Bandage Solokha: how to wear it correctly?

Today our attention was attracted by an unusual and trendy accessory – headband Solokha. How to wear it with a variety of haircuts and what hairstyle can be done with this armband you can read on the women’s website ““!

What headband hair Solokha, how to wear her clothes?

Solokha is called the bandage of strips of fabric with the ends tied together with a distinctive protruding edges-corners.

Its name in honor of the famous Gogol’s character “Solokha” received only us. But there was a small error, the Soloha was not a bandage, a handkerchief, completely covering the hair.

The Association arose due to the method of tying – in the front above the forehead, with a perky “horns”!

In General, this accessory has no direct relationship to the Ukrainian ethnics were invented in America in the heyday of pin-up. Flirty pin-up beauty graced this bandage his curly head, and wore it with mini-shorts, denim overalls, plaid shirts, and, of course, with pretty dresses…

A similar look will be very relevant in our time: jeans or denim shorts, knotted at the waist shirt, heels, headband-Solokha on the head – how to wear this accessory, show the celebs (Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani).

Then the “Soloha” began to wear hipsters — with lush dresses. The bow on the bandage “off” side, and instead curls came high hair, bunches and fleece.

Love this simple patch, which can be made from any small piece of cloth, and hippies – they began to wear it down.

In subsequent decades, “Solokha” then disappeared out of fashion, once again attracted the attention of designers and fashionistas. And the last few years this patch manages to be a huge hit among the hair accessories!

Classic “Solokha” is a strip of cloth or rolled into a bundle handkerchief, which you need to tie on the head yourself.

But luckily, the fashion industry has made life easy for us – produced ready-made bandage with a fixed “bow”, elastic bandage (elastic band inside), as well as headbands, imitating the dressing-Solokha.

How to tie a bandage Solokha on flowing hair?

It would seem – the options a bit? But small nuances allow you to create completely different hairstyles!
It is important, how to tie a bandage Solokha – how close to your forehead.

The line of hair growth (covering it), it makes sense to tie the broad “Solokha”. In this case, well, if the installation has a volume of, for example, the hair curled in curls from the roots. Long and thick hair, in contrast, can align.

A shorter hairstyle should add volume with a hair dryer, combs and styling products – ready styling may vary depending on your haircut. Very short haircut to fix the “on end” in the neck!

The second option is to tie Solokha, departing from the line of growth of hair about one to two inches. Wear headbands simulated bandage.

A lot of interesting options appears if you tie the “Soloha” with a large indentation almost in the middle of the crown. The front strands can be curled tresses or make them wide “wave”.

If you have bangs, in any case, you need to leave with the front part. Well with bandages of this type look smooth “school” bangs, asymmetrically trimmed bangs (or flat bangs, you can comb a little obliquely).

And “Solokha” is just a lifesaver for girls who are at the stage of sprouting bangs and wish to hide the growing strands and open forehead!

Headband “Solokha”: how to wear it with the beam?

The beam and patch-Solokha – a great decision of stylish hairstyles like on a special occasion and every day!
But this hairstyle could look good, a bunch must be:

  • High. Not over the neck!
  • Quite voluminous. If the length and thickness of your hair is not enough to create a large beam, it is possible to use special roller for volume.
  • The shape of the beam may be any, but better to abandon the complex weave: patch-Solokha itself is a very “active” element of fun, lots of extra parts just “overload” your hair.

    Another option how to wear headbands “Soloha” — with a high pony-tail. But then the tail need to be fixed neutral, not glaring and not contrasting with the elastic bandage or wrap the base of the tail with a streak of hair over the clip.

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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