Autumn interiors: the best options

Here came the autumn. What do we want, what is missing? That’s right: heat and bright colors. So let’s all give it right in your own apartment ?

Women’s website “” for the upcoming fall season offers to add sunshine to your life! You a choice of several options for autumn decor.

Autumn interior: features of the season

Autumn is the season when it gets cold, slushy and bleak. However, autumn is a wonderful time – the Indian summer, when warm outside, the sun shines gently, and the foliage with its vibrant colors. This is a marvelous time we love, and that could be reflected in the autumn and the interior of his apartment.

So, autumn interior represents brightness, saturation, and warmth!

The main differences between autumn interior:

  • The predominance of saturated colors in warm tones.
  • Special comfort areas.
  • Leading tone – red, red-orange.
  • Associated colors: coffee, brown and shades of red brick, rusty.
  • The emphasis is best put in the following colors: deep green, yellow, red, gold, purple, blue.
  • Metal-autumn gold: yellow and red.
  • Fabrics of autumn – crisp and matte, soft: velvet, plush, or rough dressing: flax.

Before changing the interior in the autumn, don’t forget to do a General cleaning, wash the Windows, wipe the furniture. Don’t forget to get out of the “silos” warm carpets that you cleaned for the summer.

And don’t be afraid to overdo it with bright colors! In Russia, the autumn — time is not so Sunny. Treat yourself to sunshine at least in your own apartment!

“Harvest” autumn interior

Autumn is harvest time. Why not make the interior bright colors, coupled with the abundance? “Harvest” autumn interior – one of the most popular this season, and for good reason!

Autumn harvest interior

Decorate room dishes with bright fruit – suitable rosy-cheeked apples, juicy oranges, peaches. In addition, the fruit on the dishes is beautiful, they will help shape save, and saturate the body with vitamins!

Also suitable for interior decoration of bouquets of fall flowers, dried plant stems, colorful leaves, of which you can weave wreaths, vegetables – for example, large orange pumpkin.

Great for kitchen décor can be sunflowers – warm and Sunny!

Autumn interior in orange tones

Orange is in this fall luxury brands, the leader. Moreover, in conditions of lack of heat and light, it is no pressure, but on the contrary, pleases and warms.

Of course, not necessary to paint the walls in bright orange – it is better to place the appropriate emphasis.

For example, you can hang orange painting, curtains, lay an orange blanket or throw on the sofa, orange pillows, to put on the table with orange tablecloth, buy bedding in orange tones, add kitchen accessories orange colors – mugs, plates, vases…

As variously used orange in the autumn.


If you would like to feel the summer heat and passion of the African ? , autumn interior in the spirit of the Savannah – just for you!

Savannah’s ‘animals’ prints: Zebra, giraffe, tiger, it’s the sun-scorched colors (dominated by muted orange, you can add muted yellow). Another option Savannah — different African patterns. Savannah is wonderful to suit you, the furniture in the house mostly dark and the walls are yellowish.

Appropriate in the interior to add a bit of greenery – it will freshen up the overall atmosphere.

The options of the autumn style Savannah

Max red

In this autumn’s interior is dominated by red color. As you know, looking at the photo, this can be achieved in different ways: using red fabrics, accessories, slipcovers for furniture, frames for pictures and paintings…

The apartment appears very bright, leaving a feeling of warmth and joy.

However, if you decide to recreate this fall the interior is in the bedroom, think about your sleep: due to the abundance of active Yang colors of your sleep may be poor.

Autumn red interior: attention to accessories!

And finally

If you read women’s website constantly, I noticed that we talked about all the seasonal decor: winter, spring, summer and autumn. The main trick here is that with the help of simple accessories can greatly change the look of the room and the atmosphere in it.

However, the most radical you will be able to change the room with seasonal décor, but only if the room itself is decorated in neutral colours. Even better, if the room is used low pattern: solid walls, solid furniture… Then the emphasis was put is easier, and variants of interior design much more.

So if you only plan to repair the apartment, stop your choice on a neutral solid materials.

I know how difficult to resist from buying some unusual furniture, bright, unusual Wallpaper, but think that you very quickly all of these delights can get bored, and quickly change the interior of the room is unlikely. So — think about your future. Choose such material that will allow you to create the apartment any autumn decor!

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