Autumn dresses: we will do the fall fancy!

Summer is behind us? But this is not a reason to abandon the dresses! Especially that beautiful autumn dresses are very diverse, in any weather and under any type of shape.

Styles of autumn dresses for every day

Dress should be in autumn women’s wardrobe, and preferably not one thing – it is an axiom! But what?

Made of thick fabrics that are appropriate in the autumn, will have these styles:

  • Shift dress knee length with sleeves, possibly with a belt. The version of “in feast, and in the world” — and in the office, and to meet with friends, on a date…
  • Fitted dress with ¾ sleeves and a flared skirt. Incidentally, this is a good feature for parties and other an extraordinary event without a strict dress code.
  • Fitted Maxi dress. Often, these dresses are knit, warm enough for autumn, and they look amazing!
  • Dress-cylinder
  • Dress A-line

Another tip – don’t fall prints! And if the floral print over the summer a bit fed up, it’s time to think about geometry!

Moreover, the fall good prints in juicy saturated colors, and not only “traditional” for this cold time of year with depression!

Knitted autumn dress

Knitwear is a wonderful material in autumn and winter! He warm enough, and another plus knit dresses – they look great on any figure!

Must-have for every girl – bodycon knit dress to the knee with long sleeves. It is a versatile base for many images, for example:

  • Dress, over it a cardigan, boots
  • The vest over the dress, colored opaque tights, ankle boots or converse
  • If the dress is quite low cut under it you can wear a shirt or blouse with collar
  • Such perfect dresses with jackets
  • Dress, scarf or a bright scarf, a wide belt at the waist, with boots or ankle boots

Knit dresses perfectly match with any outerwear, from the classic trench coats and coats to short leather jackets. With them, a good big jewelry, big bags, various scarves and shawls.

A separate category autumn dresses — knit sweater dresses. It is best to wear them with thick leggings or tights, or just over skinny jeans. Short dresses-sweaters good high boots, boots.

Autumn evening dresses

Autumn – the beginning of the cultural high season, and even the wedding season (and it is possible that you will receive an invitation to the wedding!). Therefore, early fall is a wonderful excuse to get a new evening or just a beautiful festive dress!

Tips site when selecting a dress which will be worn predominantly in the cold season:

  • Look to deep, rich hues: wine, cherry, cobalt, dark green… And pastel shades will have to wait until the summer! Even young girls in the autumn cool incongruously appear in all sorts of lemon-pink dresses! Perhaps the only bright color that is good in the fall too, is noble beige or coffee with milk. If you think that dark shades don’t suit you or add age, turn to bright colors – scarlet, crimson, azure, emerald…
  • Chiffon can wait until the summer. Material for the autumn – velvet, thick satin, flowing knitwear (by the way, he looks great in the fabrics of dresses).
  • Do not try to kill shoulders and arms. Freeze, and the dress code is very rarely so severe. Pick up the long autumn dress with ¾ sleeves or full length, with the closed decollete and supple its luxurious necklace! And to help if you choose the latter — our article “How to wear necklace?”

And another tip when choosing dresses autumn: Oh, you’re freezing! No matter how beautiful, thin materials, but your shivering kind can negate the impression of the dress, and you a little pleasure!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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