Autism: what is it and how does it manifest itself?

Today on the website “” we will tell you about autism – what it is, how it manifests itself and how best to deal with autatemi – so affectionately referred to their special babies.

Of course, in one article it is impossible to understand what the autism in a child, what are its characteristics, but we will try to give you recommendations that will help you not to give up and not cease to fight for a full life of your special child.

What is autism and how does it manifest itself?

Many sources call autism a disease, which is characterized by certain symptoms (we will tell about them later). But we call autism is not a disease, but a special condition of the child, which reacts to what is happening not like the other children he sees the world differently.

Thinking of a regular person like the computer’s microprocessor, which is responsible for the execution of several programs. We can simultaneously do several things in parallel: to prepare to eat and think about the tomorrow report to work, pick up kids from the kindergarten and to plan how to spend the evening.

The autistic brain is wired differently – they may not think and react simultaneously on several things. They need more specifics! It is important to understand to understand what is this disease in children.

Here’s how describes his as a writer-autistic Chandima Rajapatirana:

“My mother calls, I can hear and understand what she wants. But she never says specifically: “get up!” I hear her voice and realize that it says “mom” and not respond to her request.”

This feature of the psyche of an autistic child. The huge flow of information makes these children the irritation due to the fact that they simply can not react physically to what they are asked. It is necessary to consider parents responsible for raising such children.

Here are examples of how this is manifested in everyday life:

  • You bent down to the child, smile and say how love him – he only sees your lips move and watching them, but did not notice the gentle emotion on your part.
  • You call the child by name, he again responds to the movement of the lips, but not hear his name.
  • You decided to go home by another way, for a child’s panic. He did not see the usual images around.

Here are some symptoms of childhood autism, adults who stubbornly close their eyes, writing off the character. This is actually the early signs of autism:

  • The child does not respond to a smile, turning to him surrounding himself almost smiling.
  • He rarely looks you in the eye.
  • Does not respond to the outstretched arms to him.
  • Its not annoying wet diaper.
  • Playing more with objects than with people.
  • Does not understand that he has a name, doesn’t respond to it.
  • Loves solitude, the society of children weighs on him.
  • May repeat the same phrase, for example, with advertising constantly. Often poems and tales learns quickly and literally. Says “stamps”.
  • Sounds like this child reacts late. For example, the car beeped, the child turned his head to the sound after 30 seconds. As they say, “we came.” Often parents begin to suspect deafness.
  • He can draw a Doodle for hours, tear monotonically paper.
  • Repeat the same action: run around the room on tiptoe, rocking on the chair – the so-called rituals. They are aggravated by emotional excitement.
  • The preference of one color – for example, selects only green toys, ignoring the others.
  • There was a sharp inadequate emotional bursts of loud laughter, cry, cry.
  • The child can bite themselves, scratch – prone to self-aggression.
  • Autistic does not like anything new: no new dishes, no new people, no new toys, no new routes.
  • He painfully reacts to the new surroundings. Even if you rearrange furniture in the room, he would panic.
  • He loves licking, sniffing objects and people.

Moody, inadequate, awkward, antisocial, weird, weird – that’s how they see the autistic child from strangers who don’t know about his diagnosis. Often parents of these children felt a sense of shame, rejection, fear to show their child.

But adults have to adjust yourself to the fact that they need to help their baby live in a different world – socialize him, to teach to communicate with people and live with them instead of hiding from them.

Recent advances in the treatment of infantile autism have shown that these children can learn to live in a strange world for them.

The daily hard work of parents and psychologists helps in this. Here are some guidelines for adults, how to treat autism in the home.

Features of perception of the world of autism

These children psychology is often called the injured sound. What does it mean?

  • The first feature of autistic perception of the world associated with sounds. The most sensitive area of their ears. The ordinary person more than just the unbearable physical pain, the psyche of the autistic maim loud and sharp sounds. So our loud world causes him to withdraw into themselves — to protect itself. Over time, the child simply ceases to respond not only to loud sounds, but in normal speech. As a result, autistic children, reduced learning capacity. Therefore, for these children developed special teaching techniques for children with autism.
  • The second feature is that the autistic is not able to correlate adequately with the world around us. He sees his “I”, so often speaks about themselves in the third person: “She’s gone”, “He’s already washed up”. It is difficult to play at a time, to tell something about yourself. He can’t answer the question: “what’s your name?”, but he will answer the question: “who is this boy?”, if you show him or see myself in the mirror. Therefore, it is difficult to be in a team with other children – he is lost and does not see himself among them.
  • A third feature of these children can be called problems in speech development. They can quote the exact phrase of the advertisements, cartoons, remembering their first time, and then can repeat them around the circle any number of times. Many parents, having heard it, rejoice that the child has a great memory, but in fact it is one of the signs of autism.
  • Very often in autistic children, there is one activity in which he has shown incredible progress – could easily multiply in the mind of a four-digit number, but can’t remember a simple quatrain. Or a child can quote by heart long passages of prose, but cannot remember the multiplication table.
  • As psychologists say, many parents behave incorrectly with autism than contribute to even greater circuit of children in itself.

    Small tips: how to deal with autism

    Autism, treatment is aimed at adaptation of the child to a normal life, requires parents a great deal of patience and persistence.

    • Do not take the child as mentally retarded – he just needs more time to think.
    • Do not forget that these children are very vulnerable and sensitive to sound – no aggression and quarrels in the presence of a child, no offense.
    • Most autistic children think in images. It is easier to learn nouns because they have before eyes there are images of these words. But in order to understand how this “up and down”, they should see this. You can take a plane and show how it takes off from the table, while repeating several times: “Up!”. Exactly to teach the concept of “down”.
    • The same is the case with verbs. Teaching autistic little action, all you need to demonstrate. Often the different methods of autism treatment, this is done using pictures and a mirror. The kid seated in front of a mirror when he eats, so he saw it when he brushes his teeth, draws the child needs to see.
    • If the child is able to read, write him instructions — a chain of actions. He can’t remember hearing more than three steps. For example, to get up, to get to the sink, take the toothbrush, get the toothpaste, squeeze the toothpaste, etc. It’s possible to show the pictures.
    • Such children need order and predictability. They must have a clear mode of the day, the items in the room should occupy the same place.
    • Autistics need to pre-configure the next action. For example, warn that you’ll play another hour, and then we’re going out.
    • In dealing with young autatemi use short and clear sentences, follow all gestures, and even better – pictures. “You’re going to drink juice?”. Ask and show a Cup of juice, bringing it to his mouth.
    • Explain that the child feels, teach him to recognize cause and effect: “You’re smiling, because the little kitten you liked,” “I was angry because you were rolling on the floor”.
    • Chat online with other mothers of such children. Many “mamsky” sites there are groups where mums share their experience of training their autat, discuss the latest methods of treatment of childhood autism, to share pictures for lessons, exercises for these children.
    • Classes such child to a specialist – an important part of success. Psychologists study the main methods of influencing the psyche of such children, know all the nuances of their thinking. They will tell your parents all about autism and its treatment at home. But, unfortunately, not all families have the opportunity to seek professional help.

    Family celebrities, too, are faced with the problem of autism. In the families of movie stars Sylvester Stallone, Gary Cole, singer Toni Braxton, football player Dan Marino, actress Holly Robinson-Pete brought up the children with a similar diagnosis. Famous parents on our own experience – in order to help their children, the early diagnosis and daily activities.

    Remember, your child is difficult in this world, so wants to wish parents autat in the first place of wisdom in the education of their kids and of course, patience.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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