Bad guys and good guys

One of my friend has a corona test: “what if…?”Communicating with a man, she mentally asks the question: “what will happen if we meet bullies, night?” If she intuitively feels fear, then, in front of her not her character. So, this test did not disappoint.

Don’t want to go into specifics of the crisis of maskulinnost and the presence of feminine qualities in individual men. I know you I understand.

Good guys like to dress well.
However, for some time, I began to fear discharged as a dandy gentleman. I realized that they’re hiding something. They lacked confidenceand they try to compensate for this wear. Me a bit sorry, and not a bit interesting with them.

Confident men feel equally good in any clothes, whether it’s sports suit, jeans or anything else. They are interesting in any clothes. They do not need to prove to others anything. They have already proved myself.

The good guys are afraid to make decisions.
They want you to decide where you’ll go tonight. And not because that value your opinion. They’re just trying to pass on to you the responsibility. They have such a bad habit — to shift responsibility. (Much better if they were smoked!)

The bad guys can make mistakes, can even hurt you, but definitely they will not hide behind you.

There is another thing that is worth remembering. Good guys love to be with you ONLY when you feel good.
They tend to disengage as soon as there are troubles, even minor ones. They switch to other topics. They won’t even try to help you. They are without any explanation will go away.
What is it? Just the good guys do not burden yourself with other people’s problems, even if they are yours. They are being careful. Because the good guys can’t fight. And they go aside when you feel bad. And again, it’s all better.

There is no guarantee that the bad guy will help you. But try, that’s for sure! And no there is nothing special! He just likes to feel like a hero.

And one more thing! The good guys are easily influenced: grandmother, aunt, mom, dad, best friend and so on and so forth and so on to infinity.
What does it mean for you? Just if you do not like someone of his precious relatives, your chances are zero. And then, even if you manage through the tremendous efforts to bring it out from under this influence, who knows for whom he wants to hide next time?

If you don’t like someone of the relatives of the bad guy, he will love you even more. There is nothing special! Just he will love you in SPITE of the opinions of others. He loves the process of overcoming difficulties.

The good guys never fight at all in the power of charisma.
In fact, they have learned never to speak his opinion to the conversation. They remember how painful they were beaten in childhood. Then they even wanted to do Boxing to learn to fight. But my mom took them to music school. Now they can speak about man only in his absence. Moreover, rarely will these statements be positive.

The bad guys used to say what I think, in the face. They are not afraid to go into conflict, to disagree, to be sharp.
My mother also tried to burn them to a music school, but they were running in the gym. From music school they were expelled in the first six months, and mom sighed and said, “Well, the gym so the gym.” And because they, unlike good guys, are not afraid to Express their opinion.

The good guys float downstream.
They love throughout the procedure. Do everything by the rules. In the mind of the good guys all the time. They know how should be the people and strive for it.

The bad guys are. They were wrong themselves, and therefore will accept you for who you are.

A good guy will stand by your door so timidly to knock on the door that you wouldn’t hear it.
And he will turn around and go home. He is polite and cultural.

Bad guy comes to you anyway. Chances are, if you don’t open the window. It is even more interesting. For him, of course. You can’t talk about half an hour after his appearance. Perhaps you will even be hysterical. But to expel you will not be able too, that’s for sure. From this it follows that the good guys afraid of heights, and the bad guys have more imagination.

Good guys like you to educate and want you to change.
They read many books and I consider it my duty to inform you about it. It could be worse — sometimes they also write poetry (half white). And read, read, read them to you. They harass you with my tediousness. And you want to close your ears to not hear, to close my eyes to not see them and run, run from them as possible.

Favorite pastime of the good guys — thinking about the future.
You have a vague chance to be with him in his future. Definitely, it will be soon, it is not easy and only in case, if you manage to close my eyes to his endless doubts, regrets, and unfolding on the shelves. After all, he is in tomorrow, but you live now!

Most likely, you will run away with bad guy, which is more present in today.

The bad guys are doing the future now. They act wrong, are back in action. It’s more like life.

Good guys despise bad guys, in secret, of course. They do not reveal their attitude to the bad guys, because remember, that those, unlike them, know how to fight.

The bad guys are good to indifferent. They just know who run away girls…


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