Back in shape after childbirth

Excess weight — one of the main problems in women after childbirth. Little, who manages to keep a beautiful figure. So the joy of the birth of the baby overshadowed the fullness. How again to become slim and remain healthy? We picked up a few of the most popular questions and answers of specialists in the field of dietetics.

How best to eat while pregnant? Do you have any recommendations?

Not to gain extra weight during pregnancy, do not need to adhere to any particular diet. It can only hurt. The main thing — is not for two, for two. Food should be, first and foremost, useful both for you and for the baby. It is important to understand that in this situation the fat out of the body naturally via breast milk. So you don’t have a hard limit.

When you can begin to drop those extra pounds?

At first, recover all, and because of this, no need to worry. After a certain time of the weight needs to move on its own when the body is fully restored. To think about losing weight you need only after breastfeeding. Only in this case, if you have excess weight, start taking remedies for weight loss. First and foremost, you need to restore the balance of vitamins and minerals in the body. Here very helpful multivitamins “biorhythm” that need to be taken morning and evening.

After the second birth I had gained weight and can’t lose weight. What to do?

Re-births usually occur in women older than 30. At this age, often disrupted the endocrine system, which leads to excess weight. In addition, changing lifestyle, where less traffic and more high-calorie food.

Therefore, an integrated approach: competent exercise, optimal diet and effective drugs for weight loss.

Three steps to a great figure:

Ideal weight loss program consists of three stages: the beginning of the path, the active phase and fastening.

In the beginning the body needs to adjust to a normal mode of operation. It is important to learn how to remove toxins and harmful substances. In combination with diet and exercise this will help a drink “Turboslim drainage”. You can quickly and efficiently get rid of edema. The skin was soft and smooth, it is recommended that the cream “Turboslim”, which will help to improve blood circulation and to get rid of cellulite. It is also important to control your appetite and do not overeat. Therefore, it is best to take the pill “Turboslim appetite Control”.

In the second stage, it is important to normalize metabolic processes and steadily reduce weight. For more effective result it is recommended to use “Turboslim alpha”, which will help to accelerate the reduction of excess weight.

The final stage is the most important and lasts a lifetime. At this stage you already have a slim figure, you need to keep the situation under control. Helps to maintain protein diet bars “Turboslim” aromatic “Turboslim Cappuccino” with the fat-burning effect.

In fact, to possess a beautiful and slender figure is not so difficult. Most importantly, do everything right, to have the desire and take effective dietary Supplements for weight loss.

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