.;
  • 24.12.19-30.12.19.

Church calendar weddings 2019: table

Many religious people use this method of determining a suitable date for marriage, and also select good days for wedding in 2019 according to the Church calendar.

For those who adhere to Church rules and is planning to get married according to religious principles, it is recommended to view the schedule of dates, which indicated auspicious days for wedding in 2019 according to the Church calendar.

Tips for those who want to get married

Wedding ceremony from ancient times and is still considered the greatest event in people’s lives. Many newlyweds before the official marriage in the registry office sent to the Church. For those couples who are going to forever cement my love, you must know the good and bad days for a wedding in 2019, according to the Church calendar.

Among the prohibited dates included the following events and days of the week:

  • previous Lenten days Tuesday and Thursday. However, there are certain circumstances under which a priest may marry the young people, but only if the Church will permit, and taking into account other aspects of the situation;
  • Saturday is a day forbidden for marriage in the Holy walls, because it precedes Sunday, also known as the small Easter;
  • in celebration of Easter forbidden wedding ceremony. Therefore, 28 APR 2019 should cancel the scheduled spiritual Union;
  • esteeming in each Church the great celebration. It’s holidays like ascension, Rebirth of the cross, Candlemas, Baptism, Transfiguration, Ascension, Christmas, Introduction to the blessed virgin Mary, the Entry into Jerusalem and the Trinity. Post;
  • in any case, you cannot get married during the period of Velikova lent, apostles ‘ fast, the Dormition and Christmas;
  • in addition, the sacrament of connection among souls is not carried out in the Cheese week (Maslenitsa). This period is a celebration of all the people, in connection with which the wedding need to move to another date;
  • September 11, 2019 – strict-day fast called the beheading of the Baptist. This day is strictly prohibited to conduct a wedding ceremony;
  • and, of course, at Christmas time and Bright week. In this period people worship God, try to accept ourselves for what we are, listen to your soul and get rid of sin.

That tells us numerology

Date of the Church ceremony or simply a marriage in the registry office can be selected on the basis of recommendations of experts of numerology. They suggest to lay down between the figure of the day, month and year from the planned date of the event of the connection of two hearts. For example, if the couple getting married 19.09.2019, then the addition will result in the following: 1+9+0+9+2+0+1+9=31, and then 3+1=4.

The resulting number can mean in numerology regarding the marriage ceremony, the figures symbolize the following:

  • the unit represents the ambition and leadership qualities. This Union of people is characterized by constant struggle for who will be able to hold together a dominant position. A young couple might break up if people don’t come to a compromise. In this case, women are encouraged to show weakness and to hand over the reins to the man;
  • deuce is a positive figure for the Church sacrament. Educated marriage is tightly sealed and filled with internal reserves. Despite this, cheating may happen, so it is important not to succumb to his demonic obsession. Otherwise, people may soon disperse.
  • three symbolizes harmonious, long and filled with happiness the Union of people in love. Couple in love not only physically, but also created a strong spiritual connection;
  • four assumes that the couple, who will painchaud, will live in wealth and security. In this case it is important to ensure that the financial advantage was not reflected in the feelings of love, understanding and other important qualities of the deep Union of the newlyweds;
  • five symbolizes the unity of feminine and masculine. Young people need to experience many obstacles that will only strengthen their feelings, and will create a perfect relationships;
  • six – digit unfavorable for marriage and holding a wedding ceremony. This Union is in any case will fall apart, but people will be able to find their man and find true love;
  • seven in the marriage or wedding means the formation of a strong Union. But the marriage at any moment can fail, it depends on how both partners will behave, and whether to save their relationship. Children born from this Union, a very smart and talented.
  • eight symbolizes the Union, which has a financial well-being, and the woman, in turn, monitors the home and the comfort of the family home.
  • nine predicts a relationship filled with infinite passion and expression. Not without conflict, but any altercation will quickly flatten. This Union promises to be in constant tension, but this does not mean that it could fall apart. Only emotions can strengthen relationships and to ignite the fire of love.

Choosing a time for marriage, the couple based personal wishes, as well as folk signs. Of course, an important component of successful marriage is the love, understanding, respect and ability to mitigate any conflict.

Young people who are committed to forming a serious, strong and long lasting relationships must not pay attention to omens, and superstitions and predictions of various experts. But in any case can not hurt at least a little to listen to the forecasts, if it is in some measure will help to increase the chance of creation of strong and sincere relationship.

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